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Taal Inc-Pioneer of Drum Circle


Group activities for employees

The think tank at Taal Inc. Research and Training are constantly looking for new and innovative art-based activities for team building. Here’s where you will get to read about a lot of innovative Group Activities for Employees, companies, and organizations of all sizes. We’ve got drum circles for your team, ongoing (weekly) music/percussion classes (followed by a group discussion) for your team to facilitate creativity, innovation and stress reduction. Imagine a group activity for your employees that motivates them, keeps them engaged and rearing to roll with the changes that are part and parcel of being in the corporate race. Imagine a team that strikes a good work-life balance and truly connects with one another (at and outside work). This is our goal. We look forward to a time where recreational and collective art-making sessions are a part of one’s daily work agenda. We look forward to a time that creativity is kindled through rhythm, music, visual art, creative movement, creative writing, drama & poetry and more. When this creativity is teamed-up with the sensitivity and awareness of our art-based sessions and applied in our work lives, that’s when the magic will unravel.


Art Therapy | Taal Inc

Expressive arts enhance personal development. Art therapy is the need of the hour to make sure that we are taking care of what matters most: ourselves!

Last year I slipped in the rain water and hurt my knee. Being a classical dancer, commitment was everything and so, the next day, I performed and lost my balance and slipped again on stage. I had a huge cast on my left knee for three weeks after which, I was unable to dance for quite a long time. This was frustrating me since I find it very difficult to sit in one place for a long time. In this process of having limited movement and no dancing, I was still walking a lot. I was also still facilitating drum circles which gave me immense joy. Visual art then became my best friend. I realized how the arts supported me to feel happy and not like a patient.

Expressive arts therapy uses various arts – movement, drawing, painting, sculpting, music, writing, sound and improvisation in a supportive setting to facilitate growth and healing. Expressive arts is a way of using art without judgement, without worrying about the end product. Along with many clinical, social, emotional, physical benefits, it has shown great results in self-expression and active participation.

Life is a journey and not a destination and hence, this medium concerns itself with the intent or purpose of art based therapy. Expressive arts encourage individuals to engage in self-expression. In my experience, there are many who are uncomfortable to talk about their feelings and emotions. In this way, an art forms make it easier for them. They pour their feelings without talking about them. In these forms of art therapy, there is no interpretation and this makes it safe (read: non-judgemental). Art helps you to be aware of / accept and sometimes, speed up the process of self-exploration with a deeper self-understanding.

Self-expression leads to active participation. There is an investment of energy in making any art. The experience of making and creating can redirect attention, focus, concentrate, reduce emotional stress and most importantly, activate the senses.


Team Building Activities in Pune

This new team-building activity in Pune (whether it is Drum Circle, Dance Movement Therapy, Creative Writing or Theatre Games), will help them bond together on a totally new forum and start working more cohesively. They’ll be much more intrinsically motivated and more empathetic about each other. These are two very crucial characteristics needed when dealing with a pressuring situation. How will all this magic happen you ask? Well to start off with, it is human nature to synchronize. Take the pendulum principle as evidence thereof. In fact, whenever we feel out of sync, there is conflict or dis-ease. Group drumming helps us identify and reconnect with our very innate and natural tendency of working in a team, collaborating, synchronising with our fellow team members. Secondly, this ‘fun’ activity helps us look at ourselves with less judgement and take ourselves less seriously. Hence, when you least expect it, you will have an epiphany, like the answer was with you all along.

Once you have that connection (with yourself, others, your team at your workplace as a result of a team building activity), it’s more natural to take seemingly “difficult” tasks in your stride

We work with organisations where we use specially designed art based interventions or activities to touch upon and elicit these desired behaviours.

A drum circle is the main activity where, as the name suggests, people sit in a circle and create rhythms together. We use theatre games, creative writing activities and through these art forms, we get into conversations or debriefs. Our pre-planned areas or objectives are explored in this process. For example a role play activity helps bring out a more genuine expression from a participant (about their lives, their problems, their work and so on) Something they might not have shared up until now. There is an open exchange of energy, of information, of trust, of vulnerability. This is what sparks deep rooted change.

Here it does not matter how good you are at drumming or dancing or acting or performing. It’s more. About using these art forms to help you communicate more authentically. It’s about being yourself. This journey of finding yourself, of finding your inner rhythm becomes very accessible and that too without consciously trying. As adults, we’ve used the cognitive pathway so much for learning that our brain literally has reduced neuroplasticity. This is the scientific reason why kids learn and unlearn much more easily than adults. Let’s take up an activity that gives our brain a good workout, shall we?

At work there are a lot of components.
There’s you (an individual)
There’s a team (your colleagues).
The above two are tied in with your usual daily work.
There’s your family circumstance that gets added to the mix and influences you
There’s also an overarching organisation that is measuring, watching and setting a context or expectations to your work.

Now we may or may not be able to change the above components so let’s keep all of them same and add a new and unique activity to tie in these components. Listen, watch and feel how the interaction quality of these components change (for the better).

While you are amidst nature, hiking, camping, taking part in an adventure sport, or yoga, it feels different, doesn’t it? You make way for realisations, don’t you? This is the Taal Inc. way to facilitate a team building activity (a process) for your whole team. It’s all about expression or as we’d say in psychology terminology, the unconscious or subconscious mind being revealed through a process involving the arts. And accessing this part of our selves influences the conscious part. This is the therapeutic value of rhythm and the arts.

We will connect with your team’s culture, beliefs and value system through creative mediums and help align those of the individuals to those of the team to those of the organisation on the whole.

These participative group activities organically bring out individual behaviour and as well as group influence on this behaviour. People are doing and experiencing as opposed to being told.

We believe that our team building program helps people

Reduce stress
Makes them more confident
Makes them more cohesive
And more self aware
Come, experience change with a Taal Inc. Exchange session.


Djembe drum lessons | Taal Inc

Before starting to learn the djembe it is important to know why and to what end you are learning the djembe. This will guide you as to whether you need to invest and take the efforts of owning a pro djembe. If you are learning only as a hobby and to keep yourself engaged during the weekend, you may find it easier to invest in a beginner level djembe drum lessons. This, however, may affect your technique since a good djembe will help bring out the desired sound when you apply the right technique easier than if you were to play it on a beginner drum. This is true because substandard drums react more to moisture and become loose quicker. Get in touch with us to know more about the right drum for you. Remember that professional djembes are expensive. (Very much like any professional instrument). This is because there is a tremendous amount of skill and effort that goes into making the drum and the sound speaks for itself.


Team building activities in pune

This reasoning is valid if the purpose of the activity is merely to superficially engage the team, which will only scratch the tip of the iceberg after one drum circle(team building activities in Pune). The right therapy or profound rooted learning effect only takes place by engaging in this activity on a long term basis. This will help create a society of emotional expression (and hence, awareness), sharing, and mutual respect in the team (which is a long term process).


Staff motivation activities

Staff Motivation Activities

Taal Inc. will bring your team together in rhythm to add that much needed fresh breath of inspiration and intrinsic motivation through Group Drumming Activities that are one-off or ongoing in nature.


Art Therapy | Taal Inc

Drumming is one of the most inherently accessible art forms and hence is medium that has been used successfully with a wide range of participants for a large spectrum of behavioral objectives.
Drumming is fun and brings out a genuine response. This is one of the major highlights of being in art therapy.
Drumming helps us access a Flow State. Prolonged and consistent sessions of drumming can help us be more relaxed and even access a state of deep meditative trance.


Art Therapy by Taal Inc

Drumming is one of the most inherently accessible art forms and hence is medium that has been used successfully with a wide range of participants for a large spectrum of behavioral objectives.
Drumming is fun and brings out a genuine response. This is one of the major highlights of being in art therapy.
Drumming helps us access a Flow State. Prolonged and consistent sessions of drumming can help us be more relaxed and even access a state of deep meditative trance.


Team Building Drumming Workshops Activities-Taal Inc

A drum circle is an activity where a group of people come together in a circle and, led by a facilitator, drum, sing and create music together using a wide range of percussion instruments. For corporates, we offer one-off sessions, drum circles to break the ice at workshops, kick off and wrap up conferences, off-site events, half-day/day-long and long-term customized behavior training programmes. Taal Inc provide team Building Drumming Workshops Activities


Stress reduction activities | Taal Inc

Stress is (directly or indirectly) negatively affecting us all… especially due to our hectic schedules, always being ‘online’ and lack of work-life balance. Are you making time for your team to ensure long term holistic health and well-being through ongoing stress reduction activities and staff motivation sessions?


Team building drumming workshops | Taal Inc

Team building drumming workshops | Taal Inc

Our team building drumming workshops is an excellent way to build teams quickly. Anyone can become part, irrespective of their language, culture, fitness level, or age. Unlike some options, drumming does not create divisions between team members. All members listen to each other and work together as a cohesive team.


Art Therapy by Taal Inc.

So, while a one-off drumming event can be therapeutic; wherein, there is an emergent experience of an epiphany (catharsis or heightened awareness), an Art Therapy session (that Taal Inc. calls Art Talks) is designed with a very specific purpose or objective that would be arrived upon based on a process and measured using psychometrics. So, in a therapy-driven culture where the word could be used rather loosely, it is of utmost importance to note the prerequisites of Creative Art Therapy.


Art therapy session

The kind that helps you fulfill the intent (or objective) of the Art Therapy session. The journey of art-creation is more important than the destination and so you will create art that helps you feel a sense of (for example) self-expression, catharsis, realization or epiphany.


Expressive Art Therapy-Taal Inc

Art Therapy or Creative Art Therapy is usually focussed on the use of one particular modality to bring about progress on health and wellbeing based goals, where as Expressive Arts Therapy is a modality in itself that draws upon various art forms while Art Therapy is based out of one art form.


Team Buiding Pune

Team Building Pune is important no matter where you are located; be in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or Hyderabad, a Taal Inc. Drum Circle will bring all of your employees together on the same page. Your search for a fun, new event for your team ends here.