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Whether you are running a small, local business or looking to build a worldwide company, the benefits of coaching cannot be overstated!


How to break loneliness when you are a business owner | AMIGAMAG

Entrepreneurship means evolving within a network: the entrepreneur interacts with his customers, partners, suppliers, and colleagues; he seeks to strengthen ties and multiply them to develop his business.

Boost Your Motivation: 6 Habits Harmful To Your Success | AMIGAMAG

Do you happen to spend hours doing anything else when you had planned to move towards achieving your goal? To note with regret the drop in your motivation without knowing why? In this article, you will explore the six habits common to people who are stagnating in their lives. By abandoning these harmful habits to your success, you will find the motivation and the energy necessary to face any goal! Ready to take the path to success?

How To Boost Your Self-Confidence Through Sport? | AMIGAMAG

The lack of confidence tends to harm the development staff of a person. It is a phenomenon that will impact the individual both in the professional and family field.

10 Reasons Why People Fail | AMIGAMAG

Despite some beliefs, success is not a matter of luck. It's more about the right attitude, motivation, and passion while taking it one step at a time, goal after goal, priority after priority, and day after day. But success would not be as captivating without failure: the inability of a man to achieve his goals, whatever they may be.

6 Ways to Achieve Your Goals | AMIGAMAG

It is no secret that the key to accomplishing a task after another is to stay motivated.There are, of course, tasks that you may not like at all, but yet you find the motivation to complete them because you understand how each one, taken individually, serves a higher purpose.Here are some ideas that you have to try to reach your goals:

5 Bad Habits That Keep You From Succeeding | AMIGAMAG

What are the bad habits at work? What behaviors are harmful to your entrepreneurial success? What good practices to move forward on the path to success?

Motivational Life Coaching / Personal Coaching session! | AMIGAMAG

What if your life was different? What if you got up every morning with the Taste of Life? Want to move forward and surpass yourself for your goals?

How can coaching serve my ambitions? | AMIGAMAG

Have you ever had this feeling of not being able to move forward, to stagnate? This impression that the daily did not satisfy you anymore, that you lost the enthusiasm and the energy to go to work, even to start new projects?

Find your tribe to develop your potential | AMIGAMAG

At all steps of our lives, our entourage has a crucial role. Often, the more we grow, the more we realize it. The souls with whom we share our time have a significant influence on the way we live things. It is with them that we develop topics of conversation, points of view, aspirations, and projects.

Learn to Decode Body Language | AMIGAMAG

Nonverbal communication has a significant influence on our relationships with others. If our words have a specific impact, our gestures, our attitude, our eyes say more than words. How to decode these non-verbal elements? How to use them to communicate better?

Tools and skills to know how to communicate | AMIGAMAG

Knowing how to communicate is a quality that every executive should master. Indeed, the use of this talent is widespread for those who must assume a minimum of responsibilities.

One plus one plus one ... how much in a group? | AMIGAMAG

How to predict and even improve the effectiveness of a group? If they are five, will they produce five times more than one person? Is there a decrease in efficiency or an increase? Field observations and research give us some insights and some explanations for groups to work better together.

How to develop the power of influence? | AMIGAMAG

If manipulation and lying are both counterproductive, the ability to influence others authentically and healthily is, in turn, an undeniable asset to manage it.

Leadership: 9 strategies for assertiveness and earning the respect of others | AMIGAMAG

Sometimes we let ourselves be walked on by others. These are sometimes very frustrating and hurtful situations that go beyond us. So we tend to believe that if we do not listen to us, it's because we should talk harder. Or, we should scare others to look bigger. But the fact is that all these old beliefs that revolve around respect are all wrong.

Self-confidence is the Centerpiece of your Life | AMIGAMAG

Self-confidence is often defined as a degree of maturity attained in adulthood. In reality, it happens when you agree to be as you are, whether physically, mentally, or otherwise. You trust yourself when you know your strengths when you know where your weaknesses are, and you can play at your own pace. You believe in yourself when you accept yourself as you are, when the criticisms that people can make you do not diminish the image that you feel, and do not alter your judgment on yourself. At last, you trust in yourself when you love yourself and take care of yourself since; remember: you are the only person in the world who will never stop loving you.

The Principle Of Making Off: Know Your Past To Predict Your Future | AMIGAMAG

When we have to make decisions, we will tend to project in the future. We imagine our action plans, our decisions, and the impact of our choices in the future. This behavior is taking place because we think we can get our hands on our next day. But to get there, it is imperative to take into account the teaching of your past.

10 Ways to Eliminate Stress in Less Than 5 Minutes | AMIGAMAG

Stress has become our worst enemy! It causes us various and varied ailments that prevent us from living our lives 100%. We live in an environment that is 100 per hour, and that leaves us little time for relaxation and well being. Indeed, we do not always have the time to schedule a massage or go to the gym, but it's nothing because the stress can leave in less than 5 minutes. We will give you tricks to help you regain your peace of mind in record time.

Exit the Comfort Zone to Discover your Treasure | AMIGAMAG

It's so comforting to stay on track. Do not take risks is to give yourself the illusion that you can not fail. We end up living a mediocre existence without flavors. To live, one must dare to cross the ramparts of fear to surprise oneself to surpass oneself.

Does Autumn Cause Stress? Ways to Manage It! | AMIGAMAG

Each year, September 21th announces the end of the summer. As if this news alone was not unpleasant enough, this date also announces the beginning of a completely different season: autumn. This season is often perceived as a morose, gray and unpleasant. Without knowing the reason, this season can be a source of anxiety. It is why this season stresses you and how to manage it better!

How to Use the Power of Personal Development to Change Your Life? | AMIGAMAG

Personal development is a current term used in every day. But what does it mean? What is it used for ? and what can it bring you in your everyday life?

Convince your Interlocutor

How to communicate well to convince your interlocutor? What methods should you use to be an excellent communicator? What are the different aspects of effective communication?

The importance of music in Personality Development

There is something in music that deepens, widens, and enriches our personality. Thus making it of vital importance to the inhabitants of all regions of the world. No matter what type of music they prefer. This observation dates back to ancient times. The Greek philosopher Plato already firmly believed in the importance of music in our lives. In his book The Republic, Plato writes that:

5 Tips for speaking in public confidently

How to speak in public and successfully intervene? How to limit stress before speaking in public? How to properly approach public speaking?

4 things you can learn from 'The Wolf of Wall Street.' | AMIGAMAG

Based on a true story, this film traces the life of Jordan Belfort, a young man who, like many of us, has a desire to live a comfortable and fulfilling life. Married, with a job that gave him an average salary, he was dissatisfied and had a dream: to become rich.

8 Books recommended by Michelle Obama | AMIGAMAG

In addition to being an extraordinary woman and a model for many women, Michelle Obama is also a regular reader. Books are an open-door to the world and an infinite source of learning. Michelle, therefore, offers us a list of books to read to develop and to open our minds