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Business Ideas & Skills

Get business ideas, tips & seasonal inspiration to help you start your own business and live better.


5 business ideas to double your income | AMIGAMAG

You have a salaried job, and you want to increase your revenue? Are you self-employed and looking for a new business idea to double your income? Here are five business ideas that could help you improve your compensation.

The 10 new trends in e-commerce - 2020 | AMIGAMAG

What are the latest e-commerce trends in 2020? What are the new challenges of e-commerce? What are the best e-commerce ideas?

3 business ideas in recycling | AMIGAMAG

How to find a business idea in recycling? Is this type of activity profitable? Here are some ideas to inspire you to start recycling.

Get started in e-commerce | AMIGAMAG

Online commerce has been growing for several years now. With names such as Amazon, eBay, and even Alibaba, the sale of products of all types via the Internet has become more popular. Thus, we observe everyday new e-shops which are born and others which disappear. In all cases, there is one observation that is systematically imposed when we observe these e-commerce players: most e-commerce sites are associated with physical stores. This seems logical since before offering people products to sell, you have to make sure you have those products available. But when analyzing this factor, we seem to omit an important point which nevertheless constitutes the fundamental character of e-commerce, in this case, its practical aspect. Thanks to this aspect, people of all socio-professional categories can consider setting up their e-commerce sites. How should they go about it? Here are some answers!

20 Low-Investment Business Ideas | AMIGAMAG

Which business to create with a small budget? What business to open in a small town or village in 2020? AMIGAMAG gives you 20 original business ideas.

The 10 golden rules of commercial negotiation | AMIGAMAG

How to succeed in a commercial negotiation or an interview? What are the best trade negotiation techniques? Here are ten golden rules to convince your interlocutor.

Why integrate an online survey into the marketing strategy for launching a new service or product? | AMIGAMAG

Even if a company succeeds in developing, establishing itself, and surviving for several years, its balance remains fragile. Thus, the development and launch of a new product or service are always essential and risky steps. This is why it is essential to integrate all the possible tools that will minimize the risks. One of the most effective is the online survey.

Art of Storytelling: Build your brand identity | AMIGAMAG

What is storytelling? Why should we introduce storytelling in corporate communication? How to develop compelling storytelling?Art of storytelling; cannot be improvised, here are some tips to help your storytelling with more confidence.

Turn your craft hobby into a successful business | AMIGAMAG

You are passionate about crafts, and you like to create things in your spare time. In this case, you can go even further and turn this simple hobby into a real business. Yes, you can live on your passion. However, starting a business requires specific essential steps.

Porter's value chain: How does your business create value? | AMIGAMAG

What is Porter's value chain? What is Porter's value chain for? What are the main activities of a company according to Porter's value chain, and what are the support activities? Here are a definition and an example of a value chain.

Ecology in Business Creation: What Trends for 2020? | AMIGAMAG

What are the trends in ecology in business creation? How to integrate ecology into your entrepreneurial project in 2020? AMIGAMAG gives you four main trends to register your company in a future approach.

Create a YouTube channel for your Business: Is it a good idea?

Is it useful to create a Youtube channel for your business, to make yourself known and develop your activity? What benefits can we get from it? AMIGAMAG helps you take your first steps on the most visited video platform in the world.

Social Networks: what are the best times and the best frequency to post?

Having visibility on social networks requires mastery of certain tricks, including the moments of publication. In fact, your audience on a social network is generally a function of when you publish a post. The rule applies to almost all of the most used networks. From Facebook to Instagram, via Tweeter or LinkedIn, the situation is the same, whatever the publication timing is specific to each of them. At each point of contact, its publication time, therefore.

40 ideas for creating startup - 2020

What are the best ideas for creating startups for 2020? How to find an idea for your startup and how to validate it? AMIGAMAG tells you everything.

The Top 6 Business Trends for 2020

What are the business trends in 2020? How to choose your business idea among the emerging trends? AMIGAMAG will help you prepare for the best.

Four trends that will shape e-commerce in 2020

Two years ago, many online business people feared that the impending implementation of the GDPR would constrain brands and the solutions they use to collect information about prospects, generate interest, and turn them into customers...

41 Communication supports for your business

What is the communication medium? How to get your message across effectively? This article presents 41 ideas of supports and communication channels to increase your notoriety and develop your sales.

5 measures to increase your store sales

How to increase store sales? Are there simple solutions to improve the turnover of your store? What is the best strategy to get sales off the store?

Business life Circle: 4 Fundamental phases

What are the 4 phases of the life of a company? How to adequately prepare each step of your entrepreneurial project and the life of your business? As an entrepreneur, you make every effort to ensure that your project succeeds and turns into a long-term business, with a long life cycle.

Scent marketing: what is it?

An essential element of sensory marketing, scent marketing, demonstrates its effectiveness each year, with nearly 38% of the purchases of compulsion attributed to it. Here’s a great reason to learn more about this type of marketing.

How to increase the conversion rate of your Facebook campaigns?

What is the conversion rate? How do you measure the conversion rate of a Facebook Ads campaign? What techniques should be used to increase the conversion rate of a Facebook marketing campaign?

Growth Hacking: Definition, Techniques and Examples

What is growth hacking? What are the different types and techniques of Growth hacking? What are the best examples of start-ups that have practiced Growth Hacking?

The 8 best market research methods

What is the point of studying your market? How to do market research? What are the best methods of market research?

5 Fundamentals and 10 Ways to Improve Customer Service

How to improve customer service? How to set up quality customer service? Here are five fundamentals and ten tracks.Definition: Term customer service designates all actions aimed at customers, and this at each stage of the industrial relationship process.

20 Tips to attract customers to your restaurant

How to attract customers to your restaurant? What are the most effective ways to get more customers into your restaurant?Here is a list of 20 tips and simple ways to attract more customers to your restaurant and increase his turnover.