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Updated by plumbingflawless on Jan 18, 2020
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How to Reset Your Home’s Electric Water Heater


How to Reset Your Home’s Electric Water Heater

The holidays are over, and the coldest winter days are upon us. Whether or not your guests have left, you don’t want to be left without hot water. However, if you find that you’ve stepped into a hot shower and suddenly you’re in icy water, you may need to reset your home’s electric water heater. There are a few crucial steps in resetting your electric water heater, and soon everyone will have a nice hot shower.

The first step in checking when you are having hot water problems is the reset switch - it makes sense. The reset switch on an electric water heater is located on the upper thermostat, and you will need to remove the small panel on your water heater to access this. When the button is lit, the switch is tripped and will need to be reset. Push the red button to reset. One cause for the switch to trip is that the water becomes too hot. The water heater may also be faulty, so you may need to check on the lower or upper heating elements in your water heater.

As you work to reset an electric water heater, check both the lower and upper heating elements. Each side will have its own thermostat, and as water sits in the tank, it begins to cool off and said thermostat is tasked with reheating the water. Once the water heats to the temperature set on the high-limit switch, the thermostat shuts off. The high-limit switch should be set at a temperature that gives hot water without scalding or burning and is comfortable for everyone in your home. However, if the water heats above the set temperature, the switch will trip, and the upper heating element will shut off.

If the lower heating element or thermostat goes out, the water won’t heat from the bottom of the tank, and you’ll only use the water from the top of the tank. The cold water of the tank will replace it. When the upper heating element or thermostat goes out, you will have hot water initially, but quickly, hot water will turn icy.

It is crucial to remember that you call a professional plumber when you aren’t sure how to deal with your electric water heater. Even with the best online resources and knowledge, such as, you need to consult a professional to make sure you don’t cause any further issues.