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Best ERP System

ERP is a multi-software tool that is specially designed to reduce traction among the business. This software is owing big and small centralized approach and assists by collecting and managing the data.

The need for Online Examination System and Education in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic | Medium

In recent times, coronavirus has become the centre of every person’s conversation, but one must understand how it has affected most of the aspects of life.

What is an ERP System? Why Educational Institutes need Online ERP Software?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning is business process management software that allows an organization / Institutes to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business. Which is quite beneficial for the students, teachers, admin and also for parents. Why Higher Education Institutes need ERP Systems.

Role of the School Management System Software in Success of Any Institute

Role of the School Management System Software in Success of Any Institute, benefits of school management software. why school management software is needed.

Amazing Highly Effective Modules for School Management Software

Which is quite beneficial for the students, teachers, admin and also for parents. These 12 New Amazing Highly Effective Modules for Your School Management.
School management has never been so easy before development of aforementioned modules.

Top Online Education Technology Solutions For Children During COVID-19 Pandemic - BR Softech

When the alarm began to sound on the mounting spread of the COVID-19 virus, all the schools and educational sectors were shut down immediately. As we all know that this is a global pandemic that is the reason for the global learning crisis and health crisis. But amid all these crises, education is something that needs to go on, so as a result of this, there is available various school management software that are helping schools in continuing the learning of students.

Cool 10 Ways To Using Voice Technology In The Classroom

This article aims to provide information on the online classroom software, the importance of voice technology is conducting classes and the benefits of the above-mentioned technology in running an academic institution especially during the time of crisis such as the COVID-19.

BR Softech provide cool information on the online classroom software. With 10 best Ways To Using Voice Technology In the Classroom.

5 Things You Should Think Before Choosing Online Exam Software

The Online Examination System has been intended to make the online assessment forms simpler and paper-free which is structured under a staggered security

How to Increase Student and Teacher Engagement in the Classroom While Using Online Classroom Software?

To Increase Student and teacher engagement in the classroom While Using Online Classroom Software? Enhance student, teacher engagement in the virtual classroom.

Automate Processes with All in One Integrated School Management System software

“Nothing is permanent except the change.” The thought goes right for the technology sector. With each passing day, new techniques are launched in different sector industries. The software eventually helps in increasing the profitability of the business. One such industry is an educational institute. The education segment is one of the most important parts for a nation’s development. School management system software is the new technology that enables educational systems to perform different tasks with ease.

How do you Compare Virtual Classroom Software vs Zoom App Which One Is Better And Why? | BR Softech

In this fast-paced digital world, people desire everything right at their fingertips in a fraction of seconds. From the booking of taxis to reach a particular destination, to ordering dinner after office hours from the online platform, people’s lives are changing at a rapid pace. Even the top-notch industries are utilizing the advantages of software. One of the industrial segments that is vital for the growth of any nation is education and an online live class platformis changing the face of this sector.

Teaching Online vs The Classroom – How Do They Compare? - Tech Daily Times

This article gives a short briefing on how the online classroom session differs from the traditional methods of classroom teaching. Also, it informs readers about the benefits of investing in a virtual classroom platform development.

Why Do We Need Online Classroom Software?

Along with other industries, the pandemic of COVID-19 has severely hit the educational system as well. With the news of the government ordering the schools and institutes to remain closed and postpone the classes as well as the examination, the management is resorting to an online live class platform to conduct the classes. 

5 Ways to Secure Online Examination System Process in 2020

In this way, the digital examination management system allows students to practice a lot for examinations. People do not need to stick in traffic while going to the exam centre.

In this article BR Softech present the five most important Ways to Secure Online Examination System Process in 2020