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Soundproof telephone booth |

Add a quiet meeting space to the open office while giving your employees options on where and how to be productive. So, set your office free with Spaceworx. Visit here to know more:

How does privacy impact employee productivity? |

Loss of employee privacy can lead to creating continuous workplace tension that hinders concentration. The lack of privacy in an employee’s workplace can interrupt a working person’s sense of autonomy and can cause their work productivity to suffer. Providing a comfortable environment for workers who are able to perform and execute their office meetings and task that suits their needs to minimize stress is beneficial to boost productivity and morale.

Soundproof office pods to boost employee productivity

Employers can help their employees to improve productivity and privacy by incorporating soundproof pods into the office environment for providing employees their own personal space for work. Alternatively, employers can create a variety of workspaces for workers with some areas or cubicles for collaboration and quiet work. They can ask employees about their preferences. Some professionals like an accountant, computer programmers, and others need a peaceful environment to practice their job with dedication and concentration.

So, it is wise to introduce a privacy booth for office to focus and concentrate more to work properly thus helps in encouraging teamwork and collaboration. It can help you find the right balance between open workspace and private booths to maximize employee privacy and productivity.

Conference room pods -

Office noise is not always a bad thing. It indicates that things are busy. However, some noise can be very disruptive and can lead to stress, demotivation and difficulty in concentration and performance. So, the great solution to this problem may be acoustic office pods because they can be used for a variety of purposes during working hours in the office that could transform your workplace and improve work productivity.

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How soundproof office pods could improve workplace productivity? -

If you have got noise-sensitive employees in your noisy and distractive environment, then chances are more that they could find themselves stressed and irritated. This results in missed deadlines, poor performance, a decrease in productivity, a lack of privacy and reduced job satisfaction. As there are few potential employees who need time to think to work better with concentration and focus or to discuss important potential projects, an office meeting space with incorporating soundproof office pods will help to improve workplace productivity.

Advantages of office phone booth pods

The main key highlight of pod meeting is that they don’t need any permanent construction work to be undertaken in your office building. They are portable and can be placed freely anywhere where you want to move it hassle-free without anyone’s help.

• Completely flexible, can be reconfigured and moved easily
• Support confidentiality.
• Can be used for multiple purposes like meetings to private work or phone call.
• Improved well-being.
• Helps in alleviating excess noise issues in the office.
• Better privacy.
• A boost in concentration and focus.
• Flexible range of office acoustic pods for different budgets.
• Lower stress levels.
• Boost productivity.

If you would like to know more about office pods that could improve your workplace productivity, get in touch with Spaceworx® and get your office incorporated with portable phone booths.


Telephone booth furniture -

Telephone booth furniture -

Room office phone booth –

With a flexible range of soundproof office pods on the market, there is usually something available to suit all budgets, size constraints, office space, and other requirements. These stylish, unique, and feature-rich pods are the future of office productivity and employee communication, and feature integrated lighting, power, and data for the fleshing out of ideas at a moment’s notice. If you would like to know about how mobile meeting pods could transform your workplace and improve productivity, why not get in touch with Spaceworx today and give your office space a new face.

Visit here: Soundproof telephone booth

Collaboration pods -

Have your important discussions without disturbing your colleagues. Spaceworx delivers a comfortable and acoustic work environment in the open office space. Our conference room pods are making office life happier by providing a place where people can focus better to work more efficiently. It's not just an office pod. It is a way to revolutionize work culture.

Visit American telephone booth or call us at (866) 895-6044 for more information.

How Soundproof Office Pods Will Make You Tons Of Cash? | Spaceworx

Add soundproof office pods to your workspace that will give your employees more options on how and where to be more productive and will make you tons of cash in terms of productivity.

Office Meeting Pod | Pod on wheels |

Whether it is your office space or home, there comes a time when you need some private space to study some business material or concentrate better on any important work. In such cases, meeting room pods are the perfect alternative to utilize every bit of space effectively.

Visit here for more information: Soundproof pod or call us at (866) 895-6044.

Mobile meeting pods | Modular office furniture pods |

The secret to improving office productivity and employee well being isn’t always an incentive program. Having quiet pods or soundproof telephone booths in the office creates a safe acoustic place for your workers to retreat to when they need peace and want to drown out office noise. A major key is offering a quiet pod where your employees can think, focus and relax.

Visit here at Portable phone booth or call us at (866) 895-6044.

Update your office space with portable meeting pods –

Get update your office space with acoustic office pods, not walls. Modular office furniture such as soundproof office pods, mobile meeting pods, and portable phone booths offer the workspace quiet spaces for employees to use without going anywhere. Office privacy booths are an inviting space to concentrate better to work more effectively or make calls close to the work area but without distracting anyone.

Improve your office. Motivate your employees. Grow your business.

From startups to big companies, office work pods are becoming a great solution to constant problems like distractions, noisy environment, lack of privacy and private meeting rooms that are being faced by employees. With our soundproof pods, you can provide your employees, visitors, clients and other parties with a private and peaceful environment.

Employees just need to step inside a private phone booth office, close the door against disruptions. And after getting in a private space, a co-worker can think comfortably and work much better with focus.

We at Spaceworx believe in supplying you with modular functional office furniture that is high in quality & that isn't tough on the environment.

Create a workplace with Spaceworx with which you will feel proud and more productive.

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How soundproof office pods could improve workplace productivity? - IssueWire

If you would like to know more about office pods that could improve your workplace productivity, get in touch with Spaceworx® and get your office incorporated with modular meeting pods.

Spaceworx: Update your office space with portable meeting pods –

With our soundproof pods, you can provide your employees, visitors, clients and other parties with a private and peaceful environment. Create a workplace with Spaceworx with which you will feel proud and more productive.

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If you haven't seen our portable meeting pods yet, check out our products at Roll pod . They are great for video conferencing, confidential meetings and sessions.

Read all about it here:

Office pods for home -

Create open collaborative meeting hubs in the office with Spaceworx. Here, you can find numerous acoustic office pod designs. The most popular solution to open workspace is the portable office pod. Employees also get semi-enclosed pods, square pods or circular pods which have their own advantages such as privacy, collaboration, and comfort. These pod works telephone box offer some acoustic benefits but act more like a zone for informal meetings. These portable office pods are suitable for several industries like the education sector, healthcare, small businesses, and large corporations. Kindly contact us today at Spaceworx - office desk pods or via call at (866) 895-6044 to book your own office desk pods that best suit your office needs.

Work pods office - Acoustic Office Pods & Meeting Booths - Spaceworx®

Is your current office space layout not working for you and your employees? Your office workspace may be reducing productivity for your team, but all is not lost. A few changes could have a considerable impact. Depending on your current workspace design and budget, you can add private modular meeting pods to your office. And this could be the solution you're looking for in your office.

Kindly contact us today at or via call at (866) 895-6044 to book your own office desk pods that best suit your office needs.

Acoustic Office Pods & Meeting Booths - Spaceworx®

Dying for some privacy in the open workplace? Check out our room office phone booths that offer a distraction-free environment in the open space office. At Spaceworx, our private conversation pods provide a comfortable office space to answer calls privately, study new materials with concentration, host a video conference, collaborate and communicate with team members, and handle tasks that need extra concentration and peace.

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Conference room pods: Latest office design layouts for employees work productivity

Open workplaces became very popular not too long ago, and most of the people considered them to be a very helpful and creative solution for employee innovation and collaboration. This office layout seemed like an excellent key to decrease costs, and increase workspace collaboration. However, soon it concluded that open offices are not as beneficial…

Mobile Meeting Pods | Increase Office Flexibility & Collaboration | Zip Pod™

Phone conversations without interruptions, maximum focus, strong concentration or confidential conferences within a small group? Our mobile meeting pods, phone pod and office phone booths meet the needs of modern office spaces: from production halls to open and closed co-working spaces. To bring concentration, creativity and team collaboration provide your office workplace with an alternative of a truly private space. Find your own solution with Spaceworx. Contact at or via call at (866) 895-6044 for private office booth furniture.

  • At Spaceworx, we believe that noise control and office acoustics play a very important role in creating a productive, healthy, and comfortable work environment. Our design philosophy is aiming to improve and make work environments better through beautiful and functional private office pods. Our objective is to deliver audible and modular work environments that readjust for changing and growing businesses: phone booths, meeting pods and collaboration furniture.

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