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Oushak or Uşak carpets are one of the well known Turkish rugs utilized over the universes. Known for their satiny, iridescent fleece, Oushak handmade rugs have roused many plan magnum opuses in fifteenth and sixteenth century. In the late eighteenth hundreds of years, these floor coverings arrived at Europe where they festooned houses of God, places of worship and the homes of the wealthy individuals. At QALEEN, we highlight an enormous scope of Oushak floor coverings made by gifted craftsmen in Turkey. All are accessible at extraordinary costs and free sending. Shop the one at this point!

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The Subtle Differences Between Machine & Handmade Rugs Somebody who has not set aside the effort to contrast a high quality floor Ardibil rugs with a machine made partner may discover it close to...

3 Tips Why to Choose Bokhara Rugs for Sale?

Choosing the right Bokhara rug can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what to look for, which is a great reason to read this article.

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Yes, you can clean your carpet very easily, however, you must know these easy-to-follow steps that are outlined in this descriptive article.

Handmade Gabbeh Rugs on Sale

#rugs #carpets #handmade #handknotted #sale #2020 #trending #home #decor Gabbeh rugs are one of the popular Persian rugs. At, Qaleen we are offering a large ...

A Brief History of the Alluring Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh handmade rugs feature basic design patterns and bold hues that can accentuate the look of any room. Here’s a brief history of these alluring art pieces.

A Brief Guide to Kazak Rugs and Their Different Types

Kazak rugs were initially knotted to perfection by remarkably talented craftsmen from Azerbaijan. Here’s all about Kazak rugs and their different styles.

Quality Handmade Tribal Rugs For Sale - Flat 50% Off

With regards to putting resources into extraordinary ground surface pieces, a high-quality tribal rugs can never turn out badly!

5 Ideas to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Area Rug

Choosing the perfect bedroom can be a daunting task, however, with a few tips you can ease this process. Find out what they are here.

3 Ways to Get Furniture Dents Out of Your Rug

Putting resources into a high quality or machine-made floor covering accompanies the expense of ordinary consideration and support. You need to clean the Kilim rugs appropriately like clockwork, ensure nobody strolls over it with shoes on, and place it in the correct spot under the correct furniture for the carpet to really sparkle.

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A real handmade Ziegler rug has much more to it than just floral details and captivating color schemes. After all, these handwoven

6 Rug Placement Do’s and Don’ts – Tips from Interior Experts - Home Improvements

Area handmade rugs are incredible from various perspectives – they're rich, simple to clean, and can rejuvenate any room. In any case, a carpet position mix-up can cause your whole style to appear to be disordered and self-destructed.

With regards to adding warmth and flare to your home with wonderful high-quality territory floor coverings, there are some significant principles that you should know about.

6 Most Durable Rug Materials to Choose for Outdoor Décor 

There's nothing better than spending time with your companions in the yard on nippy winter evenings, drinking espresso, tuning in to music, and having a good time discussion.

Nonetheless, if your open-air plan is abnormal and awkward, the entire experience can get destroyed.

Adding a floor covering to your open-air stylistic layout can cause space to show up all the more inviting, comfortable, and warm.

However, you should expect that your costly floorcloth would get demolished whenever put outside, correct?

Indeed, all things considered, you have to purchase a carpet that is solid, sturdy, and can deal with whatever the compelling force of nature tosses at it!

6 Easy Ways to Clean Your Wool Rug at Home

A wool rug can add the much-needed finishing touch to your home décor. It feels warm under feet, gives off a cosy vibe, and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

5 Reasons Why Handmade Rugs are So Expensive

With regards to inside stylistic layout, a quality handmade rug can do parcel something beyond adding tones to your living space. It can make your style look more extravagant, majestic, and inviting.

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Add a large decorative rug to a room that lacks ornaments and your problem is solved. While that alone is reason enough to decorate with a rug, there

7 Tips for Maintaining Hand-Knotted Rugs Properly

handmade rugs are important crafted works, for example, Oriental carpets. Their proprietors should accordingly take extraordinary consideration of it. These days, different methods have been created to permit the fortunate proprietors of these floor coverings to save them for many years or even a few hundred.

Everything You Need to Know About Mamluk Handmade Rugs

All the Early Egyptian rug weaving can be divided into two separate ages: the Mamluk handmade rugs and the Ottoman rugs. It was during the rule of Mamluks – from the 15th till the early 16th century – that the best quality rugs were hand-knotted depicting the Islamic arts and culture.

Persian and Oriental Rugs Aren’t the Same – Here’s Why

Persian and Oriental rugs are often confused with one another, but these are two different types of carpets. These are the major differences they have.