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Do you know that our Air Quality Index(AQI) is increasing at a high rate everyday? But the most important thing are you aware of the fact that our indoor air is more injurious to health as compared to outdoor air? It’s high time that we should now start focusing upon our heath.

Bring an air purifier for home and enjoy the fresh and pure air at your home itself and free from bacteria and dust. Visit K2 Appliances and enjoy 10% cashback on every purchase.

Water Purifier- The Secret Killer Of Water Borne Diseases

My blog surely gives you the inside details about the significance of water purifiers in our life. Now, purchase the best water purifier for your home..

How to Choose the Best Version of Water Purifier

Ladies become cautious when it comes to buying of household utilities. Now, it’s high time you better focus upon the kind of water purifier you are purchasing by keeping in mind about your requirements and the type of water source used to supply water. Never run after mere gimmicks and mass audience choices.

This time you better do proper research analysis before purchasing your best water purifier. Please have a look at our website K2 Appliances and gather insights about all kinds of home and kitchen appliances along with its buying guide.

Why The Best Air Conditioner Brand Is In Trend?: myk2appliances — LiveJournal

Are you excited to shop in hot scratching summer? Or want to spend time with your loved ones? I think the second one will be the best choice. Isn’t it? So, purchasing an amazing cooling gadget is a wise decision. With my blog, you will enjoy the ride of having a versatile appliance at your…

Best Window AC in Sunkissed Summer India (2020)

An air conditioner has become an important appliance for everyone in today’s time. Before making an investment upon the Window AC, make sure to gather complete knowledge about it. For more information regarding the Best Window AC, refer to K2 Appliances for much more detailed knowledge about it. And yes, enjoy 10% cashback from K2 Appliances on every purchase from it.

Pros And Cons of Buying Windows Air Conditioners  - Speed Cap

Air conditions offer the best ways for people to feel comfortable in their homes, especially in extremely hot and humid weather conditions. Window ACs are the perfect choice for those who may be finding a way to beat the heat before their electricity bills skyrocket. Well, many people are using central air conditioners in their homes, but that’s not always the pocket-friendly option.

Your Summer Savior - Best Window AC

Want to feel refreshing and calm during the vigorous hot summers? Get home the best window ac to your home. The window ac comes with the compressor and blower that spreads cool air even in the corners of the room. The window air conditioners are the most basic yet popular kind of air conditioner.

Best Time to Buy Window AC

Invariably, air conditioners are considered to be the best ways to beat the heat in summers. Be it your office or living space, installing the best window AC can give you chilled room temperature where you feel like living on a hill station. Trust me, in summer, having that feeling is better than actually going…

Buying Best Window AC- Everything You Want To Know - Sosoactive

Talking about summer vacation is an all-time favorite topic. Right? No matter, if you are a school going kid or an office going responsible person, listening to the word summer vacation, bestows a stirring smile on everyone’s face.

Best Window AC: A Magical Instrument To Get You Through The Summers

Close your eyes and imagine an apocalyptic firestorm is whirling outside and somehow you managed to survive the scorching heat then you enter your safe house and feel the cool Himalayan breeze on your...

4 Things To Remember Before Buying An Air Purifier For Home

Breathing in fresh and pure air is very important. Metropolitan cities have been experiencing the most polluted air over a couple of years...

Entering into the season of love, this Valentines’s Day pamper your partner and arrange a candlelight dinner and watch Rom-Com at your home.
All the Millenials and GenZers don’t waste your time standing in long queues and making advance bookings of a restaurant or cafe. Spend your luxuri...

The Era Of Window AC

Air conditioners have become the most essential appliance nowadays. Gone are the days when it was counted as one of the luxurious appliances, now it...

How to Test Air Quality in Your Home or Room?

Breathing in fresh and pure air is equally important as eating healthy food. Poor air quality can lead to many toxic ailments like Asthma and other allergies. It’s not just we are affected by only the outside air, our indoor air can also be polluted due to many reasons. According to the World Health Organization, there are 9 out of 10 people that regularly breathe impure or polluted air across the world. The toxic particles that are present in the indoor air become invisible, you can’t spot them when you have an issue.

An Ultimate Guide on Air Purifier — The Saviour of Coronavirus

Welcome to all the lovelies! Today in my blog I’m going to share some informative stuff. Do you all know what is coronavirus? Wait let me brief you about it. Coronavirus is a family of viruses…

Air Purifier- "The Superhero For Delhiites"

The latest trend in our Delhi-Vote, Valentine and guess what! The third one is trending nowadays its ……… Virus.Want to know the name of the virus? Actually we all know it’s Coronavirus. The name which increases our heartbeat.

An untold story of the window AC

Click a photograph with the ac you bought and share your untold story along with that with us at K2 appliances.

Water Purifier- A Blessing For Your Paradise - Water Purifier

Have you ever visited gurudwara? We all must-have. “The paradise on the earth”. What you actually observe? The positive vibes all around, and the most beautiful moment when we see fishes in the corner of the Sarovar and the pure Jal.

An Iced Chill Experience with Best Window

Let us enter the world of old school memories which I’m sure you must have had many. Here, I’m going to share one of mine “window ac secret story”. So, I was in a non-ac school where ac was in 4-5 mai...

Air Purifier- The Promise Keeper – K2appliances

What are we missing Delhi people? Any ideas? We are missing our Delhi……Remember those golden days when we used to sit on the terrace with our family to enjoy a glimpse of natural beauty. But, what has happened to Delhi now.  In my childhood when I used to see in the sky, the sky looked like a blanket of stars. Now, I don’t see a single star. Somewhere or other stars are hidden behind the blanket of air pollution.

Water Purifier - The Phenomenal Creation

Do you know the most beautiful relationship? The relationship that is crafted by our nature. Isn’t it? The relationship between sea and seashore, the bond between plant and seed, the relationship of flower and bud and the mesmerizing bond of the sun and...

Perfect Day for Cleaning of Split AC

Enjoy your holiday with your dad or hubby in the cleaning of filters of your split ac. Make the situation romantic or enjoyable with your wife or kids. Share your cleaning stories with us on our website K2 appliances.
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The Chilly Tour With Varied Types of Split AC

Are you confused when it comes to buying an air-conditioner? Then you don’t need to worry about it because our website K2 appliances provide you with an ultimate buying guide along with best reviews.
You can also have a look at the types of split ac mentioned in the blog at K2 appliances to make the final decision. You may also avail 10% cashback at every purchase.

Buying Made Easy with the Reviews that matter

A water purifier is a present-day need. If you believe “ Health is Wealth” then you must buy the best water purifier. Where are you going? Your final destination is K2 Appliances. Buy the water purifier from this platform and avail 10% special cashback.

k2 Appliances - Home Appliances & Kitchen | Reviews & Buying Guide: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Bring an Air Purifie...

Does the bad quality of indoor air annoy you? Are you getting worried that it will lead to many respiratory problems within your family and in you? Then the ultimate solution for your tension is one and only the best air purifier in India. Bring this amazing appliance at your home and get rid of pollution and other harmful pollutants.