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Top 6 Advanced Snorkelling Tips- Experience the underwater life like a pro!

Snorkelling is a great activity for everyone and is considered to be one of the easier skills to master, not even requiring to know how to swim. Here are some tips to master it.


The right mask

There are two types of snorkel mask- the commonly used one and the full face one. The traditional one consists of the snorkel tube which has the mouthpiece to aid breathing and the mask which covers the eyes and nose. These can be used in shallow waters and deep waters.
If you are a beginner, the full face mask allows you to breathe using your nose and mouth thus easier to master.


Fins and vest

While these aren't mandatory, they can further help you to snorkel easier without using up more energy. Amateurs and non-swimmers are recommended to wear vests that help to keep them afloat. Additionally, the luminous colour of the vest is easy to spot if and when an emergency arises.


Practice makes perfect

However ready you are in theory, for you to perfect the skills, you have to practice it. Take your gear to the nearby swimming pool and familiarize yourself with it. If there are any discrepancies with sizes and fit, you can exchange it on time. Next, go to a shallow beach and test it out there. This will give you a taste of reality and give you more confidence. You are now ready to snorkel!


Snorkelling locations

Considering that the earth is 70% water with oceans and beautiful marine life, you will be spoilt for choice. For a beginner, Maldives is an ideal place to try it out due to the shallow waters and calm seas with higher visibility. There are many a Maldives luxury resort that caters to water-sports including snorkelling, like Kandolhu Maldives for those who wish to turn their snorkelling adventure into a vacation. There are many ideal spots with magnificent coral reefs and vibrant marine life will be a treat to your eyes. Try to avoid the activity after sunset or if the waters are murky as this obliterates your view and can cause discomfort and anxiety.


Keep calm and float

Do not get over-excited and swim hard. This can exhaust you. Snorkelling is an activity that requires you to be calm to gain its optimum recreational benefits. If an unexpected turn of events occurs in the water, it is only natural to panic and reacts. However, focus on staying afloat with the help of your vest and be calm, which will allow you to think clearer.


Underwater etiquette

There are certain etiquettes that you must be aware of to ensure a seamless experience. Do not touch the sea creatures. Maintain a safe distance at all times. Do not attempt to feed the turtles or fish- though it may seem like a harmless act, it can cause shifts in the natural ecosystem. It helps to know that some corals are toxic and some, sharp. Therefore, be careful when manoeuvring near them.
Lastly, if you come across any pollutants, be thoughtful enough to collect it.

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