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Top 20 Travel Tips - Twenty Guidelines on How to Make the Most of Travel Experiences

A successful holiday experience is as much about preparations as it is about enjoying oneself. Here are twenty travel tips designed to help you make the most of your travels.


Set Holiday Goals

Holiday objectives inform every decision in the planning process so set goals for the vacation experience first.


Put down the Smartphone

Take your gaze away from the mobile phone and other devices when on holiday to truly experience the journey.


Pack Less

Pack lightly so one can bring back more than one travelled with so as to leave room for shopping gains.


Secure Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must for those who are planning on taking part in adventure activities or any other risky vacation pursuits.


Avoid Debt

Travelling is a dream everyone entertains but travelling within one's means is equally important as debt is never a desirable outcome of travel.


Local Guides are Best

Choose local guides whenever possible and select guides from reputable travel agencies or local tourist authorities to avoid scams.


Sign Up for Free Walking Tours

Free walking tours are available in most tourist hotspots and remain one of the best ways to explore a new destination without spending a cent.


Pay it Forward

Being a responsible and eco-friendly traveller is crucial in these dire times when climate change is ravaging the world's most pristine landscapes. Travel consciously and conscientiously.


Carry a Travel Journal

There's no better way to document one's travels than on a journal where one can note down, thoughts and impressions of new locations and use the pages as a makeshift scrapbook.


Indulge When You Can

While staying in a five-star hotel is not always an option, indulge in the high life when luxury hotel deals and other perks are on offer from Pan Pacific Hotels and other popular hotel groups.


Travelling is Not a Contest

Competing with fellow tourists is a common mistake the first time travellers often commit due to overzealousness and inexperience. Travel at your own pace no matter where you go.


Rest along the Way

A full itinerary is not the marker of a successful holiday as rest and relaxation should be an essential part of any travel experience. Schedules naps and downtime to recharge your batteries.


Be Polite

A smile and politeness can go a long way in nearly every destination while avoiding confrontations and angry outbursts is another great way to keep the peace on the go.


Make Connections

Forming lasting connections with locals and fellow travellers is one of the true joys of travelling. Network and connect with those on the road whenever possible.


Language Skills are Optional

Learning a few keywords and phrases will suffice when one does not speak the native tongue. Language courses are unnecessary unless one is genuinely interested in picking up a new language.


Back-Up the Trip Photos

Use an online storage resource or an external hard drive to back up all the photos and videos one records on the trip.


Take Protection from the Elements Seriously

From wearing sunscreen to donning the proper gloves and winter wear, protecting yourself from the elements is serious business when travelling abroad.


Post Gifts Home

Rather than carrying large packages home, it is more convenient to mail purchased gifts to loved ones from a local post office during the trip.


Be Flexible

Everything will not go according to plan when on a vacation so be prepared to compromise and adjust expectations.


Dine like a Local

Steer clear of touristy restaurants and menus in favour of more authentic local food joints and cafes when discovering a new destination.

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