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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, AR, VR, MR, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain

Know in detail about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Machine Learning, IoT (Internet of Things), Blockchain and More.

Accelerate Sales with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: What you need to know to get started

The sales department is the most crucial segment of every organization which contributes the maximum to keep the organization in profitability state and ahead of the curve. However, measuring the sales team contribution to revenue growth, managing unexpected risks, testing the innovation against the market or customer changes, precisely planning sales practices, reducing inconsistencies and closing the deals in addition to seamless communication with diverse stakeholders and prospects via conventional methods is undoable for the sales professionals.

It doesn’t mean the sales professionals have a lack of data. Instead, the multitude of platforms and sources are generating more customer information than before, but extracting the value out of the mammoths of data is the biggest challenge.

The need for accurate prediction, automation, and intelligence in the sales department has made embracing artificial intelligence and machine learning technology irresistible for all the organizations.

Here, we have barely scratched the surface of how AI with ML can accelerate the sales and augment the benefits it brings. Let’s discuss the profound implications of AI in the sales department in detail.

How to Improve your Business by enabling Technology to the Core?

If you have access to the time machine, then just went a decade back where you would be surprised to see:

The smartphones were primarily used for communication rather than for shopping or work.
Big data and cloud computing were just meant for large enterprises.
The world was alien to the immersive world created with AR and VR technology.
Artificial intelligence was just Sci-Fi and seen in the movies.
The business benefits of the SAP software were not completely realized.
It showcases the tidal wave of technology has literally brought 360-degree transformation to the businesses of different industry verticals. The technology has changed the face and pace of the business in the way the things are planned, executed, operated, managed, marketed, sold, and even communicated. The changes, innovation, and progress accompanied by technology investment are almost beyond recognition for the businesses a few years ago. Now, the scenario is completely changed.

Let’s see how the plethora of technologies enabling the businesses to outgrow, outperform and outstrip.

How to Enhance Customer Service Through AI

Although the introduction of Artificial Intelligence was delayed, within a short span, it has given a paradigm shift to the world. Businesses are employing digitally-empowered customer service solutions to enrich their customers’ journey. Automation has made it easy to educate customers about the products and services, to acquire new customers and to assist for any queries.

With the invention of Chatbots, the call center executives need not type the same boring responses each day. Eliminating human intervention from the customer service model is a blessing in disguise for businesses. Artificial intelligence has contributed immensely to automate major aspects of the customer service model. Also, there is no limitation to what AI can achieve in the future.

Let’s explore what artificial intelligence has to offer to the customer service segment.

How is AI Helping the eCommerce Industry? - ReadWrite

The eCommerce industry is booming like never before with the introduction of new technologies. The eCommerce industry is witnessing a redefined form that takes customers to a new level of experience and gratification. But how is AI helping the eCommerce industry?

Traditionally, retail businesses were satisfied by just making an eCommerce website for their brick and mortar stores, but it is not enough now. You have to evolve with new emerging technologies to provide immense value to the users. Contributing value to your users is the only way to sustain, grow, and outshine your business rivals.

Artificial intelligence is the next promising technology with great potential to bring a paradigm shift to not only eCommerce but almost all industries. The eCommerce industry has embraced AI with open hands because of the exceptional benefits it offers. Retail businesses are implementing AI to improve various processes, customer experience, and at last, revenues.

Let’s discuss how AI is changing the eCommerce industry.

How AI-Based Searches Are Reinventing The SEO Landscape? - Digital Doughnut

Throughout the post, we will discuss how AI voice search is bringing a paradigm shift in the SEO industry in various ways and what needs to be done to supercharge the web presence...Throughout the post, we will discuss how AI voice search is bringing a paradigm shift in the SEO industry in various ways and what needs to be done to supercharge the web presence...

How can Businesses make Great Strides with Internet Of Things? - Blog

The increased penetration, high-speed internet, drop in the price of sensors and high sales of digital devices in the market are the significant drivers of radical growth in IoT. When it comes to the real-life use cases, all the industries right from manufacturing to retail are going to be benefited from IoT technology.

What all the businesses need to do is to identify the potential challenges they are facing and turn them into an opportunity.
With this, there are fortunes to be made using IoT technology, and opportunity is knocking on your door. Are you going to let this opportunity pass-by and let your competitors take advantage of it while you wait for, "the right time" to join? It's high time to adopt this cutting edge technology and have that leg-up on your competitors. It seems that Mark Weiser was right, we are moving forward to a world which will have IoT woven into our lives.

In the IoT app development space, the opportunities are limitless which businesses have to explore and embrace to become the epitome of excellence. Waiting for others to incorporate IoT technology in the business DNA and then watch the results, is not a smart choice. It’s high time to adopt next-gen technology and always stay on edge.
Lets know about How can Businesses make Great Strides with Internet Of Things in details.

How Souping SEO Up With AI Leads To Win? » TechLogitic

A couple of years back, Google uses rule-based logic to rank the websites where keyword hacks, legitimate backlinks, and content was enough to get to the top. Later, the era of opacity begins when the search giant brought revolutionary changes to the algorithms that are little-to-impossible for the SEO experts to exploit. Just major announcements like- switch to mobile indexing, emphasis on quality content, authoritative backlinks that add value to the user were revealed in public.

It was the biggest shock to the SEO world that was even considered as black magic. And, Google continued to update its algorithm and pretty tight-lipped for the updates. In a nutshell, the job of SEO became a bit harder. On the flip side, it comes out as a golden opportunity for the marketers to offer brilliant user experience and delight the users.

We can simply put it as the days of SEO game are over when SEO experts can easily outsmart the algorithms. Presently, the valuable content strategy is essential rather than tricks or links. Matching the search king expectations and bringing SEO success is not possible just by playing according to SEO rules. Here, investment in AI-powered SEO would help. Surprised?

Yes, artificial intelligence technology is not an abstract concept to the world or could be seen as if it’s associated with Sci-Fis. Over a decade, the significance of AI has changed. It’s reaching out all spheres of life and the AI twist in SEO is no exception. Google has used the AI-first approach to implement RankBrain algorithm that analyses the context of content for creating accurate search results. Later, more updates made to RankBrain to enhance its analyzation power and intelligently rank the websites.

To better deal with the knock-on effects of how RanBrain changing the trend for ranking and unfolding the mysterious things, embracing AI has become all-important for the SEO professionals as it’s completely out of the human wisdom. It’s expected that AI-based SEO enhance the future of SEO beyond keyword phrases, links, or landing page optimization.

Take a look at how AI-optimized SEO is changing the waves of ranking...

Top 6 Trends that will shape the future of AI - Blog

Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzzword in the tech industry. It has got the mobile developers excited about the possibilities. One cannot imagine a future devoid of AI systems.
Gartner predicts that by 2021, 70% of companies would have integrated AI to help their employees in attaining the maximum level of productivity.

Let's have a look at the top trends that are expected to take a front seat in the world of AI in 2020.

Small businesses can reach new heights with Amazon Web Services

It was believed that using state of the art technologies like cloud computing was only meant for large scale businesses, but not anymore. Recent researches show that around 96 percent of the small scale businesses use cloud computing in one form or the other. We all are aware of the fact that starting any business can be daunting, and it requires appropriate ways to keep the momentum going. Cloud services platforms can prove to be such thing for small businesses.
Let us have a more in-depth look at how Amazon web services (AWS) will help small and medium scale businesses.

Top Emerging IoT Trends to follow in 2020 by Experts

IoT (Internet of Things) devices have enabled businesses in attaining invaluable insights regarding their business processes. An IoT device senses its surroundings and sends the data to a computer. The computer analyzes the data according to an algorithm and derives interferences from this data.

The universe of IoT devices is expanding at a rapid pace, and reports predict that there will be around 30 billion IoT devices operating in the world by 2020. It is expected that IoT devices will help us in many areas like Healthcare, Shipping, Logistics, Manufacturing, Energy Management, Finance, and Administration to name a few.

With such an increased demand to implement the technology in various industry sectors, there is a dearth need for the IoT developers who can efficiently cater to the respective industry requirements. As a solution to the intensifying need, the top IoT app development companies across the globe, that are widely known for their accuracy and excellence in implementing a state-of-the-art web of exclusive IoT devices, will help with improved business progression.

Various trends in IoT that will rule 2020

AR/VR in Education – How Students make the best out of this Amazing Technology Duo?

Still, most people take Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as the gaming or entertainment technologies that can extend our visual perception and deliver an immersive experience. While the AR games like Pokemon Go and plethora of VR headsets and games already cemented this notion, many of us do not have any idea about the serious implications of these technologies for crucial sectors such as education and healthcare. Particularly for education, AR and VR technologies have brought new possibilities. The immersive learning environment has now become a reality, thanks to these technologies.

Let us explain the key benefits offered by AR and VR technologies for education and how they are transforming the learning experience.

The Paradigm Shift That Artificial Intelligence Could Bring In Sales And Marketing

Artificial intelligence is nothing but replacing human intelligence with sophisticated machine intelligence based on facts. Since each section of the modern-day business is experiencing a change due to the inclusion of technology, sales and marketing to have the same story.

If we want to understand in a nutshell, Sales and marketing are those two pillars of any business and in many ways, define the fate of the organization. If the sales and marketing team works in tandem, the industry experienced unprecedented growth, and the lack of it may result in a steep fall. Thus to make their sales and marketing process streamlined, more than 75% of the companies worldwide are including Artificial Intelligence (AI). Customers also feel way more satisfied with an automated process as they don’t have to face the consequences of human error.

The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence will aid the process of sales and marketing making it more tangible and productive for the business.