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7 Must Visit Places in Bodh Gaya – The Guide You Never Knew You Needed

Regardless of whether or not you are the Buddhist devotee, the ancient capital of Bodh Gaya is one that travelers can visit to obtain valuable insights into the Buddhist culture and their pristine way of living. This article hopes to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Bodh Gaya's most treasured sites.


The Maha Bodhi Temple

This is one of the most prominent destinations to visit when in Bodh Gaya. It is believed to be the location where prince Siddhartha Gautama, the teacher of the philosophy Buddhism is said to have attained Enlightenment. It was initially built by the Mayuran dynasty King Ashoka as a sign of respect and homage to the teachings of Lord Buddha. It was declared as a World Heritage Site in the year 2002 by UNESCO. One of the best things about visiting the Maha Bodhi Temple complex is that there are plenty of Bodhgaya hotels in the surrounding that permits you easy access to it. For instance, the Oaks Bodhgaya Hotel is located as less as 2.2 miles from the complex.


The Bodhi Tree

Standing tall next to the Maha Bodhi Temple is a descendant sapling of the sacred Bodhi tree under which Lord Buddha was said to have been meditating at the time he attained enlightenment. Buddhist devotees believe that after attaining Enlightenment their supreme teacher continued to meditate under the shade of the said tree for seven days at a stretch with absolutely no movement as a sign of respect for the Bo tree.


Muchalinda Sarovar

This is yet another location that comes with a lot of history behind it. The location of the Muchalinda Sarovar is said to be where Lord Buddha the supreme philosopher is said to have laid in meditation during the 6th week post attaining spiritual awakening. It is said that whilst he was blissfully occupied meditating, a severe thunderstorm broke out. However, with utmost determination, Lord Buddha remained unmoved. To provide him with the necessary shelter, legend has it that a snake king, Muchalinda, emerged from the waters to shelter Lord Buddha with his mighty hood.


Chinese Temple

Situated just opposite the Maha Bodhi Temple Complex, the Chinese Temple in Bodhi Gaya is a splendid example of Chinese architecture as well as Buddhist culture and traditions. It houses three golden statues of Lord Buddha as well as numerous inscriptions on the walls of the establishment which are engraved in Mandarin. It is said to have been built by Buddhist monks with the undying support of the Chinese Government.


Thai Monastery

This ornately designed Thai temple is one of the main attractions of Bodh Gaya and was built in the year 1956 by the then ruling Thai Monarch. The monastery reflects a commendable blend of Thai Buddhist architecture featuring sloping roof curved at the corners and festooned with golden tiles.


Great Buddha Statue

Located adjacent to the Maha Bodhi temple in Bodhi Gaya is the Great Buddha statue that was sanctified by the 14th Dalai Lama in the year 1989. Legend has it that it has taken over 7 years to complete the construction of this amazing sculpture of Lord Buddha sitting in meditation pose on a lotus. Famously known as the 80 feet Buddha Statue, it is safe to say that it is a definitive landmark of the town of Bodh Gaya.


Royal Bhutan Monastery

Built under the guidance of the King of Bhutan as a tribute to Lord Buddha, the Royal Bhutan Monastery is situated hardly even a kilometer away from the Maha Bodhi Temple complex. It has a magnificent Buddha temple housing a statue of Lord Buddha. The highlight of this establishment would surely be the murals on its walls which recite a story of the life events of Lord Buddha.

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