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Top amazing things to do in Broome – Explore a scenic beach resort town!

Broome is most popular for its beautiful Cable Beach. However, there is much more to this wonderful city than that. Broome is a culturally rich town with aboriginal experiences, dinosaur trails, pearl farms and even a moonbeam light show.


Climb aboard a hovercraft to see footprints of dinosaurs

Broome has the worlds' most diverse and largest collection of dinosaur footprints. These prints are spread across the area and are fossilized. Noticing them without the help of a guide would be challenging. Book an hour's tour for $128 AUD and go over the tidal flats to see the best and clearest footprints. These footprints were laid some 13 million decades ago and there are some prints that are discovered currently.


Cruise the ocean to spot Sunfish Dolphins

Sunfish Dolphins are a very rare species of Dolphins. After research done by David Attenborough, it has recently discovered that Broome has the highest density of Sunfish Dolphins in the world. These cute-mammals were found around Roebuck Bay. Until now, you could only see them through Attenborough's documentaries but now, if you come to Broome you can see them in real life. A three-hour tour will cost you around $95 AUD and you can go either in the morning or evening. If you don't like to travel anywhere, stay at one of the Cable Beach hotels the likes of Oaks Cable Beach Sanctuary to relax and unwind amidst panoramic seascapes as the beach is just a 10-minute stroll away.

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Visit the pearl farm

The pearl industry is very important to the town of Broome. If not for the boom of this industry, there won't be Broome for you to explore. There are a couple of pearl farms which will take you on tours to check out the aquatic beds and techniques used in pearl farming. Willie Creek Pearl is a pearl harbour where you can learn about the industry and the painful history of it. You can go on a two-hour tour (which will cost you $90 AUD) and see the equipment and the farm in action. Another farm which you can visit is the Cygnet Bay Pearls. To reach this farm, you need to travel for more than 4 hours. Apart from a sea safari, you can also spend the night here. This region called the Kimberly, has big tides coming in. The waves sometimes rise and fall 12 metres high. While you're at the pearl farms, don't forget to buy one or two to take back home.


Watch a movie at Sun Pictures

This is definitely one of the best things to do when you're in Broome. Sun Pictures is the world's oldest open-air film hall. It was featured in local films such as Bran Nue Dae and even international hits such as Australia. Even today, Sun Picture shows films that were released recently every day of the month. There are many tourists and locals here to witness the old and vintage feel the cinema possesses. You can't use cards to pay for the tickets or to buy food. This is one technique used to preserve the historic quality of Sun Pictures. You can spend your night watching your favourite (or whatever that's showing) film and munching popcorn while enjoying the crisp and cool air.


Go on an Aboriginal tour to further explore Broome

There is an Aboriginal man in the town who will take you on tours to show the history and culture of Broome. His tours are fascinating and interesting. He will tell you about the history of the main street of Broome and Chinatown. There are many stories that revolve around the pearl industry that will be related by him. Most of these stories include how Aboriginal women were favoured and were allowed to be diving women. He will tell you about the cultural significance of the town to his tribe (Yawuru people). You will walk around 1.3 kilometres altogether, but the tour will not tire you because the land is flat and easy to walk on.

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