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Updated by Vanessa Stewart on Jan 20, 2020
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Best 25 Dark Cinema titles of 2019

This list comprises the best 25 dark cinema and link to full reviews. You don't want to miss any of these films. Bet you can guess what movie made the number one spot, but can do you know why? Read the reviews for many film listed and find out for yourself.



Striking Vipers

Striking Vipers

Striking Vipers might be a Black Mirror Episode but it also counts as a film. The anthology series is one of the best running shows on Netflix and is for lovers of sci-fi and oddball stories.
This story recounts the vision of a future where gaming is taken to a whole new level. Two friends reconnect through the game Mortal Kombat while trying to find something missing in their own lives.

I had to include this in the top 25 movies simply for its originality and ability to push boundaries.

Culture Shock's Fantasia 2019 + They Come Knocking | Mother of Movies

Into the Dark is just one of the best online tv shows. They Come Knocking + Culture Shock, spoiler-free. Directed by Adam Mason & Gigi Saul Guerrero on Hulu

Glass, The Final Movie After Unbreakable & Split | Mother of Movies

The final film in the M. Night Shyamalan series the Glass movie. Released on January 2019, this review is tied to a 3-part article covering all the movies.

The Wind Sets Up To Chill Your Bones. Review + Explanation | Mother of Movies

The Wind review comes with an explanation spoiler section. No matter where you hide, it will find you #ItNeverStops #TheWind




A divisive film loved by more people than not. If you’re putting this off, see it for the awesome performances a


El Camino

El Camino

A fans movie for lovers of the series Breaking Bad. All the loose ends tidied up and fitting appearances from much loved characters.

'Charlie Says' VS 'The Haunting Of Sharon Tate' | Mother of Movies

Charlie Says is another Charles Manson movie. But if you've seen them all or think you're sick of them, give this one a watch because it's not like the others.

Daniel Isn't Real Review | Mother of Movies

Daniel Isn't Real is a beautifully constructed film about mental illness. If you love movies that look inward instead of outward, put this on your watchlist

The Nightingale Is An Aussie Film That Will Give You Nightmares | Mother of Movies

Movies about colonisation are never an easy watch. The Nightingale will not show you a good time. I'm not crying, you're crying. Film from Jennifer Kent.

Starfish Movie, An Introduction Into Cosmic & Eldritch Horror | Mother of Movies

In Starfish 2018, a film from Al White director/writer and producer. An apocalyptic musical journey with a cassette... ‘THIS MIXTAPE WILL SAVE THE WORLD’

She Never Died the Perfect Companion for He Never Died | Mother of Movies

She Never Died is the companion film to the 2015 cult-favorite He Never Died. Does the second movie live up to the original in this immortality story?

Harpoon From Rob Grant Hits Its Target 2019 | Mother of Movies

Harpoon is one of the best horror-comedy movies on boats to come out of 2019. Directed by Rob Grant & set in a single location aboard a yacht.

Stay tuned in coming days for the remaining titles to be added or go to for the full list right now.


Pet Semetary

Pet Semetary

The best reboot for 2019 has to be Pet Semetary. Many people didn’t care for the ending but I though it was fittingly creepy. The atmosphere was altogether amazing and performances were fantastic.




An overlooked and under seen indie gem, Depraved so from Larrry Fessenden. It tells the story of Frankenstein in a modern setting and allows this classic monster to attend and strip club and see the city.


Ready or Not

Ready or Not

Ready or Not takes a simple child’s game and turns it into a hectic survival horror movie. With a cast you’ll recognise, hide-and-seek never got so bloody fun. Guaranteed to give you a dose of excitement on a boring weekend in.

Mope, A Movie About A Crime In The Porn Industry | Mother of Movies

Mope 2019 is a film based on a crime that happened in 2010. Movies about the porn industry, and Tom Dong & Steven Drivers' quest for fame.

'The Swerve' Steers Head-On Into Nasty, Starring Azura Skye | Mother of Movies

The Swerve from Dean Kapsalis. A psycho-thriller about Holly, who begins to show signs that something is not quite right.

Border 2019, A Spoiler Free Review + Explanation Section | Mother of Movies

Border (Gräns) is a new film adaptation directed by Ali Abbasi. Written by John Ajvide Lindqvist. A fable-like drama like nothing you've seen before.




When Ari Aster wrote and directed Hereditary I was pretty impressed. I was almost as impressed with his follow up film Midsommar. His multi-layered storylines and clue-filled cinematography are amazing.

Most of this film takes place during a festival in Sweden and it's not something that happens a lot.

Tigers Are Not Afraid Review

Tigers Are Not Afraid's a dark fairy tale about a gang of 5 children surviving the violence of the cartels & the ghosts created every day by the drug war.

Greener Grass Is For People Who Love Weird Films | Mother of Movies

If the more insane comedy movies with slatherings of social commentary are your thing, then look no further than IFC Midnight's Greener Grass.

'The Art Of Self Defense' New Film Releases 2019 | Mother of Movies

New film releases that knock you down, but you can get back up...The Art of Self Defense. Stars Jessie Eisenberg, Imogen Poots & Alessandro Nivola

Zombieland 2 Review, Was it Good For You? Double Tap | Mother of Movies

I didn't give Zombieland 2 five stars because the CGI was noticeable. But I liked it. Fans of the original should watch this as soon as possible.




Jordan Peele makes great movies. Us features an alternate universe where dopplegangers exsist and they want to kill us. This movie was so well told and the performances were mind blowing.

Parasite Movie is Another Win From Bong Joon Ho | Mother of Movies

Bong Joon Ho is the master of making you feel things. Recent film releases with a 5-star rating. Parasite is winning awards everywhere & you should watch it