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Civil Discourse

American Dialogue Project

Read, listen, watch, contemplate and self-evaluate

Better Arguments Project

The Better Arguments Project is a national civic initiative created to help bridge divides by helping Americans have better arguments.

Better Conversations Guide | The On Being Project - The On Being Project

A tool to help create new spaces
for listening, conversation, and engagement.

Bites | Stay Hungry

Bites is a source of brain food to power your understanding of the world around you.

Braver AngelsGoes ToWashington

Braver Angels is a citizens’ organization uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America

Civility, Partisanship, and the Productive Power of Leading with Questions

Remarks by Kristen Cambell at the Waging Democracy Forum


A cross-country reporting road trip, exploring issues that divide us and stories that unite us. A project of WGBH and The GroundTruth Project.

Educator Innovator: Talking Across Political Differences

When students engage in high-quality discussion they enjoy their classes more and are interested in what their peers have to say. So what does this look like in the classroom?

Explainer: Political Polarization in the United States

This Explainer defines the term political polarization and provides information on how it impacts US politics and society.

Facing History and Ourselves: Fostering Civil Discourse, Part I

webinar of a two-part series, strategies are modeled to help teachers foster civil discourse in their classrooms.

Family Politics

A deepening chasm between Jenn Stanley, a liberal, and her father, Peter, who votes Republican, made it difficult to talk about the things they care about. They sat down to try and listen to each other’s points of view.

Her Flowers - Social Justice Group for teens and adults

Social justice conversations and trainings facilitated by Daniela Miranda
and Julie Goldberg.

Heterodox Academy: High School Activity Series

The “HxA High School Classroom Activity Series” provides educators with recommendations for how to use some of Heterodox Academy’s tools and resources, alongside other materials, to establish a classroom environment conducive to open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement and to teach these values.

Hewlitt: Social Media, Political Polarization, and Political Disinformation: A Review of the Scientific Literature

The Hewlett Foundation commissioned this report to provide an overview of the current state of the literature on the relationship between social media; political polarization; and political “disinformation,” a term used to encompass a wide range of types of information about politics found online, including “fake news,” rumors, deliberately factually incorrect information, inadvertently factually incorrect ...

Libraries Transforming Communities | Tools, Publications & Resources

Through Libraries Transforming Communities (LTC), the American Library Association (ALA) seeks to strengthen communities by giving libraries the tools they need to bring disparate voices together and lead change.

LRNG: Argument is Everywhere |

Thoughtful citizens read, criticize, analyze, and create arguments daily---reading the paper, watching the news, surfing the internet, talking among friends, family, and co-workers.  These small moments in everyday life make up a strong democracy. By exploring the XPs in this playlist, you will hone your skills to recognize and respond to the issues that surround you.

Moral Courage

Highlights of a discussion between Irshad Manji and Jolexis DeJesus, a college student and social justice activist who received Moral Courage mentorship in high school. (3 minutes)

National Constitution Center: Classroom Exchanges

The Peer-to-Peer Classroom Exchange program connects middle and high school students across the United States for virtual conversations about the Constitution. Moderated by National Constitution Center scholars, federal judges and master teaches, the Classroom Exchanges use the Interactive Constitution to teach constitutional principles and civil dialogue skills.

National Constitution Center: Constitutional Conversations

As you read, interpret, and cite the documents in the Interactive Constitution, it’s important to think about how the Constitution defines or limits the power of the government. That’s how constitutional scholars and judges read, interpret, and cite the Constitution.

National Conversation Project

Revitalizing America Together

NYTimes: Opinion | Empathize With Your Political Foe

We are real people, not a bunch of demographic characteristics.