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Updated by Alisa Kerrt on Jan 15, 2020
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Everything comes with price but sometimes we can try to avoid this rule. Netflix - the most popular streaming service with a ton of great tv shows and movies that you can watch anywhere you are. Between increasing membership fees, and tough economic times, not everyone can afford to subscribe, but there are a few ways to watch Netflix for free (or for smaller charge). In this article I’m gonna provide my TOP 4 ways to do it.


Honeygain for Netflix!

Yes, you heard me right - gain money online and use it to cover your Netflix account expenses. According to Honeygain website it is an app that provides proxy services to third parties like data scientists, Fortune 500s, and other businesses and to do so they need your unused internet traffic for which they will pay you some sweet money. How to get it? Well the most difficult part is downloading it (you have to press one button)! So after you download it you just leave it running on your device background and the app "rent's" your unused internet traffic. For example, you can go to any place that have public wifi that you can log in and after doing it start your Honeygain app. By doing so you won't even be using your own data. All the earned money on app you can transfer to your PayPal account and then cover your Netflix fee. Sounds too good to be true? But that what it is!


Free first month (every month!)

Yes, everybody knows that first month on Netflix is completely free BUT if you are stubborn - try to sign in with new every month after free trial and have access to Netflix for several months completely free. To sign up for a Netflix free trial, you need a credit card, debit card, PayPal account, or Netflix gift code. Sounds good enough?


Additional free Netflix trials

Yes it is possible! If you’re patient and don't care about not having Netflix for several months, you can actually get multiple free trials. This isn't a guaranteed method, but it is completely legitimate. When you sign up for a free trial on Netflix but cancel before your trial ends, Netflix will eventually reach out to you to try lure you back to them. It will take at least several months for them to send this email. If you do receive an email from Netflix, all you need to do is select the start your free trial link they provide and this will take you to a page on the Netflix site where you can renew your free trial.


Sharing is caring on Netflix

I bet you have heard that a lot of members share their Netflix account with multiple people. The basic Netflix plan only allows you to watch one show or movie at a time, but the standard (you can watch up to two things at once) and premium (allows you to stream up to four shows or movies at the same time) plans allow you to watch multiple things on multiple devices at the same time. Yes, it won’t give you Netflix for free but it will cost you much much less!