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Mobile app development

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What are the reasons to outsource app development?

What are the reasons to outsource app development?

Outsourcing app development services are quite in trend and the trend increases due to the development and rise of the capabilities and innovation of the development companies. The companies who are in the business of app development have raised their level and have introduced various features to improve their services. They hire technically sound professionals who are updated in the latest field of technology and have the knowledge of developing great apps on different platforms. Though there are many companies that set their own development team to develop an app still there are multiple good reasons to outsource app development in 2020.

What are the reasons to outsource app development?

Mobility is growing unprecedentedly as the smart devices have increased their usage among all. When it comes to the development of apps the organizations need to plan a lot regarding the set up of the development team, introduction of the latest technology, finding resources that are updated and skilled in the technology that they are looking for, setting infrastructure, etc. Everything needs to be planned before starting the project. Though there are multiple reasons to outsource app development in 2020, the main reason is to choose between setting up a whole development team or outsourcing the project to a professional company. The main reasons for outsourcing are discussed here.

Latest technology: The year 2020 is the year of new technology. This is the main reason to outsource your app development project as it helps you in getting an app developed on the latest technology.

Profound professional knowledge:The main reason for outsourcing app development is the profound professional knowledge of the company that you chose for outsourcing. As the company specifically deals with app development has all the required skill-set to develop different types of apps. The company has well-qualified developers, designers, and testers that dedicatedly work towards app development.

Clear costing throughout the development: If you outsource your app development project then you will receive a high level of transparency regarding the cost associated with the project. You need not bear any surprise costs that may occur in the middle of the project. The professional companies that work on outsourced projects maintain the professional level with the clients to win their trust.

High quality at a reasonable cost: You are likely receiving high-quality at a reasonable cost when you are outsourcing app development. The professionals who are working on the project are skilled and updated in their field and offer the most appropriate development.
It is rather good to choose a professional company for outsourcing app development.


What are the top app development trends 2020?

What are the top app development trends 2020?

Apps have taken a special role in our lives. Most of us are heavy users of smart phone to accomplish most of our daily tasks such as organizing our work schedule, shopping, making bank transactions, payment at the shop, etc. For all these purposes, there are various mobile apps that are ruling the current world. Apps have made our tasks simpler and hassle-free and make us remind by sending notifications so that we can't miss anything important. There are many app development companies that are doing a great job and are following the top app development trends 2020 to rule the market and to lead the market competition.
What are the top app development trends 2020?
There are millions of apps that are launched on a daily basis. Many of them do not able to withstand the fierce competition and lose before making any market presence. Customers are getting more and more demanding after using some of the best apps successfully. To meet the rising customer demands, it is important for any app development company to follow the latest competition to get a hit in the market. The development trends are continuously changing and new technology has made it necessary for the app development companies to follow the latest and top app development trends 2020. Here are described some of the latest app development trends that are ruling the market.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is a known technology and becomes a hot market and trendy technology. Almost all the companies are introducing AI and machine learning to stay updated and to add more value to the services for their customers. App development companies are introducing Artificial Intelligence in their apps that help in building an app that identifies issues and solves them in real-time. These apps learn from customer usage behavior and guide them accordingly.
5G wireless technologies: 5G wireless technologies is one of the top trending mobile app development trends and will continue to impress the market in the coming year i.e. 2020. The speed of 5G is much higher and better than the 4G network that supports various high-speed functionalities such as 3D gaming, data security and augmented reality.
Beacon Technology: This technology is going to be quite popular in the forthcoming years. The purpose of introducing this to the app development is to show where you can have your preferred products, specifications, and cost. So, when the user's device enters a Beacon Zone, the particular app gets instant and appropriate instructions for the users.
On-demand apps: App development companies are developing more on-demand apps in the year 2020. Therefore users will get more grocery apps, taxi apps, food delivery apps, domestic helper apps, babysitting apps, etc for their use.
It is important for app development companies to stay focused on top app development trends.


Tips to choose good B2B marketing agency

Tips to choose good B2B marketing agency

Spending revenues on marketing to generate sales is no less than any investment for any business. This investment becomes more important when it is about B2B marketing because planning a marketing campaign for b2b market is more typical and difficult. Thus, it is very important to choose right business to business marketing agency that can not only guarantee sales but also convert potential customers and clients into buyers.

Here, we are giving you few tips that can help you choose best business to business marketing agency. Take a look:

Consider only those who specialize in B2B marketing campaigns only
With so many local and international marketing agency available around make sure to get in touch with only those who specialize in b2b marketing campaigns only. This is the best way to refine your search for the best marketing agency.

Check their track record to evaluate their performance
Once you have shortlisted the name of b2b specialized marketing agency, another way to further refine your research is by evaluating their performance. You can use various parameters for it like their list of clients, their sector experience, their reputation in the market etc.

Make sure that they insist on direct communication
A good marketing agency is the one that prefers direct and one-to-one communication. They make sure to listen to their clients in order to understand their need and requirements. They will explain their point of view and will inform you about each and every aspect of marketing campaign.

It should have sense of play and experimentation
While finalizing any marketing agency you can sometimes also trust your instinct and gut feeling. Some marketing agencies might be new but their experimental approach and sense of play to curate a marketing campaign can be refreshing and new for your business world. So, if you have found someone like this, try to give it a chance.

Ensure that they are committed for their work
Last but not the least; never forget that a good, reliable and trustworthy marketing agency is one that is committed for their work. Irrespective of size of project, they will always deliver projects on time and will always maintain the authenticity and quality of their work.
Remember, choosing a good B2B marketing agency for once can help any business in making a long-term partner who can actually take care of all-kind business’s marketing needs.


What Are The Benefits Of The Agile Development Model?

What Are The Benefits Of The Agile Development Model?

Agile development model is an incremental and iterative set of management practices. Its objective is to keep an eye on the rapid delivery of the business value and help teams in an evolving landscape. The agile development model uses different methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, XP, and others to follow the agile manifesto. The manifesto is based on the productivity of the team, flexibility, continuous improvement and the delivery of high-quality products. Agile development models focus on the needs of the customer. The complete cycle maximizes transparency and visibility, encourages the involvement of the user and shows the actual progress in real-time.

There are many benefits of using the agile development model. This method is all about iterative planning and is quite easy to adapt by a team that requires a change. While using agile, continuous planning is required throughout the project development life cycle. Thus, the business value is delivered right from the beginning. The main motive of using agile is to improve productivity and deliver a powerful business value quite early in the development process. This makes easier in minimizing risks that are related to the development.

Some Of The Main Benefits Of The Agile Development Project.

Efficiency: Using agile increase the team's efficiency in performing their tasks. The team of agile works in a collaborative culture and produces a ripple effect. Before starting with the development part, the whole team will decide on their important tasks then the whole team will work collectively and proceed further in a united manner. Thus, all the phases of the agile development project are interconnected and bring efficiency in the outcome of the end result.
High quality: In the agile development project, testing is done at all the stages of the development cycle. It is required to ensure that the development is going in the right direction and the project is in its optimum state. It helps the owner of the product in making changes at every stage of the project development life cycle and makes the team aware of its potential issues. This helps in delivering a high-quality product.
Project predictability: Companies determine the value of the project by the money they invested and the outcome they receive from the product. In agile, it is easy to predict the project's outcome and decide in advance whether to continue with it or not.
In this continuously changing environment, it is important to use a flexible approach to deliver quality projects.
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How outsourcing your app development project saves you money? (and still get efficient results)

How outsourcing your app development project saves you money? (and still get efficient results)

With a huge demand in outsourcing for app development and so many service providers committing to meet your expectations, it is often tricky to take an informed decision.
You want to save money while keeping quality priorities unchanged. Read on as we explore the benefits of outsourcing, and its different aspects.
Here we are listing out some of its cost-efficient benefits.
Take a look:

Company doesn’t have to spend on process of recruiting and hiring experts

When any company opts for outsourcing the services of app development project it actually saves itself not only from the cost of recruiting and hiring but also saves company’s time and energy. Overall, it gives businesses chance for easier cost management. Isn’t it!

Cost of training and development can also be saved

While outsourcing an app development company, a business needs not to spend their hard-earned money on training and development of their “app developing” employees. Because the experts have been outsourced so chances are that business pick the most efficient, experienced, professional and reliable ones.
How outsourcing can help companies get best and efficient results:

It gives you a chance to explore various new aspects of project development process

An app development company can bring new dimensions to your business which a business would not have been able to even tap and explore otherwise. The more you explore, better creative ideas you have to make your business app more systematic and sounder that is capable of outshining your competitors’ business app.

You have the opportunity to work with the best experts of this field

Because you have got the chance to pick the best from the industry so you can join hands with some of the best expert professionals of app development. And when you are working with experts, chances are that you get the best results.

Because it has been outsourced so your company can actually focus your primary goals and work

By outsourcing the expert professionals of this field, a business can totally focus on their main work. This becomes bit impossible with in-house team as there are always some or the other issues rising which may further create adverse impact on company’s core performance areas. So, with a decision of outsourcing the experts a company has better chance to give best results.
So, if you too are confused with whether to outsource an app development company or not then it should have been clear by now that they will always work for the betterment of any business and thus it is always advised to outsource it rather then building an in-house team for an app development project.

Reasons To Hire The Best Mobile App Development Company

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If you are looking to work effectively on your mobile app development projects then it is better to outsource them to a professional company who has reliable experience. Outsourcing app development projects have multiple benefits such as saving time, money, get 24/7 customer support, professional app design, and development, experienced professionals, etc. Therefore, outsourcing your mobile app does make sense rather than getting it done on your own. You can get the support of a professional and dedicated team that commences everything under your guidance. You can easily supervise the whole app development project from a distance and get your app developed as per your needs.

Outsourcing your mobile app development project is a great task. It is important to find a professional and reliable company that is capable to handle your app development project as per your business requirement. By making a commitment to the freelance app development company, you can achieve a great level of satisfaction by deciding on the time of completion and also on the fee involved. A great effort is required to start the process of outsourcing.

Essential tips offer exceptional end results by accomplishing the smooth handling of the development project

Know your requirements: Before starting with the procedure of app development outsourcing, you need to identify your requirements from your business app. If you have a clear idea of your needs, you can explain it to the developer in a better way. If you are unable to put your needs in an effective way then you may be getting an end product that is not up to the mark.

Pick the right development option: It is very important to choose the right development option as it is not necessary that the development option used by others will also work for your app development project. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of choosing that option before finalizing it with the development company.

Look for relevant experience: It is recommended to choose an app development company that has relevant experience in relation to your project. Their concerned experience will work better for your app's development.

Communication is the key: Communication with your service provider is always very important. It keeps you connected with the team and helps you in getting proper updates on the ongoing work. You can simply edit or introduce anything in between rather than missing it out at the project delivery.

Ask a lot of questions and request for a project development plan
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OMSOFTWARE partners with PRASECO to develop a strong mobile footprint with customer

OMSOFTWARE partners with PRASECO to develop a strong mobile footprint with customer

OMSOFTWARE partners with PRASECO *to develop its mobile footprint with *eco-friendly application

Pune, 11-02-2019: OMSOFTWARE - India's fastest growing mobile app development company - announced its collaboration with PRASECO to develop the latter's mobile application has been successfully completed. The app allows anyone to perform dual role. Sellers can list their eco friendly products and customers can buy directly from the listed products. More insights follow -
The mobile application for PRASECO is a step closer to eco friendly community. At a time when India is actively embracing the culture of plastic-free ecosystem, this app serves as a welcoming effort.

The wide range of PRASECO products include Clay, Metal, Glass, Coconut Shell, Wooden items etc. for household requirements and cloth bags for shopping requirements. Moreover, the company also has range of nursery products. It also offers Gardener and Plumber services to help a customer maintain her garden and save water.

"OMSOFTWARE is happy to contribute towards sustainability and eco friendly effort. We support every effort that helps make our country eco-friendly. PRASECO encourages the culture of green living by promoting the use of plastic-free products. And it has been our pleasure to develop their mobile application, says Mr. Raj Kamal, CEO, OMSOFTWARE.
We dedicated an entire app development team to solely work on this project, and we achieved the desired target of launching the application - while without interfering with the quality and consistency. The apps are available across IOS and android now, continues Mr. Raj.
Regarding the work quality, Moumita Sharma from PRESCO says. "If you are a start-up and looking to make an app or website, OMSOFTWARE is the best bet. They not only help in making your software but also help you with what would be in the best interest of your business. The team at OM software is very professional and you can expect a very good quality product from them."

To learn more about PRESCO and its products, please visit
Link to PRESCO apps -

About PRESCO -

Praseco is an ecommerce mobile application for green and eco friendly products and services. The name Praseco is spelled reverse where eco stands for eco friendly and pras stands for products and services. Praseco offers you a greener alternative for your household requirements through its wide range of products and services. It is a platform where from order to delivery no plastic is involved. We reduce the plastic usage through our eco friendly packaging.


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Finding the most suitable IOS app design company in Bhopal is not an easy task. There are a large number of companies that are offering their services in developing mobile apps for almost all the platforms such as Android, IOS etc. Choosing an app development company for creating a demanding app for business is a complex procedure. All the companies claim that they are the rousing stars of the app development industry and create the app as expected by the client. In all these claiming sessions, it becomes very difficult for the business to choose the one among all. Moreover, relying only on advertising is not a good idea; you need to trust on something rigid and more trustworthy such as their previous work. How to hire a mobile app developer can be briefly explained in this article with the help of below suggestions.

How to find the most appropriate app vendor for app development?

Pune is an IT hub and is a home and market place to a variety of mobile app developers. Choosing the most reliable, experienced and trusted app developer can be quite tricky. It requires detailed and proper market research. A lot of aspects require consideration when you are out in the market to find a good company of mobile app development service in Pune.
Conduct a preliminary search: Preliminary search of your business requirement is required before looking for an app development firm. Detailed research can help you know where you are positioned in the market and what could be your niche market be? After knowing your niche target market, you need to plan how to cover the market by analysing the number of users in your graphics. This way you can analyse your probable benefits that help in finding a reliable app developer that can help you in fulfilling your objectives.

Look for previous work: After that, you need to look thoroughly about the tasks and projects accomplished by the chosen IOS app design company in Bhopal. You need to look for the domestic market briefly and choose the one that covers all your needs from the app. It is important to look for their past work, which are flexible in negotiations and are ready to listen to your approach, take feedback from clients with honesty, offers you a pool of specialist’s info and ask you to choose the most appropriate for developing the app. This gives transparency in the selection and helps you in making the right choice.

Define the project: The next step that you can take is to discuss your app project with the app developer. This depends on the market, where you want to launch your app and who can be your major users. For instance, if users of your app are from Europe then you need to focus on their data security. Your developer must have all the knowledge to store the sensitive data and to save it from data theft.

Your chosen Android design company in Pune should be capable to create the app on all the available platforms and should be realistic and honest.

At OMSOFTWARE , we design mobile application that connect businesses with their core audiences.

"Our core focus of mobile app development service help business thrive in the challenges. We offer affordable solutions after auditing your requirement, "says Raj Kamal, CEO OMSOFTWARE.