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Latest technology and trends

You can gain good knowledge of latest technologies such as Data Science, R, Python, Big Data, QlikSense, Qlikview, Hadoop, Spark, Django, Tableau, Keras, Apache spark, SAS, Java, Javascript, TensorFlow, C , C++, MongoDB, Data Mining, SAS, STAT, Cassandra and so on.

R Matrix - How to create, name and modify matrices in R? - TechVidvan

R matrix - Learn to create a matrix,name the rows and columns, access individual components, modify elements, & perform arithmetic operations in R matrices.

R List - How to create, index and manipulate list components - TechVidvan

List in R are vectors that contain elements of any type including string, numeric, vector, matrix, array,etc.Learn how to create, index & manipulate R lists

R Vector - How to Create, Combine and Index Vectors in R? - TechVidvan

Learn everything about R vectors from creating, combining, and indexing R vectors and also explore vector arithmetics and vector functions in R.

How to create, index and modify Data Frame in R? - TechVidvan

R data frame - Learn to create data frames, access & modify them in R. And also learn the various functions to get insight into them instead of looking manually.

R Arrays - A Comprehensive Guide to Array with Examples - TechVidvan

Learn what R array is, how to create array in R and how you can do arithmetic operations on R array? Learn everything about it with examples.

Python Tuples - The immutable sequence of objects - TechVidvan

Python Tuples - Learn tuples in Python, how to create, access, slice, & delete elements in tuple. Also, see its operations, methods & functions.

Python Dictionaries - A collection of key-value pairs - TechVidvan

Python Dictionaries - Learn to create, access, use and manipulate dictionaries in Python. Also, learn about its methods and functions.

What is the Purpose of Data Science? Know Its Importance - DataFlair

Know the real purpose of data science. Explore what does a data scientist do. and why is Data Science important and how it is beneficial for your career

Why Learn Data Science? - 5 Major Reasons that will Blow Your Mind! - DataFlair

Explore the answer to why learn data science? Learn the different reasons for making a career in data science and the benefits of learning data science.

Skills Needed to Become a Data Scientist - Learn, Grasp, Implement! - DataFlair

Top technical and non-technical skills needed to become a data scientist. You could be the data scientist if you follow my path of learning data science

Inside a Data Scientist's ToolBox: Top 9 Data Science Algorithms - DataFlair

Data Science algorithms plays a important role for data scientists. Here are top 9 algorithms that you should know to become a data scientist

Why hire a Data Scientist for your team - Explore the essential benefits - DataFlair

Get the most suitable answer to the question - Why you need to hire data scientist for your team and explore data scientist daily tasks & benefits of having data scientist.

Essential Math and Statistics concepts hand in hand for Data Science - DataFlair

Everything about maths & statistics for data science in easy language. Learn linear algebra, calculus, inferential, descriptive statistics with eaxmple

Data Science for Business - 7 Major Implementations of Data Science in Businesses - DataFlair

Want to know how Data Science is benefitting business? Check out the Data Science for business article and explore various implementations.

6 Amazing Data Science Applications - Don't Forget to Check the 5th One! - DataFlair

Data Science is a vast field & used in all the sectors. Here are some important data science applications that are shaping the industries of the world.

6 Intriguing Applications of Data Science in Banking - [JP Morgan Case Study] - DataFlair

The use of Data science in banking is increasing day by day. Here are top 6 applications of data mining that are used in banking sectors with case study

Data Science in Education - The Modern Way of Learning [Case Study] - DataFlair

Explore the latest Applications of Data Science in Education that are changing the learning system. Find the modern way of learning with a case study.

Data Science K-means Clustering - In-depth Tutorial with Example - DataFlair

Learn what is K-means Clustering with simple explanation. Here you will find the example of k-means clustering using random data

7 Breathtaking Applications of Data Science in Finance - DataFlair

Discover the Top applications of Data Science in Finance. Data Science play very crucial role in finance sector get the best results for company & customer

Top 6 Data Science Use Cases that are Changing the World - DataFlair

Explore the important data science use cases that are changing the world. Facebook is using data science for social analytics, uber for optimizing rides etc

Data Scientists Demand Survey for 2020 - IBM Predictions are in! - DataFlair

IBM prediction for data scientists demand stats that there will be an increase by 364,000 to 2,720,000 openings in the year 2020. Read other predictions

NLP (Natural Language Processing) - A Data Science Survival Guide - DataFlair

What is NLP - Natural Language Processing is one of the popular field for data science. NLTK, Gensim, spaCy, CoreNLP are the famous tools of NLP

Transfer Learning for Deep Learning with CNN - DataFlair

Transfer Learning-what is transfer learning in deep learning,ways to fine tune the models, pre-trained model and its use,how &when to use transfer learning,

Big Data vs Data Science - Know What's Trending in 2019? - DataFlair

Big Data vs Data Science - a most trending difference today. Explore all the concepts and undertand how these two terms differs to each other.

Data Scientist vs Data Analyst - The Hot Debate for a Promising Career - DataFlair

Data Scientist vs Data Analyst - Clear your confusion for the fields of data science and data analytics with the roles, responsibilities and salaries.