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iPhone Tips and Tricks

This list contains top tips and tricks for iPhone users, you will get top How-to posts and apps to try for this 2020.

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone without Password [Updated] -

Apple values its customers the most. Hence it has many in-built security features. One of them is ‘Find my iPhone,’ a free iCloud service by Apple Inc to help find a lost iPhone. it uses iCloud service to send the location of your iOS device to Apple. From here, you can request Apple about the information, through which you can locate your iOS devices. For missing iPhone devices, Find My iPhone also features ‘Lost Mode.’ Lost Mode locks your Apple gadget with a passcode and displays a message and phone number on the Lock Screen. Being in ‘Lost Mode,’ Apple device can keep track of its whereabouts and tell back so the user can view its recent location history from the ‘Find My iPhone’ app.

How To Set Up Voicemail on iPhone 7, 8, X, 11 -

One of the most significant aspects of using a phone has to be the calling feature. Although many of us use phones for browsing through the net and texting people, a few of us call our friends and family here and then. One of the lesser-known components of the iPhone is the voicemail feature. Voicemail is a feature that lets people record a message when you’re unavailable. If you’ve been curious to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. These steps will help you understand everything you need to know about How To Set Up Voicemail on iPhone.

How to Delete Contacts on iPhone [Multiple, Duplicate] -

All of us, at some point, sit down and decide to delete all the unnecessary contacts we have on our phones. But sometimes, especially with iOS, it can be a bit tricky to figure out how we can go about this.

How To Add Contacts In Gmail [Android, iPhone, PC] -

Google is one of the most excellent search engines. It takes care of all your essential day-to-day activities and handles all your data, emails, contacts, cloud storage, and so forth. There are several methods to learn how to add contacts in Gmail. You can either manually add a touch on Gmail to your mailing list via their email addresses.

How To Add Contacts In Gmail [Android, iPhone, PC] -

Google is one of the most excellent search engines. It takes care of all your essential day-to-day activities and handles all your data, emails, contacts, cloud storage, and so forth. There are several methods to learn how to add contacts in Gmail. You can either manually add a touch on Gmail to your mailing list via their email addresses.

How to Rotate a Video on iPhone 11, X, 8, 7, 6 -

If you’re wondering how to rotate a video on iPhone, you’ve come to the right place! Using an iPhone can get a little tricky sometimes. You wish to watch a video a friend sent you. You lie down and play the video and realize that the video is stuck in portrait mode, while you want it in landscape mode. What do you do now?

How To Connect iPhone To Tv (Wireless, USB, HDMI) -

Looking for ways to connect your iPhone with your TV in 2020? You are in the right place – Most people are used to watching videos over their phones. It becomes difficult when one wants to show another a particular video or even to watch movies together as the screen is just too small and it becomes too difficult to watch. You might want to watch the same over a bigger screen with better volume and video quality. You can also choose the orientation of your screen by connecting it to the tv. Thereby, connecting your phone to the Tv seems like a better option, but people often find difficulty in how to connect iPhone to the tv so we have given different ways to do it-

How to Change Gmail Name on Android, iPhone and PC -

Looking How to change Gmail Name? You are in the right place – with a simple, user-friendly interface and embedded machine intelligence in the form of ‘smart reply,’ Gmail is one of the most secure and primarily used services over smartphones and computers. The blog shows you how to change the Gmail name in simple steps. One of the misconceptions is that changing the name displayed on Gmail is associated with the change in Gmail address. These two are not at all connected. While it is evident that changing your Gmail address is not possible manually, instead, it requires you to create a new account even though you are using the same profile information in it. But changing the Gmail account name is possible manually through the settings in the Gmail account page.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone or iPad [2020] -

Previously if you have owned an Android phone and now, you’re thinking of changing to an iPhone in 2020, you might face difficulty on How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone, transfer of all your data like music, photos, documents, and so on. Moving your data is still possible, but it is not possible to move your apps from one phone to another, as it is not compatible.

12 Best FREE VPN Providers in 2020 (iPhone, Android & PC)

Looking for free & trusted VPN solution providers in 2020, We have listed down Top-rated VPN service providers websites, Android and iOS Apps with a trial.

How to Change AirDrop Name on iPhone, iPad or Mac? -

Looking How to change your AirDrop Name on iPhone or iPad or Mac in 2020? You are in the right place. File sharing tools are used extensively in smartphone users for transferring various types of files between multiple devices. These tools either create an invisible wifi hotspot or uses P2P file-sharing protocol for quick transfer of data. Many great apps are already in the market. Here, we’re going to learn more about Airdrop, which is a premium file sharing service offered by one of the significant-tech brands, Apple. It provides an efficient and seamless transfer of files over much more extensive storage systems within seconds.

How to access iCloud Photos [iPhone | Mac | Android] -

Looking for “How to access your iCloud Photos? in 2020“, you are in the right place, iCloud is an Apple cloud-based data storage that saves and synchronizes the application content between all Apple devices. iCloud allows a user to access data anywhere, anytime and from any device. All media files are uploaded to iCloud storage as long as iCloud photo library synchronization is active on the device. iCloud gives 5GB free storage space. iCloud Photo Storage not only keeps photos and videos but also their edits and albums in sync with all the Apple devices. Users can even have access to deleted photos on iCloud storage. The deleted album remains on the device for 30 days before it is deleted permanently. To view these photos you need to access iCloud Photos.

Top 10 Document Scanner Apps [Android and iPhone] -

Smartphones have varied advantages such as browsing through the internet, capturing good quality pictures, etc. One of the lesser-known uses of smartphones is digitizing your documents. They can scan any material into PDF and other such formats. Moreover, scanners help in scanning filled out forms to email and receipt taxes.

How to Delete Apps on iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, XR -

quick steps to delete apps on iPhone and iPad, You can follow these steps to delete a single app and multiple apps on your Iphone 7, 8, X and iPad

How to Find Lost iPhone [With and Without Find My iPhone App] -

Find your iPhone location using 2 different methods, using icloud find option and using Find my iPhone App option enabled in your phone.

How To Backup iPhone To iCloud -

iCloud backups are incredibly comfortable to perform. Backing up an iPhone device to iCloud can be achieved via the settings app on the iPhone device. You need to follow the below-mentioned 5 steps in order to perform a backup of your iPhone to iCloud.

How to Screen Record with Sound on the iPhone 7, 8, X, 11 -

Looking for ways to screen record your iPhone along with the sound? It would not be wrong to say that screen – recording is one of the most powerful tools on your iPhone. Think about it, you can record your funny videos on sites which do not allow the direct download. Not only that, you can record chats, or share something of how you would do on your phone with a friend. The possibilities are endless! And thankfully, Apple has made it easy for recording videos as well!

How To Cancel Apple Music Subscription? -

Who would say no to free services, especially when it is apple music that you are getting free for a trial version? But once you outlast this free trial, when the app auto-renew its subscription, where you will get charged for using Apple’s services. If only you know where to look, canceling the subscription is no hassle.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone [5 Cache cleaner Apps] -

iPhones and iPads are excellent in terms of speed and user experience. But gradually at some time, it will get filled out with some unwanted files and you might feel that your iOS device is working slowly than ever. These unwanted files are the temp files and cache which every application in your phone creates to store information that might be needed in the near future. In browsers, it actually speeds up the loading, but you still should clean them from time to time to restore the storage being used by the junk and to speed up your phone. Since every application has its own cache so there are a lot of different ways to delete them.

7 Facetime Apps For Android 2020 (Facetime Alternatives) -

Are you an iPhone user and moving to Android and missing your Facetime? Here are the top 7 Facetime Alternatives you can find in the Android Play store.

How To Block A Phone Number On iPhone 7, 8, X and, 11 -

Getting spam or unknown calls on your iPhone? Tired of the telecom companies ringing you up every once in a while with their new offers? Got someone tirelessly calling you up and causing a nuisance? If you think you’re helpless, here’s some good news; you’re not. Even if you have an iPhone, you still have ways to block unwanted numbers and spam calls.

Top 5 Farming Games for iPhone and iPad (iOS) 2020 -

When it comes to farm games, Farmville is what comes to our mind. But that raises the question if there is anything else in the market for iPhone or iPad; because let us just admit that farm games are addictive. Apart from the normal simulation of real-life farms, there are farm games that experiment with what a person might get into while building a farm. Below is the list of some such games.

Top 10 Virtual Reality Apps for iPhone [2020] -

We spend most of our time with our cellphones but the content that we see the whole day is just the beginning of how our lives are becoming more and more virtual. Virtual reality is the aspect of technology that provides us with the interactive facet of technology. We can have adventures sitting on our couch and experience the environment of whatever world we want to enter in. Before entering into our iPhone VR Apps if you are an Android user, you can read our Top 10 VR Apps for Android or Best Virtual reality games PC, PS, Xbox, Steam

Best 5 Call Recording Apps for iPhone -

Call Recording is one of the most useful features any phone can have or any application can provide. Sometimes, we have that one important phone call where we would have to remember the detail or explanation in it. Or you might want to store some phone calls due to the private information they contain. The whole process of retrieving the call when needed, especially to remember important information makes life so much easier.

10 Ringtone Apps for iPhone & Android [Free] 2020 -

Ringtones are the best way to showcase your personality over the phone, be it an Android or an iPhone. There are some standard ringtones that come pre-installed on your mobile device, and it might be a little boring to keep using them just like the others. Want to stand out of the norm? Consider downloading these epic ringtone apps which provide the best options to be used on your mobile phone, such that, the next time it rings, people will want to hear of it more!