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Updated by Syntelli Solutions on Jan 27, 2020
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Big Data Analytics Services

How Companies Are Getting the Most Out of Predictive Analytics

Predictive data analytics is just like it sounds – advanced analytics techniques that are capable of making predictions about future unknown events. Mainly, these analytics techniques rely on statistical algorithms and machine learning to provide the best assessment of what is most likely to happen in the future.

Improve Data Consistency with Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is a process that allows synchronization of master data across different verticals of the enterprise and its business partners. Such a service helps companies provide consistent and accurate master data for a better and enhanced workflow.

Master Data Management – MDM Models a Complex World in 2020 and Beyond

As customers, we’ve all experienced the frustration with organizations who don’t understand us. We’re baffled that these organizations—retailers, insurers, health care providers, and B2B provides in our work life – miss seemingly obvious facts that would make our lives easier:

10 Out-of-Box Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Different Sectors

Scientifically, Artificial Intelligence is often defined as human intelligence’s stimulation in machines that are highly programmed to think and acts like a human and their actions. It exhibits qualities that are associated with the human mind such as problem-solving and learning.

How Industrial IoT is Impacting the Manufacturing Industry

The Industrial Internet of Things is the use of IoT technologies in manufacturing. IoT can be defined as “a group of infrastructures and interconnecting connected objects that allow their management, data mining and the access to data they generate” where connected objects are “sensor(s) and/or actuator(s) carrying out a specific function that are able to communicate with other equipment”.

8 Ways that Data Analytics Modernizes Healthcare

Big data and fast data analytics have already proved their value to healthcare providers and patients. The early benefits included improving hospital profits and cutting down on wasted overhead. Now, advanced analytics help providers predict disease and epidemics, cure disease and avoid preventable deaths.

Syntelli Explains the Impact of Marketing Analytics for the Oil and Gas industry

Marketing analytics helps marketers and decision-makers comprehend sales analytics, perform lead generation and provide insight about customer preferences as well as the latest market trends. Syntelli provides a complete set of solutions that helps in understanding consumer needs and preferences, incorporated across the communication channels.

Business Intelligence Tools (BI tools) are often defined tools that are based on a set of technologies and methodologies to organize, present and analyze data into actionable information for the business. Business Intelligence Tools (BI tools) are often defined tools that are based on a set of technologies and methodologies to organize, present and analyze data into actionable information for the business.

Importance of Data Analytics Companies in Modern Business World in 2020

Data Analytics is often defined as quantitative and qualitative processes and techniques that are used for enhancing productivity gain in the business world. It consists of extraction of data, its acknowledgment and then bifurcates it to analyze and identify techniques, behavioral data and patterns that are dynamic and business-specific.

Big Data Analytics: Shaping the Business for a Better Tomorrow

Big Data is a broad term that is often used to describe a set of a large volume of data both structured and unstructured whose type or size is beyond the capacity of traditional database to manage, capture and process with low potential. Today the buzz around the Big Data and its analytics are growing and organizations are wondering as to how to make the best use of the hype around it.

2 Important Predictive Modeling Techniques for 2020 Every Marketer Should Know

The conception of predictive modelling has been used for decades that involve data collection, statistical model formulation, prediction making and finally model revising so that more data are available. Most organization understands that they need to utilize efficient predictive analytical tools for analyzing the massive amount of data and leveraging it into predictive results.

Data Visualization Reveals Hidden Patterns in Business

About this time every year, the “best of” lists come out, and the lists of best visualizations are no exception. Often, the visualizations honored are artistic creations rather than business graphs supported by leading data visualization tools like TIBCO Spotfire, Tableau, QlikView, and Power BI.

Top 5 Benefits of Predictive Analytics for Sales and Marketing Team

Predictive Analytics is defined as a vital statistical tool that is useful in risk analysis, cyber-security, inventory management and many others. Today Predictive Analytics service provider focuses on providing its advantages to the sales and marketing team of the company that is often called the backbone of the company.

For Better Analytics, Invest in Data Management

Digital transformation is redefining how work gets done. To enable transformation, your internal consumers need analytics to discover and apply insight as they work. Business decisions need to be informed by data in the same way that consumers use data in ecommerce: online shoppers don’t think about the data fueling recommendations and inventory management.

Syntelli Helps Organizations Comply with Data Privacy Regulations

Syntelli offers a complete solution to organizations that prepare them for compliance with data privacy regulations. Using reliable data privacy solutions, companies can avoid non-compliance of data stated by GDPR and CCPA).

10 Things to Remember about Data Governance

Data governance is one of the many buzz words we encounter these days. One might argue that it’s hype, but I don’t think so. It’s top of mind for many good reasons, some of which we mention below. Data governance is an umbrella term, which refers to the methods, tools and standards we use to maximize data availability, usability, integrity, and security.

Qlik View, a Highly Flexible BI Tool that helps to Analyze and Access Data in an Intuitive Manner

Businesses are swimming in a pool of data and to fish out business intelligence, they need the right tool at the right time to steer their ship to success. They facilitate improved decision making by enabling users to access and analyze data in an efficient and intuitive manner. Using BI tools, data savvy business-people have access to information from any combination of sources, whenever they need it.

9 Recent Data Analytics Trends

Business intelligence continues to evolve as developers unravel the mysteries of big data analytics. A good way to track that evolution is to monitor recent BI and data analytics trends.

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