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LOTUS Containers

LOTUS Containers offers prime maritime shipping containers and services locally and globally to help you with all local and international project-related tasks. We have an ample amount of cargo units available in all distinct sizes to help you with your business needs. We offer different services to provide you with security, transportation, and storage flexibility. Use the boxes as you please, as we provide them all with ease.


Lease Shipping Containers | Container Leasing Company

Leasing a container is no longer difficult since LOTUS Containers, a worldwide container provider, offers premium leasing packages such as One Way Leases, Master Lease Agreements, and others. With LOTUS Containers, get a container for lease at the best price with just a few clicks.

Shipping Containers Depot | Container Depot Services

Need help finding shipping container depots to store your containers? Contact LOTUS Containers, a prominent container trading company with hundreds of partnerships with container depots. Store your empty containers safely with LOTUS Containers. Grab all the features and scale your business with us!

Freight Shipping Containers for sale | Portable Storage Containers

Lotus Containers is one stop solution of shipping container globe, we focused on the customers requirement so provide portable storage containers and 40ft shipping container for sale
that makes your effort less.

Top 10 innovative ways to use modular shipping containers

Though shipping containers are extensively being used by the shipping companies for the storage & transportation of goods from one location to another, its uses have incredibly increased in the…

Container Supplier | Shipping Containers Industry

LOTUS Containers, being one of the most trusted shipping container suppliers in the world has been supplying cargo containers worldwide with supreme ease, flexibility, and affordability.

New Cargo Containers | Used Freight Containers

With LOTUS Containers, get distinct maritime container types in all the available dimensions with maximum affordability and ease. Whether you want new cargo containers or need used freight boxes for your business, we provide it all with a huge collection in our stock. So, worry no more as you are in the best hands.

Shipping Container Providers | Cargo Containers

LOTUS Containers, being one of the top shipping container providers, fulfills all your container needs with optimum ease. With us, you get your favorite units customized as per your business demands. We customize them with different colors, incorporate texts, or designs in the needed container sizes and types.

Flat Rack Containers | 40ft Flat Rack Containers

At LOTUS Containers, you get impeccable, sturdy, and heavy-duty flat rack containers with superfluous ease. Our flat racks are perfectly capable of transporting all your out-of-the-gauge cargo and also save the cost of empty container positioning as you can disassemble the rack and laden one container on another and transport without having to wait for filling it with cargo.

Steel shipping containers for sale in Denver | Cargo Containers Denver

We provide mega and fruitful deals for all different types of steel shipping containers for sale in Denver. With us, you carry all international project-related tasks with supreme proficiency as you get the desired amount of boxes at all the times you want. We customize the shipping units as per your demand so that your business scales new heights.

Rent Shipping Containers | Lease Maritime Containers

You want to buy new or used shipping containers! We are there for you. You need to sell cargo containers that you bought from us! Our doors are always open for you. You wish to lease maritime containers! Well, LOTUS Containers is an all-in-one stop for you!

Container Depots | Shipping Container Yard

To fulfill all your container needs, LOTUS Containers has partnered with more than 300 container depots that are spread all over the world. Every depot has huge container stock and is fully capable of maintaining the health of your supreme freight container. So, be assured of your shipping container’s safety as they are in the safest hands.

Shipping Container Hamburg | 40ft Shipping Containers Germany

Looking for a shipping container in Hamburg? LOTUS Containers, one of the stellar cargo container companies is here to provide you with versatile and sturdy steel shipping containers with optimum ease and affordability to help you get the best container services.

Shipping Container Transport | Cargo Container Transport

LOTUS Containers helps you get the intermodal cargo containers on time at your mentioned location and in perfect shape by choosing intermodal shipping container transport services.

45ft High Cube Pallet Wide Containers | High Cube Pallet Wide Containers USA

LOTUS Containers, a top container provider has 45ft high cube pallet wide containers and other types of metal shipping containers available in distinct dimensions. With high cubes, your tension of sending large cargo solves as it provides 1ft extra storage space than standard shipping containers.

20ft Double Door Containers | Double Door Containers for sale

At LOTUS Containers, we offer 20ft double door containers, available in 40ft and high cube variants as well to ease your need of loading different items in one shipping unit. Other than this, we provide various other options so that you can get only the best.

Port Of Gdansk To Become The Biggest And Busiest Port Of Europe

The Port of Gdansk of Poland is all set to become one of the biggest and busiest seaports in the Baltic Sea. It is going to be the biggest investment ever made in the port in the Baltic Sea.

Shipping Container Supplier | Cargo Containers Supplier

LOTUS Containers, being a prime shipping container supplier, provides versatile cargo containers to meet your business needs. Now carry all tasks with ease as whether its scorching summer or bitter cold winter, you never have to worry about getting metal shipping containers.

Refrigerated Containers | 40ft Reefer Containers

Our refrigerated containers are strong, reliant, versatile, and heavy-duty. The reefers that we provide can deftly maintain the temperature between -250C to and 300C. Thus, you can keep all your perishable cargoes in the best shape from stowing inside the boxes to the delivery of goods.

Shipping Containers for Sale | Freight Containers for Sale

Are you also the one who is looking for a shipping container for sale? LOTUS Containers, a top freight container supplier helps you get all distinct types of durable shipping containers with ease. Whether you want to get high cube variants, pallet wide, insulated, or other shipping containers, we provide it all with supreme ease.

45' High Cube Dry Van Containers | LOTUS Containers

LOTUS Containers offers 40' and 45' high cube dry van containers, available in other sizes and different container types as well to help you transfer the extra cargo with premium ease as with high cubes you get extra storage space than the other freight containers.

20ft Side Door Containers for sale | New side door containers USA

Thinking about how to cut down on upload and discharge time for your cargo? LOTUS Containers brings you 20ft side door containers with sides that can be fully or partially opened to access the interior. Wait! that's not all there are front and rear doors as well to load cargo. Time to skip to greater efficiency and less time.

Lease Shipping Containers | Container Leasing Company

Lease containers with LOTUS Containers. Being one of the top container service providers, you get the best leasing solution available at any destination. Make your trade smooth and effortless with our lease packages.

What are containers in transport?

Find the best container transport solution with LOTUS containers. You get the best transport route and carriage to optimize your benefit and reduce transit time. We mix our expertise and local partnership to bring the best solution for your business.

What is size of side door containers?

Want to know what is the size of a side door container? Side door containers have bi-fold doors on one of their long sides that can be opened fully or partially to access the interior. With the help of such containers, you can easily load and unload cargo from both sides rather than opening one end door only.

Shipping Containers in Denver

LOTUS Containers, a prominent shipping container company, provides a wide variety of shipping containers in Denver, Ohio, Texas, and other parts of the USA and worldwide like side doors, double doors, etc. in various sizes like 20ft, 40ft, and high cube types to help you with your local and international project-related tasks and business-related needs.