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7 Delicious Cuisines of Oman that You Must Experience - Seven Local Dishes to Sample in Oman

As a culinary school which has been influenced by a host of cuisines including Persian, Indian and the Mediterranean, Oman's local delicacies are simply irresistible. Here are 7 dishes to try in Oman.



Shuwa is a special dish that is part of nearly every celebration or occasion in Oman and is especially popular during festive seasons. The dish is prepared during the Eid festival and the Shuwa is prepared on the first day of the festival so it can be consumed on the second day. The long and complex process of making Shuwa is the reason why the dish is reserved for unique occasions. The meat is first marinated in spices and then wrapped in banana leaves before throwing it into a sand oven underground where it's cooked for over two days. The meat is super tender and infused with the spices by then and the dish is served with tomato sauce and steamed rice.



Also called Kabsa, Majboos is a rice dish that is typically cooked in saffron and features a white or red meat variety as a side dish. The name of the dish means 'be engaged' in the local tongue and the dish also features prominently in weddings, betrothals and similar events. What gives the dish its unique flavour and aroma re cardamom and saffron. The meat in the dish is cooked first with spices, garlic and onions while the rice is made separately before mixing it with the meat.



Often regarded as a local delicacy, Mushaltat is a delicious flatbread dish which features a filling made from cheese, honey, spinach and meat items. The bread which is made using refined wheat flour is first kneaded into thin layers and stuffed with the filling before being baked for a short period of time. Crispy and succulent, this Omani dish is the perfect afternoon snack.



Seafood fanatics looking to enjoy a local meal that employs their favourite ingredients will find no finer alternative to a plate of Mashuai. A Kingfish is roasted to perfection and served atop a bed of lemon rice in this dish which perfectly balances the flavours of the seafood with the tangy taste of the rice. As a popular lunch menu item, those based at Desert Nights Camp and any other hotels in Wahiba Sands will find Mashuai in lunch menu buffets.



As the Omani dish nearly every foodie has sampled at least once, the humble Shawarma can rightly be described as the local cuisine's own incarnation of sandwiches and burgers. Available with a variety of fillings which include meat and seafood items, the Shawarma wrap is a pita bread that has been folded over a delicious stuffing of one's choice. Sold by roadside food vendors and carts, the dish is also one of the most affordable meals in Oman.



Aromatic and succulent, Halwa is a decadent dessert that's created using honey, spices, eggs, nuts, chocolate and rosewater. While dates are sometimes used in Halwa variations it is not the norm to include dates in this dish which is slowly boiled to perfection.



This combination of buttermilk and yoghurt is a bit hit with locals and expats while those that include pistachios and cardamoms are equally popular.