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Negombo Must See Attractions – Things You Don’t Want to Miss Out

Negombo, best known for its fishing activities is the 'little Rome' of Sri Lanka. The city offers some beautiful attractions shaped by colonial influence and its own rich heritage. Its beautiful beaches and artistic buildings are some of the sights you don't want to miss out in Negombo.


Tour of the Fishing Village

Fishing is a major source of income for residents in Negombo and the villages offer some of the most interesting sights to explore while in Negombo. You can catch some action-packed sightings at the fish market; reaching early enough you will even be able to witness fisherman bringing in their catch for sale. A walk along the villages will give you some insights into the life style of locals as well as the daily activities of the fisherman. This could be a truly one of a kind experience getting a sneak peek into the real daily struggles of the life of the villagers.


Canal Boat Ride

Canals were built to facilitate trade between Negombo and Colombo during the colonial rule of the Dutch and British. This network of canals are now mainly tourist attractions and a boat can be hired for a ride through the canals. This is a great way to absorb the beautiful surroundings of the city including the fishing villages and colonial buildings while cruising through the water. The Hamilton canal commonly known as the Dutch canal is where you can hire a boat in Negombo. Hotels that are within close reach to the canal like such as Amagi Aria means that activities like this shouldn't be missed out while in Negombo.


Angurukaramulla Temple

Angurukaramulla Temple is the city's largest temple which has many interesting sculptures and paintings which could be especially interesting for foreign nationals exploring the city. This is a great place to explore the history depicted through the murals and wall paintings all around the temple. The architectural creativity of the Buddha statues particularly the 6-meter-tall statue along the dragon head entrance adds to the top reasons why you should visit this temple. You can also find ruins of a 300-year-old historic library in the temple premises along with its other architectural marvels. Angurukaramulla Temple is a scared place of worship for Buddhist residents and provides insights into the history of Buddhism and its religious beliefs and rituals.


Ride in a Catamaran

Staying true to its fishing culture, Negombo is home to a number of catamarans that are mostly used by the fisherman. However, it is not just limited for fishing, travellers, can take a ride in one of these colourful catamarans which are handmade in the city and is definitely somethingthat's worth doing while in Negombo. What's more, is that you could enjoy a meal while cruising through the water and pass the sailing activities to a crew of people who will take the wheel while you enjoy your meal. If sailing is not your cup of tea, capturing some beautiful pictures of these vibrant boats might still be worthwhile.