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Things to Know Before Going Qatar – A guide to discovering a magical city in the desert

Doha, Qatar is easily one of the most talked-about cities in the world right now – mainly due to the fact that this desert nation is scheduled to host the next FIFA world cup.


Visa on arrival

Qatar Airways is one of the best and most-renowned airlines in the world and is often considered the best in the business when it comes to business class. Travelling to Qatar is no problem at all as this world-class airline offers flights from nearly all major cities across the globe. Once you get to Qatar however you will need a visa – luckily the Qatar policy for getting a visa is quite easy and now the country offers visa on arrival for more than 80 nationalities.



The commute from the airport to any of the major hotels in the city is quite short – a half-hour journey at most and it should be quite cheap. Uber does operate in Qatar however it might be difficult to get one from the airport as most the licensed taxis belong to the government and they actively dissuade and threaten Uber from operating in the area. But if you're feeling a bit unsure about it, arrange a taxi from your hotel - that is usually the safest and most convenient option.



True to the culture of the region; Qatar also boasts amazing hospitality. Doha is a beautiful city but to be honest it is still largely under construction. Many attractions are being built right now in order to be opened in time for the football world cup. The city is regardless beautiful and you can see how it is blossoming into one of the most spectacular metropolises in the world. It's a great place to visit and have a great holiday but it will probably take a little while longer for this city to realise its true potential.


Free nights

This stunning oasis city boasts a large number of big-name international brands and the hotels in Doha Qatar can be placed amongst the greatest in the world. A great place to stay if you visit would be Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli it comes very highly recommended. But if you are flying with Qatar Airways or use Mastercard check online before travelling because it is likely you can find offers to get accommodation for a night or two completely free.


Dress code

Show respect to local customs and dress according to common sense and you should be fine. Qatar is quite relaxed compared to other Islamic states when it comes to attire and customs and does not require women to wear a hijab, however it is expected for everyone to dress modestly in public. Go crazy by the pool in your hotel –but again within reasonable limits of course.



You can buy alcohol in Qatar, well in most of the hotels – and just so you know, expect a drink to be quite pricey. You cannot bring alcohol into the country but you can purchase some on your way out.

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