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05 Things to do on your layover in Doha – Highlights of Doha that will keep you occupied

A layover in Doha is an opportunity to admire the city's amazing profile. The culture and heritage load the city with intriguing details. There are five things you can do in Doha in a short window.


Visit the Museum of Islamic Art

Visiting this relatively recent addition to Doha's traditional character takes you on a journey through history. Ancient old Islamic culture and its achievements throughout the centuries theme the display at the museum. The architect I.M Pei took to a world tour collecting Islamic artefacts and succeeded in his mission. The design of the building befits the magnificent collection the museum holds. The pathway leading up to the museum is quite long and flanked by palm trees. Inside the museum is a cafeteria to quench the thirst and hunger of visitors. Every exhibit has history and a story behind it. On account of its exhibits and architecture, the museum is well worth a visit.


Shop at Souk Waqif

The traditional marketplace – located not too far away from Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli – evinces Doha's attempt to preserve its culture and entertain its visitors. The labyrinth of alleyways are packed with traditional wares, and people who wander through them complete the picture of a Bedouin-style market. Every item on sale at Souk Waqif carries the traditional, Islamic flair and so would make a good reminder of your time spent in Doha. Visiting the market doesn't have to mean shopping; you can visit the market to enjoy the general atmosphere: tables and chairs strewn all over the market are inviting to those who want to sip on a cup of traditional Arabian coffee and unwind; a tempting enough idea if you have been introduced to the taste of Arabian coffee at one of the 5 star hotels in Doha.


Visit Katara Cultural Village

Doha never lags behind when it comes to showcasing its proud heritage. Katara Cultural Village is another example of the city's cultural grandiosity. Events and activities pertaining to Islamic culture are the main draws of the village. The multi-purpose cinema, the opera house, the amphitheatre and the souq attract visitors from all over the world. The museum found at the village is dedicated to the maritime history of Qatar.


The Pearl

The first freehold land to be available to foreign nationals, the Pearl is a human creation which spans over four square kilometres. This is also the most luxurious part of Doha and therefore warrants a visit. The design of the island is manifestly well thought out, and the construction of the island necessitated a good deal of effort and money. The name 'The Pearl' was chosen on account of the site being a pearl diving site. Painting while sipping on a cup of coffee, going for a spa treatment, buying eco-friendly accessories and rambling through the streets that bring out the Venice like character are a few things you can do on a visit to The Pearl.


The Doha Corniche

The waterfront promenade alongside Doha Bay is a must-visit on your layover in Doha. It used to be a drab walkway with a single building in the vicinity. But now, the corniche has been entirely transformed into a tourist attraction. The skyscrapers looking out into the bay – projecting beams of lights which employ the entire spectrum of colour – adopt a different temperament come nightfall, and the boats moored in the water spring to life with strings of lights. Visiting Doha Corniche alone constitutes a sightseeing trip in Doha.

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