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Qatar Facts for Kids – Interesting Facts About Qatar For Kids

The Soccer World Cup in South Africa and Brazil in winter of 2010 and 2014, respectively as well as summer 2018 in Russia were all the rage. The world now looks forward to the 2022 Qatar World Cup to be played under the hot desert run! Here is our best roundup of fascinating facts about the host!


Qatar Facts at a Glance

This country of the Persian Gulf is one with a population of approximately 2.7 million people. Its capital is Doha known as AL Dawha in Arabic. In terms of its literacy, roughly 97% of the population can read and write and are classified as literate. Their native language is understandably Arabic and their currency is Qatari Riyals- a rather strong one in the world economic landscape. Doha, its capital was once a fishing village where pearl fishing thrived. In addition to this, the city was also famous for horse and camel breeding as well. Qatar has been quite a famous trade centre with Indian and Chinese goods being the goods of trading choice. Following World War 1, Qatar became a British Protectorate and only gained its independence in the year 1971. The governance of the country is to date a monarchy and is ruled by the Al Thani family. The country follows Sharia law which is a religious law that is inclined to follow a lot of Islamic traditions.


Qatar's Geography

The country lies on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf and its only land border lies with Saudi Arabia. In terms of size, it is roughly as big as the US State of Connecticut. It is an emirate- meaning that it is ruled by the Emir of Qatar. It is a desert country meaning that it has a limited natural water supply and thus there is not a lot of agricultural activity occurring within the country. Only as little as 5% of its lands are deployed for agricultural purposes- mostly for date palm plantations. Considering its lower level of self-sufficiency, the country relies on good relationships with its neighboring countries for most of its food produce. However, Qatar is a very rich country due to its richness in mineral resources such as oil and natural gas. Qatar is said to house the third largest gas reserves in the whole world!


Qatar Attractions

One of the most popular attractions of Qatar is its Souqs- one of the most famous being Souq Waqif- Doha's main and most picturesque market place. Quite often, souqs are ill-accused of being nothing but 'tourist traps'. While it is true that most souqs have only been built to resemble something ancient although they may actually have no significant history as much as you would have liked them to, it is still a worthwhile destination to visit as the experience of a souq is quite the unique one! A visit to the Msheireb Enrichment Centre – which is a floating museum comes highly recommended as well. The Kingdowm of Aladdin Entertainment park and Doha's Corniche park are two of the most visited attractions as well and are well worth your time and effort, period.


Qatar Climate

Needless to say, the climate throughout the year in Qatar is quite hot and dry. You could not expect any better for a country located in the middle of a dessert, now could you? However, you would be glad to know that most establishments come fully furnished with facilities to keep you comfortable and happy at all times. Should you not feel like a stroll around the day, you will not regret the idea of there being many hotels in Doha Qatar that come complete with facilities to spoil you rotten during your stay! Brands such as Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli are famous for their remarkable facilities to keep you occupied and comfortable throughout your stay.

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