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Tallest Buildings in Qatar – Cosmopolitan Tourist Hub

As one of the world's wealthiest cities, Qatar has much to offer. From world class resort hotels to the best entertainment and dining options, the city is a wealth of exciting new adventures. This article looks at the fabulous architecture that makes up the city - the tallest buildings in Qatar.


The 'Torch Doha' – The Aspire Tower Building

This inspiring 52 story tall building is 300 metres high. Located in the capital, Doha Aspire Tower was opened in 2007. The building was designed in partnership by AREP, architect Hadi Simaan and engineers Ove Arup and Partners. If you are an architecture buff, then Doha has plenty of impressive buildings to awe. Book centrally located hotels in Doha Qatar from which exploring is a breeze; many like Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli, just 18 minutes from the Aspire Tower helps you explore the city with ease.


West Bay Kempinski Residences and Suites

This building is 254 metres tall and located in the West Bay area of the capital Doha. Consisting of 64 stories the complex serves as a residence and hotel. Completed in 2009 the impressive building is one to visit and explore from your comfortable Doha hotel.


The Twin Palm Towers

The twin towers are known as Palm Tower 1 and Palm Tower 2; both are 245 metres high and consist of 57 floors. The buildings were completed in 2009 and serves as complex for offices. The towers are located in the West Bay district which consists of Al Dafna, Al Qassar, Onaiza and West Bay Lagoon on the east coast of Doha. The area is noted for its collection of modern impressive buildings, different to from the more traditional quarters of the city. This is where you will find some of the nation's tallest buildings together with plenty of other fab touristy attractions.


The Busy Doha World Trade Centre

This Building too is located in the West Bay district; the Doha World Trade Centre is 241 metres high and consists of 51 stories. The building serves as a commercial office centre where trade between local Qatari firms and international companies takes place. The complex was opened in 2013 to serve as one of the 332 international chains of World Trade Centres, located across the world; the headquarters of which are located in New York City.


Impressive Doha Tower

Another impressive piece of architecture located in the West Bay district, the Doha Tower is 232 metres high and consists of 44 stories. This complex too was built to serve as a commercial office and is alternatively known as the Burj Doha, Burj Qatar and Doha High Rise Office Building.


The Doha Navigation Tower

This building is 220 metres high and is located close to the Doha city centre. Consisting of 52 stories, the building sports a unique architectural design – the front façade resembles a dawo (traditional Qatari boat) as it sails through the Gulf. An aesthetic building which all architecture buffs can admire.