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Updated by Raj5 on Jan 13, 2020
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Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is taking over from the way the traditional IT Businesses are run, for the easy and reliable access of computing resources it ensures. There are some very pertinent reasons in this fast-paced world for this shift.


No Infrastructure Costs

Cloud computing takes away the cost centric expenses such as hardware/ software as well as setting up and maintaining data centers on-site – this eliminates the core infrastructure like the server racks, 24*7 Power supply for running & cooling, the IT resources for managing such infrastructure. There’s so much involved


Fast and How

The cloud computing services are usually on demand or provisioned for self-service, it removes the limitation of capacity, space or availability. The required resources can be accessed with a few clicks, offering flexibility to the businesses, without the need of the capacity building.


Scale Globally

One of the advantages of cloud computing services is its capacity to scale elastically. What that means is that you can avail of the IT resources just as you need, for instance expanding or shrinking your storage, computing power, bandwidth – right when you need and from the right geographic location.


Stay Productive & Efficient

While your typical on-site data center requires a lot of space and hardware to rack up and stack up, and once we get rid of the needs for elaborate hardware setup, and several other time-intensive and resource-intensive IT management chores to give way to Cloud computing, we remove barriers and enhance productivity manifold.

The largest cloud computing services work on a global network of highly secure data centers, that get upgraded to the latest generation of fast computing hardware, very frequently. Owing to this vast network, you receive many benefits that a standalone corporate datacenter cannot offer. Going cloud ensures reduced network latency for applications and provides you with greater economies of scale.


It’s Reliable & Secure

Cloud computing offers you data backup, disaster recovery as well as business continuity all at once, along with being inexpensive – since, the data can be mirrored at multiple redundant sites at your cloud’s own network.

Also, your cloud provider offers relevant policies and controls, that work towards strengthening your security, to help protect your data, apps, and infrastructure, from any potential threats.


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