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11 wildlife national parks in Sri Lanka – adventurous excursions

The deep wilds of Sri Lank are home to numerous wildlife parks that pave the way for outstanding journeys that are sure to inspire nature lovers to take on varying challenges ahead.



Comprising a forest canopy that can rise as tall as 45 meters, the Sinharaja Forest Reserve welcomes avid nature lovers to its awe-inspiring surroundings. Housing a rich array of species such as the purple-faced langur, Green-billed coucal and the Sri Lankan blue magpie, Sinharaja must never be missed should you be travelling within the southwest sections of the Emerald Isle.



Perched on the southeastern shores of the country are the Yala National Park and a popular stopover should you be enthused by scenes of the Sri Lankan leopard which arguably draws crowds in their numbers to the park. Not to be outdone, spotted deer and sloth bears feature prominently when touring the reserve.



Known for holding an abundance of elephants that are constantly seen roaming the environs of Udawalawe, thrill-seekers will be in their elements as part of any Sri Lanka safari tour that can be easily had. A 4 hours' drive from Colombo, Udawalawe is nourished by the enormous reservoir which enhances the appeal of the premises.



Renowned for being at the heart of the largest gathering of elephants which occurs during September and October, Minneriya is yet another reserve that must be marked down if you are passionately fond of elephants. Further, scenes of scrub jungles are bound to appear no sooner you are en route to the glorious Minneriya Lake which is where these animals congregate.



Sri Lanka's north-central province is home to the magnificent Wasgamuwa National Park. Here, travellers can feast their eyes on wild elephants which are known to be quite ferocious coupled with the elusive leopard and sloth bear.



Fondly known for holding a number of 'villus' or lakes, Wilpatttu which is Sri Lanka's largest national park is where adventurers ought to be heading in search of the barking deer or sloth bear. Also, leopard sightings are rare but can never be crossed out.


Horton Plains

Hikers will soon discover that Horton Plains presents an opportunity of a lifetime to explore delightful cloud forests, sheer drops and gurgling waterfalls all in one go. Bird watching is a popular pastime with species such as the whistling thrush calling these plains home.



Steeped in historic allure that entwines with the dense jungles and grasslands that dominate Knuckles, the novice as well as a serious hiker will find these surroundings as being perfect for discovering some of the country's most treasured floral and faunal species.


Bar Reef Marine Sanctuary

Covering over 300 square kilometers and found off the Kapitiya Peninsula, the Bar Reef Marine Sanctuary is your 'go-to' destination if in the mood for exploring the marine life and an extensive network of coral reefs that are found here. Snorkelling can be easily arranged with such a tour invariably taking you to the habitats of colourful schools of fish. Should you be seeking a means of being a part of similar escapes, then do consult SoulTrek Sri Lanka on how best to schedule a holiday.


Mannar Island

Found near to the Wilpattu National Park, Mannar Island is well received as a stopover for migratory birds. The estuaries and wetlands that make up the isle are excellent breeding grounds for our feathery friends whilst the grey slender loris is also known to make its appearance when visitors arrive.


Rainforests in Galle

The areas of Kanneliya, Hiyare, and Kottawa combine in affording pleasing journeys into the deep south of Sri Lanka where endemic plants and animals are known to reside. Amongst the foliage that can be viewed are the enormous dipterocarp trees that tower over its neighbours.