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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 13, 2020
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10 Things You Should Take on Your Trip to the Maldives

The Maldives is one of those places in life you may travel to as much as you want, but its beauty would never dare outgrow you. To be comfortable throughout your stay in the Maldives, we have put together the following list of essentials for a beach holiday in the Maldives. And you're welcome!



Of course, swimwear tops our list on any given day- without a shadow of a doubt! For good reason too – the topaz blue waters that stretch for as miles as your eye can see are simply irresistible to go for a dip- or to live in forever! While you are at it, why not go for some bright-colored pieces? The white sandy beaches, turquoise oceans and vibrant swimwear have 'gram-worthy' written all over it!


Sun Hat

The strong sun in the Maldives is a serious concern that you should by no means underestimate at all. So make sure you pack your sun hat just so you can protect your precious head from the scorching sun!


Sun cream

When visiting the tropics like the Maldives, just as much as you need a sun hat to save your head from frying out, sun cream is essential to make sure you don't end up sun burnt on what is meant to be your peaceful getaway. The type of sun screen is completely dependent on your skin type, but we would recommend that you go with something with at least 50 SPF and maybe considering swtiching to one of around 30 SPF in 5-6 days.



For the love of your vision, do buy yourself a quality pair of polarized sunglasses and hold on to them with your dear life, especially if you are hoping to tour around the tropical areas including the Maldives. They help protect your eyes against strong glares and most importantly bad radiation is part and parcel of sunrays.



Make sure to pack in a pair of elegant sandals that you can wear around when exploring the island or even chose to spend some time at the beach. Even flip-flops should be sufficient and serve the purpose. Wearing shoes around on this majorly sandy island might not be the most intelligent thing to do! Besides, who says it's a vacation if you cannot get some sand in your feet right?


An Adapter

Although most luxury hotels such as Niyama Maldives already provide you with an adapter, its stilll a wise idea to bring your own just in case you need more than one. Sometimes there can be even mismatches in adapter specifications depending on the country of device origin, so better safe than sorry!


Dry Bags

They are literally a life saver when you intend on having a full-scale beach day specifically. While you are out on your adventures exploring the underwater life of the Maldives, a dry bag will keep your clothes and electronics all safe and sound.


Sporty Clothes

Should you be a regular workout-person or is hoping to try out some sunrise yoga at your hotel, make sure to pack in some active wear as well! It could even come in handy when exploring the attractions in Maldives too!


An Underwater Camera

Where better to spend some quality time capturing the mesmerizing beauty of the underwater life than the Maldives? The vibrantly coloured marine life makes for some incredible footage to remember the place by!


Snorkelling Gear

Some resorts charge to lend masks and flippers that complete a snorkelling gear set. But in case you want to have your own set as opposed to temporarily borrowing one, then you can feel free to bring your own set!

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