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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 13, 2020
Headline for 6 famous things about Singapore - From being the cleanest to the greenest and beyond!
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6 famous things about Singapore - From being the cleanest to the greenest and beyond!

Singapore might be a small country, but you will be completely astonished at the number of attractions and activities that this country has to offer. Here's a list of the things Singapore is famous for


The cleanest

This is one country in the world that takes cleanliness to the next level. You are going to encounter some of the cleanest streets of the world here in Singapore. There are around 50,000 people employed for cleaning the city. There are very strict laws on spitting, littering, vandalism, public urination and so much more. So when in the city make sure you keep it as clean as you found it.


The greenest

Singapore has taken an initiative to make this country as green as possible. It has a solid reputation due to the establishment of the Garden City. Besides, it is also evident in all it's lush green public spaces, well-manicured gardens and parks. Although large areas of land have been cleared away to accommodate its population, there have been initiatives taken to make it as green as possible. You will find bushes and flowers lining overhead bridges and buildings!


Shopping malls

Singapore is a shopping mecca in south Asia. You must head over to the Orchard Road for the ultimate experience. This stretch of road, around 2 km, has many different shopping malls lining it. It can get quite crowded in the weekend. Therefore, plan ahead before you head out. If you are looking for accommodation around this area, you can check out a luxury boutique hotel in Singapore the likes of Naumi Hotels Singapore which is only nine minutes away from Orchard Road.



Singapore has very strict laws pertaining to the general public. With these laws and regulations have come a very safe and secure neighbourhood. There are hefty fines for smoking in non-smoking area's, for jaywalking, for drinking and eating at the MRT and so much more. Serious time in jail can be sentenced for vandalism, drug trafficking and robbery.


Summer weather

The tropical weather of Singapore is widely known and that is the reason why many people tend to visit Singapore. To experience its exceptional weather. Singapore is a country that is closely located to the equator, almost on it. Therefore, temperatures here range from 28°C to 34°C throughout the year and it feels like summer, every month of the yeah. There are high humidity periods too which can result in profuse sweating. Therefore, to escape the heat you can always go to indoor malls, entertainment precincts and water parks.


The Marina Bay Sands

In the last decade or so alone, the skyline of Singapore has dramatically changed especially after the introduction of the world-famed Marina Bay Sands. You wouldn't believe it if you found out that this entire plot of land used to be seawater and reclaimed land. The Marina Bay Sands filled skyline is exceptionally beautiful when it's lit with a kaleidoscope of colours in the night.