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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 13, 2020
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05 Arabic Dishes to Try When You Visit Doha – Taste the Exotic

A popular tourist destination Doha has much to offer the modern traveller. A touch of old mixed in with the most splendid modern structures and entertainment, on par with the world best. Most impressive though, are the variety of restaurants and listed here are some must try dishes.


The Very Famous and Popular – Machboos

An exotic rich dish made with meat or your favourite seafood; machboos is an all-time favourite amongst Qatar's expat community, locals and tourists. The dish consists of long-grain rice boiled in stock and enhanced with either marinated chunks of meat or seafood. The dish is sometimes served with lemon juice or rose water sprinkled on the top. Look for city central hotels in Doha Qatar if you plan on indulging the foodie in you, and there is no better place than Doha to do so! Many hotels like Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli, will place you within walking distance of the city's top restaurants.


The Exotic Kebabs

One of the nation's most versatile meals, kebabs can be enjoyed anytime anywhere. Less than half an hour from top Doha hotels is the Bin Omran area where you should make a beeline to Kebab King and treat your taste-buds to succulent grilled meat served with soft Arabic bread.


The Porridge Like Harees

Harees is a thick porridge like dish, made by boiling meat and wheat for many hours. This dish is a staple for special occasions and especially the holy month of Ramadan. There are a number of restaurants in Doha serving harees; check out Muglat Harees Al Waldah and Afghan Brothers. Harees is made by boiling wheat and meat for several hours until all ingredients break down to form a thick flavoursome porridge; the dish is enhanced with fragrant cardamom and cinnamon.


Crispy Falafel

Ground fava beans and chickpeas are used to make the deep fried falafel patties. The crispy patties together with a fresh salad are then wrapped in pita bread and eaten as a sandwich dipped in Tahini. The falafel sandwich is very popular across the world and if you are a fan of this tasty and healthy snack do try the ones served at the Doha restaurants.


All Time Snack the Shawarma

Shawarmas are sold across the world and is are today one of the most popular fast-food snacks available. The name is a derivation of the Turkish term for 'turning' which symbolises how the meat is cooked, turning slowly on a rotating skewer. Marinated meat is placed as a large chunk on a rotating roasting spit and as the meat is cooked bits are shaved off to make the shawarma sandwich. The sandwich is both healthy and tasty with a range of exotic sauces and pickled vegies adding to its flavour. Check out the most popular shawarma spots in Doha and you will be amazed at how low the wrap is priced – the prefect fast food to enjoy on the go.

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