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Best things to eat in Hong Kong – Local delights for a memorable Hong Kong holiday

Known as the world's Fair of Food, Hong Kong is a destination fused with culinary masterminds. Visitors are sure to get a fine dining experience, and the range of food offered is out of this world.


Dim sum

The whole point of your tour is lost if you don't try dim sum; the dish Hong Kong is mainly known for is dim sum. You can find dim sums at every restaurant, and restaurants in central Hong Kong serve a variety of dim sums. If your first experience in Hong Kong is sampling dim sums, you are going to fall in love with the destination.


Roast meat

The most ubiquitous fare in Hong Kong, roast meat is consumed by locals in great quantities. You can see a range of roast meat hung at the windows of almost every shop. The prices are reasonable, and you can have a bellyful of roast meat wherever you are in Hong Kong.


Roast goose

his is a Hong Kong must-try. The sight itself could make anyone salivate, and the taste is heavenly. The preparation of roast goose is a careful one as the cook has to retain the tenderness of the meat while roasting. The meat is thoroughly laden with spices which is what makes it a classic Hong Kong dish.


Beef brisket noodles

Another local favourite, beef brisket noodles are a must-try. Locals like to consume the dish during the cold season. You are likely to be introduced to the delights of this classic dish if you are staying at a place like The Murray Hong Kong. The dish is reasonably priced, and almost every restaurant offers this Hong Kong classic.



The city has easy access to the ocean, and as a result, seafood is available in vast quantities. Every seafood dish you come across in Hong Kong is super fresh and of the utmost quality. A few of the dishes you shouldn't miss out on are baked lobster, steamed fish and drunken shrimp.


Wonton noodles

A dish meant for cold days, wonton noodles are another dish loved by locals. The restaurants that feature wonton noodles on their menus seem to get crowded with people all the time, particularly during the cold season. Wonton noodles are rice noodles cooked in a spice-laden, flavourful broth; the addition of meat chunks and shrimps is the best part of the recipe.


Clay-pot rice

The rice is steamed with pork belly, sausages and a blend of sauce. It is served in a clay pot; the clay pot enhances the flavour of the rice by adding a crispy note to it. Every bite oozes flavour, so make sure you savour every bit of the dish.



This is a comfort food enjoyed by the locals. It is known to alleviate any ailment you have. The dish brings great comfort to anyone who consumes it. Congee can be enjoyed at any time of the day, and it can totally put your grumbling belly to rest: you can also go for extras like pork strips, chicken and eggs.


Style macaroni soup with ham

Mainly consumed as a breakfast dish, style macaroni soup with ham gives you the energy needed to start the day. This is also a great remedy for hangovers. The macaroni soup is served with strips of ham, and for a total experience, couple the dish with buttered toast and a cup of tea.



In addition to the main-course dishes, Hong Kong also offers a range of dessert. In Hong Kong, a meal isn't considered complete if you don't finish it with a dessert. The restaurants offer both international and local dessert items; a must-try, however, is mango pudding.

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