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10 Reasons to visit Hong Kong – Attractions and other appealing aspects of touring Hong Kong

Known all over the world as a glamorous shopping destination, Hong Kong is a city-state in China. Though shopping is what draws most people, there's much more to this versatile destination.



The diversity of culture seen in Hong Kong is partly down to its colonial background. Hong Kong culture is a convergence of subcultures. In Hong Kong, modernity and tradition reside in perfect unison. Locals may have their breakfast at a swanky skyscraper restaurant, but before inducing modernity into their lives, they go to the close-by temple to observe their traditions. A traveller hardly runs into issues when communicating; almost everyone in Hong Kong speaks English.


The cuisine

Hong Kong is known to the culinary world as the Fair of Food. From famous dim sums to roast goose to every type of seafood, Hong Kong offers an overwhelming range of dishes. Seafood is a chief ingredient given that the city has easy access to the ocean. Roast meat is something that's widely consumed as is evident by the shops with full displays of roast meat. When it comes to local cuisine, desserts are an essential part too.



Shopping is the main highlight that attracts people who like to spoil themselves with choices. The retail experience you have in Hong Kong is not limited to swanky shopping malls. The boutique shops and street markets hold a large part of the shopping sphere. The range of merchandise offered is quite overwhelming. From designer clothes to electronics to antiques, you can buy whatever you fancy in Hong Kong.


A family destination

All things romantic are possible in Hong Kong. However, the city is an excellent family destination too. There's a lot that kids can enjoy, and some of the best hotels in Hong Kong offer nanny services and other kid-friendly features. Museums, parks and nature reserves can keep kids entertained for the whole of their vacation.



This is another wonderful element of the tourist scene in Hong Kong. The city offers some of the best sightseeing opportunities. Victoria Harbour is one of the many places in Hong Kong that provide visitors with excellent entertainment; the renowned Symphony of Lights can be viewed at the harbour. The Peak is another spot that offers charming panoramic views of the city.


The nightlife

In addition to culture, tradition and scenery, the shopping paradise offers an exuberant nightlife. Bars, pubs and restaurants assume their glitzy role at dusk, and the general atmosphere in Hong Kong at night is lively.


Sport events

Hong Kong is a city where people with the most raucous interest for sports reside. The city is the host for many sports events including horse racing. If you are in Hong Kong during the period between September and July, you are going to be part of the most animated sports vibe.



Accommodation options are plenty and diverse in Hong Kong. Many people, including business people and pilgrims, frequent the city all year. The city is fully equipped with every facility sought by travellers. Travellers have nothing to worry about in terms of accommodation, the likes of The Murray Hong Kong are pledged to pamper their visitors.



The international airport in Hong Kong is connected to all the major cities in the world: you get direct flights from LA, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Seoul and Osaka. The country also has excellent subway systems, trams, buses and ferries.



Most foreign nationals can stay in the city for 90 days without a visa: travellers from Australia, America, Canada, New Zealand and EU countries are entitled to this privilege. If you are a British national, your visa-free stay is extended up to180 days.

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