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Types of Art

Art is an expression of creativity and imagination that is influenced by outer world factors such as culture. It has been present since ancient times in different forms such as cave drawings, sculptures among others. It is a deep subject that is studied in detail but what's fascinating is that everyone can enjoy art whether you know about it or not.



Painting is a more common form of art that is enjoyed in common by non-artists as well. This is a type where you create by applying different pigments to a surface such as canvas, paper or even walls or wood. Ancient paintings on the walls of Sigiriya rock commonly known as frescos is one of the most admired forms of art in Sri Lanka. Art in the form of paintings can be of many different types, some of the common ones being acrylic, watercolour or mural paintings. There are different categories of paintings according to what is being painted such as nature, objects, portraits and places among others. Some of the most common paintings in Sri Lanka include paintings of elephants, nature, dancers and so on. Some exquisite Sri Lankan artwork can be found at the Sri Lankan Art Gallery which is a platform for artists to showcase their work.



Sculptures are mostly found in historically significant places in Sri Lanka mostly around temples and other religious places. Taking the form of monuments, statues and carvings sculptures are a form of 3D art made from clay, rock, stone or other materials. This form of art takes a lot of skill and is one of the difficult forms of art. However, there are many sculptures found in castles, temples and other historic places where people have used sculptures as a form of expression. Sculptures can be made in two different ways; either making the whole sculpture in a single piece or making it separately and assembling all pieces together.



An art form that has become increasingly popular in recent years with the development of technology and social media, photography is a largely accepted form of art throughout the world. There are many different types of photography and is a broad subject however it is not uncommon to see people taking it up as a hobby or passion. There are many types of equipment involved in taking a good picture but not limited to it. It is a form of art that allows you to be as creative as you can get. Some of the factors that influence the quality of the pictures are lighting and angles among the other things. Wild life photography is one of the famous types of photos taken in Sri Lanka. There are also exhibitions and competitions held to appreciate the work of photographers.


Digital Art

With recent technological developments, digital art has grown where technology is used to create beautiful art. This can be in the form of 3D animation, videography, movie making, websites and so on. Digital art is an advanced form of art that allows individuals to be creative with the use of powerful digital tools and software that are specially developed for creating art. This form of art is closely connected to people in different aspects of their day to day lives.

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