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8 amazing animals in Sri Lanka – where wonders never cease

Touring the rich foliage of Sri Lanka will escort you to the varying habitats where some of the country's prized possessions call home. For a detailed overview, do continue reading on.


Sri Lankan leopard

A leopard spotting is considered a rare find for these species are as elusive as they are stealthy. A jeep safari tour to the Yala National Park will afford the best opportunity to catch a glimpse of these animals and remaining silent and patient are the keys to success.



Seen only in the Emerald Isle, the junglefowl and its elaborate colour shades are a sight for sore eyes, especially when going bird watching at the crack of dawn. Further, this species can be found adorning most postage stamps in the country.


Grey hornbill

Differentiated amongst other species of the hornbill owing to it missing the top section of its beak, the Grey hornbill is a native bird species of Sri Lanka and one that resides in wildlife reserves such as Bundala and Kumana which are the best places to go bird watching.



Calling a peacock proud will not be wrong as these species are known to parade in front of the camera, showcasing its long and brightly coloured feathers. Found in a majority of Sri Lanka's national wildlife reserves, the gender of this bird can be easily identified as the female appears not as pretty as its male counterpart.


Sambar deer

Mostly seen when visiting the Horton Plains National Park, the sambar deer is larger than the common species of deer in other countries with the males having large and magnificent antlers; a clear warning that trespassers will be swiftly dealt with.


Sri Lankan elephant

Considered a major attraction for wildlife enthusiasts, the Sri Lankan elephant is by far the most sought after when embarking on any trip to the wilds. Though, used in various cultural parades; an act which generally receives considerable criticism, the species is one of the 3 types of Asian elephants that reside here. Visits to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage and parks such as Udawalawe, Wasgamuwa, and Minneriya are sure to generate interest and whet your appetite. In fact, it is within the Minneriya National Park where the largest gathering of elephants in the world can be witnessed and for those seeking a convenient mode of accommodation from which to call by, perhaps Sigiriya Jungles which is rated amongst the best hotels in Sigiriya to be at can be noted.


Whales and dolphins

A journey to Sri Lanka will be incomplete if one misses out on journeying to its southeastern coastline where whales and dolphins can be discovered. Areas such as Kalpitiya and Mirissa are a nature lover's dream come true as in the seas surrounding these areas are where these graceful and playful creatures are known to frequent. Further, the best course of action will be to charter a boat and head out as soon as the sun rises as this is the best time to spot these animals, either jumping out of the water or attempting to keep abreast with your speed boat.


Toque macaque monkey

Found in various parts of the island such as the highlands, dry zone, and wet zone, these monkeys are the most common with the only difference being in its toque hairstyle. Holidaymakers residing in and around Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle will spot these monkeys with relative ease as a majority of the temples here are known to hold an abundance of these cheeky specimens.

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