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10 Facts about the Shipping Industry that will Blow Your Mind Interesting Facts and Details of this Ever-Changing Indust

Shipping industry is one that has been around for quite some time. Read on and find out some facts about this industry which will truly interest you.


The shipping industry has been in existence since time immemorial

The shipping industry has a rich and colourful history. Before the aviation industry took form, most of the travel in the world took place through the shipping industry. Cargo, as well as passengers, were transported between countries and continents using large vessels since ancient times.


There are quite a lot of ships in the world

It is estimated that over 55,000 merchant ships are in the world at the moment, transporting cargo. This is quite a large number!


There are also quite a large number of seafarers in the world

Of course, all those ships cannot travel alone! So there are lots of seafarers being employed in the industry. It is estimated that over 1.5 million seafarers are working in this industry, in countries all over the world.


It is a green option

Many people all over the world are conscious of greenhouse gas emissions. Almost all transportation methods in the world contribute to this global issue. Ships are surely not an exception. But in comparison to planes and trucks, ships emit less greenhouse gases.


A secretive industry

The shipping industry is quite a secretive one. Not many companies are interested in the idea of divulging too much information. It is said that the official Greek ship owners association will not reveal the number of members it has, which is rather surprising.


A large number of containers

Containers are used to transport goods around the world in ships as you already know. It is estimated that around 20 million containers are in the world right now, carrying cargo.


Powerful machines

As you would have already guessed, container ships can be quite powerful. It is said that an average container ship has 1000 times more power than a family car. Of course, it needs all that power to transport the incredible weight that it carries in the speed at which it does.


The shipping industry is a massive industry

It is estimated that the shipping industry accounts for around 90% of the world's trade. This is quite an impressive figure and in the United Kingdom alone the shipping industry accounts for more of the GDP than restaurants, civil engineering, and takeaway food combined. What's more, the industry is forever expanding and growing, enhancing its appeal to large scale companies across the world. Sri Lanka's Colombo Port is one of the latest developments in this industry, carried out by South Asia Gateway Terminals.


Safety oriented industry

The shipping industry is one that maintains high standards of safety for obvious reasons. Internationally accepted safety standards are embraced by this industry so that accidents and mishaps can be kept at a minimal.


Six types of ships

There are six types of ships in the world namely, general cargo ships, bulk carriers, fishing vessels, container ships, passenger ships, and tankers.

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