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Headline for Delicious dishes you should definitely eat in Zanzibar- The spice islands of East Africa.
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Delicious dishes you should definitely eat in Zanzibar- The spice islands of East Africa.

Zanzibar is known for its spectacular beaches and also has diverse culinary, thanks to its main spice industry, that attracts many tourists from all over the world. It reflects many multi-cultural influences along with the Swahili heritage. Here are some delights you must try.


Urojo soup

Locally knowns as the Zanzibar mix, it consists of pakoras or bhajis- a flour-based soup, along with some fried mashed potatoes, chilli, and some coconut chutney. It is a bowl of tangy goodness that will keep you full for some time.


Zanzibar chocolate

Despite it being called chocolate, it is far from what chocolate is supposed to be. Instead, it can be referred to as a type of candy. These are small bars of toasted sesame seeds that are tossed in an abundance of rich, caramelized honey and then cut into pieces. They are crunchy, sweet and very addictive! It can be found in any street vendors and therefore, is a very affordable piece of delight!


Chipsi mayai

This is a popular dish in Tanzania and is essentially an omelette with fried potatoes. It is rather easy to make as well- just fry some cut potatoes until they are brown, beat an egg with some salt and pour it on a heated pan over the fried potatoes. That's it! It is usually served with an East African Salad called the kachumbari. Some regions additionally include some chillies and tomatoes.


Octopus dishes

In Zanzibar, there are many experienced octopus hunters who are in charge of catching the freshest of these for their seafood dishes. The octopus is made in a various different way including a spicy octopus curry, mishaki skewers- a well-marinated octopus meat that is skewered and grilled. To experience some of the best and exquisite variations of octopus dishes, one must go to any of the Zanzibar resorts that boast an excellent gourmet experience for those who wish to experience the elite flavours. The Residence Zanzibar is a great option to satiate your cravings for the finest dining experience.


Biriyani and pilau

It is no surprise that this dish is heavily influenced by the Indian region. Biriyani essentially is a rice dish that is made with a few aromatics and spices like garlic, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, and coriander, which lifts the flavour profile of the rice. The meat dishes for the biriyani are made separately while the pilau, is made with the meat broth which adds more flavour to the rice. Both are unique in their own ways and equally delicious. Help yourself a generous serving along with some chutneys and curries that accompany these dishes.



Also referred to as the African Donuts, is something that resembles a samosa- a fried bread. They are a little sweet and are characteristically made into a triangular shape. There are many variations and flavours of it- peanuts, almonds, cardamom and so on. These are typically eaten as a snack with some tea or with breakfast either on its own or along with some dips.

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