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Top 10 activities in Galle – tour a haven of culture and wonder

Sri Lanka's southern coastal belt is strewn with a large number of locales that are charming and interesting to explore. Amongst those, Galle comes across as a favourite for many reasons.


Explore the Japanese Peace Pagoda

Found nestled atop a cliff is the fascinating Buddhist temple referred to as the Japanese Peace Pagoda which saw the light of day in 2005. Famed for possessing a statue of Hanuman, the pagoda is shrouded in dense tropical jungle and the vistas here are centered on the Galle Fort and the waters of the Indian Ocean.


Walk on the ramparts

The iconic Galle Fort which was constructed by the Dutch paves the way for an outstanding way to uncover the glorious past of the city. The ramparts of the fort will afford plenty of opportunities to call by the old prison that once functioned together with the lighthouse and clock tower that stand testament to this timeless masterpiece.


Learn of the Dutch architecture

None quite captures the attention of the curious traveller much like the National Maritime Museum. Housing an impressive collection of maps, boats, artillery and other items that have been recovered from shipwrecks, the Museum which is found within the Galle Fort is located inside a traditional Dutch warehouse that dates back to 1671 and thus, a worthy investment of your time.


Tea at Amangalla

The afternoon tea spread at the Fort's Amangalla Hotel is second to none with mouthwatering delicacies and a cuppa Ceylon Tea awaiting weary travellers in search of some of the finest hospitality in town.


Enjoy hours of shopping

Shopping for valuable gems, hand-woven garments and a wide array of souvenirs can be engaged in when at the Galle Fort. For within the nooks and crannies of the fort are tiny boutiques and shops that sell everything that you would want to remember your trip to Sri Lanka by.


Dig into some kottu roti

One of the popular choices of street food in Sri Lanka is undoubtedly kottu roti and at the warm and inviting eatery termed Galle Things Roti, one can pick and choose from a diverse selection to snack on or have for a quick lunch before heading out of the fort premises to neighbouring regions of the city.


Comb every corner of Unawatuna Beach

Tuck into your favourite seafood dish, open up a cold one or go for a relaxing dip in the waters off Unawatuna Beach; rated as a topnotch destination in Galle for the laidback as well as the adventurous. Long walks are also encouraged towards evening if you desire to take in the magical ambience that envelopes the city of Galle.


Learn scuba diving

If you still haven't given scuba diving a go, then why not sign up for a beginner's class that will soon have you swimming amidst breathtaking coral reefs in search of marine species and wrecks of ancient British vessels. The areas around Unawatuna are where one ought to be heading to delight in this water sport.


Surf your way to an adrenaline rush never felt before

Accept the challenges that these tropical oceans have in store for you by going surfing off Unawatuna. Various surf schools are found here, each offering the fundamentals of this sport and also provides experienced surfers with the facilities to put their individual skill set to the ultimate test.


Some coffee?

Conclude your day in Galle by stopping by Kat's Coffee which is also found in the picturesque town of Unawatuna. With a host of sweet treats to munch on and the prospect of sipping on freshly brewed coffee available, the temptation would be too irresistible to look beyond. However, do look at the option of first selecting a form of suitable accommodation before attempting to explore Galle. For this purpose, Tamarind Hill which comes across as a boutique hotel in Galle can be considered well in advance.