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Content Marketing Strategies

For the communication/marketing pro | websites, print, advertising, best-practices, etc.
Marketing & Public Relations Excellence

Marketing & Public Relations go hand-in-hand. It is all about two-way communication excellence. [Page 1]

Yoast * Tweaking Websites

Joost de Valk, developer of many WordPress plugins and an authority on WordPress & website optimization provides SEO tips, WordPress tweaks and more!

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing links on

Marketing Strategies - Laura L Dunkley

Grab a coffee/tea and settle in for a video chat on "marketing your business" that is worth listening to. You may get 5 minutes into it and say "Hey, this sounds just like Laura!" .

A guide to choosing the best content promotion strategy

You've worked hard to create great content. Now how do you promote it? This guide will help.

Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing by Garrett Moon Do you remember the first time that you realized the true power of inbound marketing? I do. I was running a small marketing consulting company and was able to land a speaking gig in front of a large number of local non-profits.

CSS Back To Basics: Terminologies Explained

CSS or Cascading Stylesheets complete the defining language of design rules for our web. Artists everywhere are using CSS on a daily basis to create, organize, and encode sets of rules for basic website layouts. This has become the most popular language for front-end design and provides amazing abilities with ...

How to Choose the Right (and Legal) Images for Your Blog Post [Infographic]

Captivating blog post images can help keep your visitors from straying from your site. Check out these tips for choosing the right images and avoiding copyright issues. "The quality of your images reflects the quality of your blog, so when choosing images, make sure you look for ones that are high quality," suggests the following WhoIsHostingThis infographic.

SEO Copywriting Best Practices For 2015

2014 was another fast-paced year in the world of SEO. From the new preference towards SSL-encrypted (HTTP) websites to the destruction of Google authorship, there was no end to the surprises. The year included at least 3 major updates to the Panda algorithm, changes to local search, and a number of other tweaks.

101+ Sources for Blog Content Ideas

Finding topics for blog posts on an ongoing basis can be intimidating for beginner bloggers. But there are actually many ways that bloggers and content writers can find a never ending supply of content ideas. Creating great content is critical and becoming even more important, not just for bloggers, but all website owners.

6 Free Tools to Help Keyword Research
By Ann Smarty published January 14, 2015 Keyword research historically has been the initial content planning task: We would identify which keywords we wanted to rank and what kind of organic search competition we faced.
Five best ways to get your brand noticed in 2015
It is important to properly allocate resources for a cross-channel strategy that aligns with your overall business objectives. Every solid PR plan starts with a cohesive strategy. To ring in the new year, here are the top five key ideas to consider when creating a proactive digital communications strategy in 2015.
50 Awesome Resources to Help You Be a Better Writer (and Content Marketer)
Content. Every business wants content. Every business needs content (especially those who embrace content marketing to find and engage potential customers). But that means you have to create content, and that means writing it. And that's where the whole issue of content suddenly gets tough.
How To Build The Perfect Blog Post Blueprint
Writing the perfect blog post is like building a house. With a mix of strong materials and a good blueprint to guide, you can create the rich space to host a growing collection of returning visitors. Your blog similarly needs to have great content in a great format to be successful.
Keep an eye out for these marketing trends in 2015
For marketers, the new year brings a new challenge and opportunity to deliver buzzworthy campaigns that will push the needle and drive brands forward. The following are top 10 marketing and public relations trends of 2015: 1. Influencers will continue to be the new celebrity spokespeople. In Dec.
5 Ways Big Data Will Change Sales and Marketing in 2015
The era of "Big Data" is clearly upon us as sales and marketing professionals. For those of you who've been checked out of Hotel Reality for a while, big data is a bit of a catchall phrase and definitely one of the more hyped terms of the past couple of years.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Running Successful Marketing Campaigns (+ 9 Tools to Help)
On marketing blogs everywhere (including this one), you hear a lot of lip-flapping about the importance of meticulously planning your marketing campaigns. But what many don't address is that marketing campaigns aren't specific to product launches - if you want to achieve measurable results with your marketing, you need to treat every single one of your marketing activities as a marketing campaign.
Experts Share Visual Content Mistakes to Avoid
By Chuck Frey published January 16, 2015 Like words, graphics and images can be powerful tools - but they must be used with great care to enhance, not detract from, your content marketing and branding.
How to make infographics: a beginner's guide to data visualisation
As a growing number of international NGOs are using infographics, charts and interactive maps to share success and highlight disaster, how can organisations with less resources create high quality visualisations without having to pay to outsource them? We've put together a beginner's guide for visualising development data.
Digital Marketing & Lead Capture Forms · Formstack
Engage your digital audience, convert more leads, and advance your sales cycle with the Formstack online form builder.
Content Strategies for Buying Stages
Content Marketing to support various stages of the customer buying cycle. Build awareness through education, establish interest, help them make a selection as they look to build their business case, ... Content Marketing to support various stages of the customer buying cycle.
B2B Small Business Marketers: Increased Focus on Leads and Conversion [New Research]
By Joe Pulizzi published January 28, 2015 Since October, we've been sharing the results of our annual content marketing research, and today we focus on B2B small business marketers (10-99 employees) based in North America.
The Key Element of Successful Content
Last year at Comicon Chicago I attended one of the most memorable sessions I have ever attended, of any conference or event. The title was "How to Market Your Indie Game" and the description promised to cover the creation and marketing of an indie game.