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bodHOST - Web Hosting Services

bodHOST is a business solution provider. It offers solutions ranging from managed dedicated servers, custom server solutions, data centres, VPS hosting, web hosting, backups and spam experts. The team is always available at your service to help you thrive in this competitive world. The experts continually update themselves with new certifications and latest technologies that matter the most to the business.

3 Sectors That Benefited Most from Hosting Services

The hosting service market is rising impressively between 2018 & 2023 as research data suggest. Check out 3 sectors that benefited from hosting services

Latest Data Center Trends in 2020 and beyond - bodHOST

Technologies when combined with data centers, will change the industry scenario. So, let's explore data center trends in 2020.

Let’s Explore Common Website Security Vulnerabilities

As a website owner, you're always on the verge of getting attacked by one or the form of vulnerabilities. But, are you aware what are some of the common vulnerabilities that can hinder your website? Read now and explore...

How to Enhance Website User Experience Through Web Hosting?

How the selection of web hosting provider impacts your website's user experience. Read on to know more.

How You Can Perform Website Migration with ZERO Downtime

Seamless migration has always been a concern for website owners. So, how they can perform this migration without incurring downtime?

cPanel or Plesk: Which Control Panel to Choose?

Most of the web users are often confused in selection between cPanel and Plesk. So, here we provide you a detailed comparison between the two mostly-widely used control panels that might help you in solving doubts.

Here’s Why Investing in Dedicated Servers is a Great Option

Thinking to invest in dedicated servers hosting? bodHOST presents you the top-6 reasons why this is a great move. Read now…

Securing Websites Against Phishing Scam Attacks

Worried about the securing your website? Here are certain tips that you can follow to secure your website against phishing attacks.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Choose Server Virtualization for Your Business

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose server virtualization for your business.

Managed R1Soft Backups & Data Protection - Reliable Backup Solution

R1Soft continuously monitors the changes in your data, saving the chunks of information that has been changed. Read the article to know more.

COVID-19 Easter Guide: How to Celebrate Easter while Working from Home

Easter celebrations seem impossible in 2020 with this life threatening impact of COVID-19. Here are a few ideas to celebrate Easter while working from home

3 Rules of Thumb to Follow This World Password Day

World Password Day is celebrated on 1st Thursday of every May. Here are the thumb 3 rules of thumb to follow World Password Day!

Let’s Discover- What Makes WordPress Hosting the Popular Choice for Small Businesses

Let's explore the reasons why WordPress Hosting is gaining so much popularity amongst various small businesses.............

bodHOST World Password Day 2020

This World Password Day, bodHOST presents a small video on the importance of deploying password security for your critical tasks. Get Instant 40% Email SSL u...

Let's Explore Email Signing Certificates - Web Hosting Infographics

Understand why businesses need an email signing certificates and how businesses can leverage the benefits of it. Also, find stats related to email phishing.

[Infographics] Growth of VPS Hosting on a Global Level | bodHOST

VPS Hosting is one of the most secured forms of hosting. So, what are the factors that are driving the growth of this most widely used hosting? Let's see

5 Benefits of Hosting Emails on VPS

VPS Hosting is the most secure form of web hosting. So, what are the benefits associated with Emails hosted on VPS?

Deploy the best-in-class cloud hosting services from bodHOST for your business needs.

5 Underlying Benefits of Public Cloud for SMBs

For any small business, what are the key benefits that a Public Cloud Hosting can offer?

Proven Techniques for Preventing a Cloud Data Breach

A lot of data is hosted every day on the Cloud infrastructure attracting hackers. So, let's discover some effective techniques for avoiding Cloud data breaches.

Here's How Cloud Migration Enhances Customer Experience | bodHOST

What are the different ways in which Cloud Migration offers an enhanced customer experience? Let's find out

Discovering Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing - Web Hosting Infographics

bodHOST cloud computing takes a look at what benefits cloud computing can provide for companies.

[Infographics] Essential eCommerce Website Security Tips | bodHOST

As a eCommerce Website owner, what are the various ways in which you can ensure maximum security of your site?

Everything You Need to Know About Website Backups

Backups today play an important role when in case of any unforeseen events. As a website owner, here are some points that you should consider

How Fake Election Domains Can Possess Online Risk to US Voters | bodHOST

Cybercriminals like typosquatters are now gaining benefits of voters misspelling Presidential candidate's websites.