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Updated by Brian Shipman on Mar 22, 2013
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The Power of Story

Stories work through content, advertising, and leadership where dry information doesn't. These resources offer insights on how to leverage the power of story in business and in life.

Why Storytelling, Experience, and Symbolism Engage Customers

Customers don't want marketing drivel from businesses. They want engaging experiences. They want immersion into story. They want to feel things that only certain imagery can summon. In a world of information overload, they want enchantment.

Sell Your Brand through Storytelling | Social Media Today

Maria Elena Duron What is it that makes your brand so special? Is it how you conduct business? How about your ability to understand your audience? Is it your superb services and products? The truth is that these are simply characteristics developed from a single source - you.

10 Examples of Storytelling in Web Design

In "Storytelling in Web Design," I explained the three most basic aspects of storytelling - character, setting, and action - and offered ways to begin including storytelling in web design using basic design elements. In this article, I will examine ten sites that use storytelling and list the character, setting, and action found in each story.

Three Storytelling Tips That Can Bring Content to Life | Business 2 Community

Popular Today in Business: Stories draw people in. They can make an entire room sit in wide-eyed anticipation. Even energetic children gather enough focus to listen to bedtime tales. While details about the future of content creation may be at the mercy of the internet's whims, captivating stories will remain a staple of effective content.

Content Curation 2.0: Immersive Experience

Content curation is on the verge of a new era. It will soon move beyond basic aggregation and organization and into a much more immersive phase of experience. Liken Content Curation 1.0 (CC1) to the two-dimensional schematics of your dream home, and CC2 to a three-dimensional walkthrough with Google Glass.

Brand Storytelling: 10 Steps to Start Your Content Marketing Hero's Journey

By Robert Rose published March 1, 2013 As a content marketer, you have probably heard the call for us all to become brand storytellers. While this sounds great in theory, the tricky part for many companies is determining how to develop these stories in the first place.

News organizations experiment with 'illustrated storytelling' - a new way to tell serious stories | Poynter.

When telling stories about sensitive topics, it's easy to stick with storytelling forms that are familiar. But some news organizations, such as California Watch and the Center for Investigative Reporting, have begun experimenting with a new way to tell serious stories - one that involves illustrations, narration and in-depth reporting.

The Story Spine: Pixar's 4th Rule of Storytelling

In 2012 Pixar Story ArtistEmma Coats tweeted 22 storytelling tips using the hashtag #storybasics. The list circulated the internet for months gaining the popular title 'Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling' . We reposted this list two weeks ago and the response has been phenomenal with thousands of likes, shares, comments and emails.

The Family Stories That Bind Us - This Life

Sure enough, one night all the tensions boiled over. At dinner, I noticed my nephew texting under the table. I knew I shouldn't say anything, but I couldn't help myself and asked him to stop. Ka-boom! My sister snapped at me to not discipline her child.

8 Ways to Execute Your Brand's Story Online

Scott Steinberg, a top-ranked international event speaker on the lecture circuit, is a bestselling expert on leadership and innovation, and the head of strategic consultancy TechSavvy Global. His website is Great stories make for memorable movies, books and TV shows. Similarly, arresting tales and compelling narratives help us remember iconic brands.

How to Use Storytelling as a Leadership Tool - Forbes

Paul Smith I recently spoke to Paul Smith, who is a consumer research executive, keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and author of Lead with a Story: A Guide to Crafting Business Narratives that Captivate, Convince, and Inspire (AMACOM Books, August, 2012). As Director of Consumer & Communications Research at Procter & Gamble, Paul has [...]

The Myth of Marketing: How Research Reaches For The Heart But Only Connects With The Head

Marketers are supposed to be the experts on connecting emotionally with customers. But ironically, their current market research practices make it almost impossible to do so.Despite lip service paid to emotions, businesses routinely make multimillion-dollar marketing decisions on the false premise that respondents in survey research can consciously explain the unconscious origins of their actions.