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No.1 Lighting & Electrical NSW | Rovert Lighting

No.1 online lighting store Rovert Lighting is offering a wide range of amazing ceiling fans, led lights, led downlight kits to fit your budget and designs vision.

No.1 Lighting & Electrical NSW | Rovert Lighting

No.1 online lighting store Rovert Lighting is offering a wide range of amazing ceiling fans, led lights, led downlight kits to fit your budget and designs vision.

Shop energy efficient rovert lighting & electrical products

Light up your home today with our luxury collections of stylish, fashionable, energy efficient ceiling fans, led lights, LED Downlight Kit. Shop at low prices.

Catalogue Specials | Rovert Lighting and Electrical

Buy best rated, Designer, styles ceiling fans, led downlight at affordable prices at Rovert Lighting. Check out our Catalogue to see our latest offers.

Retail energy saving lighting | Rovert Lighting & Electrical

Looking for largest range of ceiling fans, led downlights and Lighting Service? Visit Rovert Lighting retail showrooms located in Broadmeadow, Toronto, and Port Macquarie.

Trades | Rovert Lighting & Electrical Newcastle, Port Macquarie

Trades - Rovert Lighting has over 800 trade accounts, electricians, builders, architects, designers, and decorators, in regions throughout the Hunter, Central Coast and Northern NSW.

Industrial and Commercial | Rovert Lighting & Electrical

Rovert lighting is offering best and affordable supplies and services to industrial, engineering, and commercial electrical contractors.

Energy Saving Tips for the New Year - Rovert Lighting

With the New Year comes the long list of New Year’s Lighting resolutions. Some resolutions are to go to the gym regularly, to eat healthy, be kinder, clean up the house.

The Importance of Home Ventilation - Rovert Lighting

Did you know that you breathe in 12,000 litres of air a day so it goes without saying that this electrical air should be pure and free of pollutants?

42 Super Easy Ways to Cut Down on Your Utility Bills - Rovert Lighting

With only a few simple changes, you can start electrical saving money now.

LED Industry Trends - Rovert Lighting

Experts predict that the net worth of the LED lighting industry will increase to US$33 billion this year because of the huge jump in penetration rate.

Everything You Should Know About LED Lighting - Rovert Lighting

We at Rovert Lighting and Electrical can help provide high-quality LED lighting solutions for you. Contact us for more details on LED lighting.

The Perfect Party Lighting - Rovert Lighting

Great Lighting for any party Are you planning a party to bring in 2020? So, your guest have RSVP’d that they are coming, the food is prepared, music playlist sorted, now all you have to do is decorate and make sure you have the perfect party lighting set up and ready to dance the night.

Home Cooling Tips for Summer - Rovert Lighting

The weather on the Australian continent can go the extremes. Due to its vast size, we experience a variety of climates. It doesn’t have one seasonal electrical calendar. Part of Australia belongs to the Temperate Zone, which has summer, autumn, winter and spring. The other part belongs to the Tropical Zone, which is further subdivided into.

Poor Indoor Air Quality – Causes, Health Effects and Prevention - Rovert Lighting

Luckily, it is rather easy to maintain the quality of indoor air at proper levels. Having good indoor electrical air quality would general result in better living.

Tips for Lighting your Kids Bedroom - Rovert Lighting

When designing lighting for your kids’ bedroom, it is important to think about the activities that will take place in the room. Does your child read in bed? Does your child like to draw and be creative? Does your child like to play with toys that have small parts? Does your child need a desk.

What are the Benefits of Step Dimming? - Rovert Lighting

Step dimming provides adjustable lighting options for your light fixtures. By changing the voltage, you can dim the brightness of a light, via a simple control. Step dimming can create advantages for your home, by having the flexibility to change the brightness of a light you can change the atmosphere you are wanting to create.

The Best Christmas Lights: Newcastle and the Hunter - Rovert Lighting

Fun Christmas Displays for all the family Its that time of year again, when families are digging out the Christmas lights and lighting up their street, so jump in your car and join in the local Christmas spirit. Lights for Charity, home display’s that are raising funds for charity

Beginners Guide to Christmas Lights

Before using last year’s Christmas Lighting, unravel them and look at the plug, leads, lamps holders to check that there has been no damage during storage.

Buying An Outdoor Ceiling Fan - Things To Know

If you are looking to buy an outdoor ceiling fan for your home or commercial space, there’s an overwhelming range out there. From the size and specifications to features, it is easy to get lost and confused. So, the easiest way out of this confusion is to understand a few basic electrical things before you set.

Advantages of Outdoor Ceiling Fans.

Ceiling fans are not just an excellent source of cooling electrical indoors but can also provide the same benefits outdoors in areas like patios, porches, and pergolas.

Do I Need a Downrod for a Ceiling Fan?

Do you need a downrod or extension rod for your ceiling fan? Most of us do not pay adequate, or even any, attention to this component of a ceiling fan the rod that connects the electrical fan with the ceiling. Aptly called a ‘downrod’ or an extension rod, it is a vital element.

Alfresco Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes these days, so you should be able to find a design electrical that suits your alfresco area. They cool your outdoor space.

How Many Ceiling Fans Does Your Home or Commercial Space Need?

If you are planning to install ceiling fans in your home or business, then you must electrical consider a critical question, how many fans do you need?

How to make an Impact with your Driveway Lighting

Great driveway lighting can also make your home easier to find for new visitors and enhance your beautiful landscape and gardens.

5 Tips for Making Dark Rooms Brighter with Classic Pendant Lighting

We’ve put together a short guide with some simple steps you can use to transform your dull room into a light-filled oasis using Classic Pendant Lighting.