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Updated by team-electrikai on Jun 05, 2020
Headline for Google Analytics Hit Level Data Extractor
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Google Analytics Hit Level Data Extractor

Google Analytics Hit Level Data Extractor is a cloud-based procedure that concentrates and advances the un-sampled hit level data from Google Analytics and occasionally sends to your ideal goal database/information distribution center or document/information lake. Visit and try Electrik.AI for free.

Export Google Analytics Data

Connect Your Google Analytics With Electrik.AI To Extract Hit Level Data In any File or Database. Try Google Analytics Hit Data Extractor For Free.

Data Connectors and Integrations

Electrik.AI integrate and connects with multiple marketing & advertising platforms. Get your hit level data out of Google Analytics using Electrik.AI.

Link Google Ads (AdWords) with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google to capture visitor insights from your website. Google Adwords display ads on Google.

Extract Google Analytics Data To BigQuery

Google Analytics captures visitor insights from your website. Google BigQuery is Google’s fully managed, petabyte-scale, low-cost analytics data warehouse. Learn more how to extract Google Analytics Data to Bigquery.

Try Electrik.AI for free

Collect All Your Marketing Data With Electrik.AI. Extract Google Analytics Data With Hit Level Data Extractor. Start Free Trial or Pay As You Grow.

How To Setup Electrik.AI App | Electrik.AI Documentation

Easy to follow documentation guide to help you get started with Electrik.AI. Add or update organization, project, and users in Electrik.AI Application.

How To Extract Google Analytics Data | Electrik.AI Documentation

Learn How to Extract your Google Analytics Hit Level Data using Electrik.AI. You can export your raw data from Google Analytics and send it to your database or file.

How To Extract Google Search Console Data | Electrik.AI Documentation

Google Search Console Data Extractor Electrik.AI Documentation. Get your marketing data from various marketing channels at one place. Try Electrik.AI for free.