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Tips companies should use to improve Hiring Process

Tips companies should use to improve Hiring Process

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Recruiting new talent is a critical and inevitable part of any company. In fact, it is much more complicated than going through reviews and hosting interviews and this is why companies take the help of Recruitment Agencies. There are several employer mistakes which may deter candidates, starting deficiently-drafted job description to the absence of communication-related to applications.

However, you can take the help of a few tricks which may ease the hiring process and encourage the best applicants. Below are some tips to help you improve your hiring process:

Get more people involved in the hiring process:
Invite a few of your co-workers for the interviews. Allow them to ask a few questions and then discuss what they think about the candidate. It is significant to understand how your team perceives the candidates that would soon join the company.

Enhance job descriptions:
Ensure that you don’t draft long job descriptions with infinite details. Mention just the most essential qualifications which the candidates are required to have. Also, focus on what all your company could do for the candidates to attract the best prospects your way.

Concentrate on the goals:
Know what exactly you need from a particular candidate for your respective company. His/her skills, as well as competences, matter the most. Educational qualifications and experience make up for secondary significance. Envision the candidate in your office environment. How well will they perform? How can he/she help you reach your organizational goals?

Define your position:
Just like how you defined the required knowledge, education, experience, and skills in the job description, you also need to define your own position during an interview. Elaborate what your expectations are from an employee for that particular position and then question the candidate whether he/she can meet those needs.

Welcome social media:
The candidates also have their own requirements. Nowadays, everyone wishes to work in a digitally forward company. Thus, if you want the best candidate for the respective position then show them that you incorporate a work culture that lets technology steer it forward.

Test out the best candidates:
A test time period though would be an added expense for your company, it is a productive expenditure. You’ll get to see how the candidate implements the knowledge and skills that he/she claimed of having.

Do a social media background check:
Just like most recruiters, you would also likely conduct a standard background check on candidates you think meet your requirements. However, you don’t miss out on checking their social media handles as well. Such platforms let you find more about the applicant.

Ask the candidate the reason for leaving the previous job:
Try to know more if you observe that a candidate is holding someone else responsible. It may be possible that the candidate’s previous company had an unhealthy and unprofessional working environment. However, if you think that the candidate holds an unhealthy attitude, then continue your hunt and hiring process.

Encourage the candidate to interview you as well:
The questions which a candidate asks help you to evaluate his/her attention towards details. You will get to know the things which are essential to the candidate and how interested he/she is really in growing further professionally.

A smooth and efficient employee hiring process can help you take your company towards progress. This is the reason why it is vital to re-evaluate your practices time and again. And hopefully, the above-listed tips should indeed help you do improve your hiring process


Interview answers to Employment gap

Interview answers to Employment gap

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Most people take their time off from working for varied reasons. At times, it is by choice due to purposes like traveling, looking after an ill relative, raising a kid or for further studies. In other instances, you may take a break as you were fired or laid off and searching for a job. While such an employment gap isn’t an automatic downgrade towards new job prospects, still you should stay prepared to deal with them. This is because, during an upcoming job interview, the interviewer will generally be interested in questioning you about the employment gap in your history.

Examples of some best interview answers to employment gap:

To begin with, remember that the way you address questions related to your employment gap wouldn’t be the same for others. Your approach towards such questions depends upon several factors like how you utilized your time off work, your success level in previous jobs, etc.

Below are a few best answers/reasons you can give the interviewer for having employment gap in your history:

If possible, try to emphasize on anything constructive that you did while you took your time off from work. This could include elements that reflect positively upon the job you are applying for or your character. For instance, responses such as ‘I took a break to finish my MBA,’ or ‘I concentrated on volunteer tasks and began a new youth mentoring program,’ highlight positive elements of your employment gap. Make sure your answer includes any valuable skills you learned during your time off from work.

A few candidates will not have such clear reasons to tell. It may be that you took a break from work due to personal reasons like dealing with some family issues. If you successfully resolved the issue, then you may want to share your story with the interviewer. The key is to explain the problem as something which remains in the past and won’t affect your productivity anymore.

Some take a break from their work due to fun activities such as a trip to Australia, a trekking adventure or learning golf. If you are one these then you need to explain that you held a strong work ethic after and before your hiatus. For instance, you should offer examples of the hard work you put in on significant projects before as well as after the break.

If you were fired from your previous job then you need to be honest with the interviewer about it. Share the reasons behind the termination and prove to the interviewer that they don’t impact your performance and productivity anymore. You should also be open to explaining if the gap in your resume was because you had been laid off. Tell the interviewer why the previous office had to lay you off. Also, include any skill or volunteering activities you may have cultivated during your time away from work.

If you were on a job hunt for a long-time period, and this gets questioned in the interview, explain how you were searching for the right company and position and not just the pay-check. Describe why you believe that this job is the right one for you to win the confidence of the interviewer.

The best plan of action is an honest and straightforward answer which clarifies any doubts the interview may have. Appear unapologetic and composed as this will help the interviewer feel that you are confident with the reasons you provide.


Five Hiring Mistakes Companies make

Five Hiring Mistakes Companies make

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Hiring new personnel for your company can be exhausting and complicated. While you host interviews and review the worthiness of every candidate, applicants also simultaneously analyze you and the company as well. The hiring procedure is more complicated than selecting the right candidate for the position and this is why companies look for Recruitment agencies. It includes finding and then securing the right candidate, whose values match with the principles and mission of your company. Hence, it is significant for companies to implement the right hiring strategy.

Below listed are the top five hiring mistakes you should avoid while conducting your next recruiting activity:

Rushed hiring:
Rushing into making any decision can prove to be risky, especially with regards to recruiting employees. Sometimes, you may be pressured by the stakeholders for filling the vacant positions quickly as fast as possible. However, it’s crucial that you abide by the hiring process and thoroughly evaluate several candidates before arriving at a decision.

Lack of internal hiring team:
At times, the best candidate may be present right in front of you! It is tough to measure the level of motivation and engagement of a candidate from the resume and a short interview. However, when you hire internally, you are already familiar with candidates as well as their work skills and ethics. Moreover, the internal hiring of candidates is also economically beneficial as it takes away the time and costs linked with advertising for candidates externally. Another benefit is that training and promoting an existing employee can boost his/her productivity and result in better returns.

No feedback/suggestions for improvements to the candidates:
You should help a prospective candidate who fails to question about the respective job position and your company. This, in turn, will help you better determine the skills of the candidate and learn if he/she can fit within your company work culture. Thus, you should describe your company to the candidate, detail out the job position and other information which is relevant for the candidate’s knowledge.

Lack of proper screening:
If you select a candidate who isn’t qualified for the job role, there is no one else to be blamed but yourself. Often, we end up hiring a candidate who appears to be the perfect match for the position basis of his/her resume. However, this isn’t the right approach to follow, and it’s essential to conduct your due diligence. You need to take time and learn more about the person you plan on hiring. Make a note of how the candidate answers to your questions and what he/she says about former office or employers. Moreover, checking and calling the candidate’s references is also as crucial as a good interview.

Less refined search:
Another major hiring mistake is not conducting a proper, refined search. Don’t just put out the job ad everywhere and draw candidates from several sources. Instead, ensure that you frame a clear job description to attract candidates who likely are qualified for the role. Next, screen and compare the received applications with the job description you had posted and remove the erroneous ones. Don’t choose a candidate just because you feel he is like you or if you like him/her. Such an approach will lead to the formation of a team that looks, thinks and acts to a situation the same way. It’s better to have a diverse slate of candidates, with varied outlooks and skills. Also, don’t reject a candidate who challenges you or holds a different perspective than you.

Recruiting the right candidate is vital to boost company profits, maintain a positive work culture and achieve business goals. So, avoid committing these five hiring errors and enhance your chances of selecting the right candidate each time.


How Artificial Intelligence can change the entire Recruitment Process?

How Artificial Intelligence can change the entire Recruitment Process?

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When people can experience the technological boom in almost every industry, how can the hiring/recruitment process be left behind?
Artificial Intelligence is making companies make faster and more efficient decisions. The HR recruiters are adopting means to execute the use of Artificial Intelligence to make the entire recruitment process more streamlined, significant and better than ever before.

Here are some of the ways in which Artificial Intelligence is changing the overall recruitment process:

Pre-screening candidates
Pre-screening is perhaps the most important and difficult part of the recruitment process. Selecting the few candidates from the thousands of the application requires a lot of time and effort. However, with the coming of Artificial Intelligence, there are tools that make the pre-screening process hassle-free and much simpler. The tool helps to shortlist only those candidates who meet certain criteria. Through online conversation, chatbots can communicate with the candidates. They can easily answer their queries and identify the most qualified candidates without human intervention. Artificial Intelligence has a major contribution to the fact that only genuine and suitable candidates get a place in the overly competitive world.

Once the candidate is shortlisted then comes the process of scheduling the interview. According to the research, it takes a minimum of fifteen emails exchange between the candidate and the recruiter to schedule the interview. In the end, the candidate gets so frustrated that they back out giving a bad name for the company. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the chatbots can automatically schedule the interviews and thus the candidate can select the timing and slot for the interview from the Artificial Intelligence automated portal rather than depending on the manual conversation and endless email chain.

Sorting candidates
Once the interview is over next comes the process of sorting the best potential candidates. This is another difficult part. However, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, we have automated tools that help to sort the best candidates based on shortlisting certain criteria and requirements.

Keeping candidates engaged
Keeping the candidates engaged is the most important aspect of the selection process. The chatbots keep engaging with the candidates. They regularly send them updates about the procedure and joining details so the enthusiasm is intact.

Writing better job ads
Artificial Intelligence makes sure that only the significant job posting is made which the candidate might be interested in looking for. There are so many listing and openings at so many organizations every minute. And that is making it difficult to understand what actually is relevant to the search of the candidate. So chatbots make it a point to show the relevant search results to the candidates.

Artificial Intelligence has recently become a tool that is streaming every process and has taken every industry to its boom. How can the recruitment process be left behind? We can definitely expect some massive big changes to come with the great technological advancement and the industrial revolution.


A startup or a Brand, what should a fresher opt for?

A startup or a Brand, what should a fresher opt for?

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When it comes to choosing the right job for oneself it depends on a lot of factors like one’s preferences and the ability to be able to handle stress and risk of job security.
Be it a big name or a startup which has very recently taken a plunge there would be the opportunity to learn and grow everywhere.
There are a few points that need to be considered while making a decision for oneself. And since we know when you are just out fresh from the college or jumping into the first job the decision becomes even more difficult.
So we are here to get you through some of the key points that you might want to know before making the big decision of your life:

Responsibility and accountability
When you are working in a big brand as a fresher definitely there would be a lot of people to train and share your responsibility and you would be given much time to learn and get into the proper workflow. But in a startup where the workforce is comparatively less, there is a lot of responsibility on each and every employee and thus everyone is bound to be answerable if something goes wrong. So if you are ready to not complain about the excessive work hours and a lot of good learning experience startup can be your thing. But if you are someone who is looking for a work-life balance you should opt for an established brand.

When working with a big brand there would be a group of people in a team who would work together for the completion of a task. As a fresher, your work would go through multiple channels of review before it actually goes to production. So there is a lot of scope of handling errors and managing risks. However in a startup very few or sometimes no one would be there to help you out. You are the decision-maker and you are the executor. So the chances of risk and failure increase. But in the end, you will get a lot of opportunities to learn and grow too.

With big companies, you will take years and years to reach a certain level in the hierarchy because the promotion and hike would follow certain rules. With startup, all the opportunities come down to your input. So the chances of getting into a better place are higher if you are putting your best effort. Also with the big brands, you can feel lost at times among so many people doing similar work. With startup, your work would always be recognized.

More the number of people more are the chances of getting into controversies and blame game. With big brands, there ought to thousands of people with different ideas and stories. Be smart enough to know when and where to react otherwise office politics can get you in difficult position. With startup even though the politics would be there but the chances stand a bit less than that of bigger companies.

Choosing the first company is a very important step for someone who is starting out with their corporate journey. Analyze and think through based on your skills, requirements, and preferences. Make sure that you choose your dream job that adds up to your life.


How to do a good Performance Review

How to do a good Performance Review

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Hurry, lack of focus, a non-empathic attitude and a mechanical approach to the process are the ingredients of a poor performance review. Obviously, a good performance review requires a diametrically opposite approach.

A few indicators to use to make the session of performance review useful:

Be prepared in advance:
Based on previous findings, the intention behind a performance assessment is to have a fruitful discussion. Significant preparation for the annual evaluation of a team member and the subsequent international recruitment India includes a reference to old emails, memos, and other communications as well as mental notes about their performance.

Set a positive tone:
A manager should bear in mind that most employees tend to be anxious about their annual performance assessments, their human being as the job is the source of many living. Reaffirm that the purpose of the meeting is to help simultaneously benefit both the employee and the organization. A manager’s last thing to do is create an atmosphere in which the employee feels trapped or confronted.

Find the performance gaps:
The manager can proceed with his or her assessment of the performance of the employee after the self-assessment. This should focus on the perceived achievements of the employee and their consistency with the performance objectives set in the preceding year. The purpose here is to identify gaps between the actual and expected performance. Employees should be made aware of the organization and how it is affected by a specific performance deficit or achievement/goal imbalance.

Form an action plan:
The employee should first propose a plan of action. At this stage, there should be no spoon-feeding from the manager. However, the manager should ensure that the plan is smart, feasible and addresses the performance deficits that have been established.

Set new goals:
The discussion on performance review should lead to the setting of new goals or modifications to previous goals. Again, this is a two-way process that should take the skills and capabilities of the employee into account. The manager should explain how these goals relate and lead to the organizational success of corporate training company India, and how if the mutually agreed goals are not achieved, the business would suffer.


Tips for conducting a better one-on-one meeting

Tips for conducting a better one-on-one meeting

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An individual, one-on-one meeting with each of your employees is one of the best ways to improve communication with your staff and ensure that your employees are happy, productive and supported. In general, these meetings are informal and take place regularly.
These meetings help provide performance feedback, provide an opportunity for employees to voice their needs, track project and goal progress, and determine if additional support or resources are necessary.

Many hr consultant firm India believes that quick thumbs up and down on an app are adequate to provide feedback to an employee. But we strongly believe that regular, face-to-face meetings are important to managing and communicating effectively with employees.

Here are some tips for effective one-on-one meetings with employees:

Determine who should hold the one-on-one meeting:
Typically, a one-on-one meeting is taking place between an employee and his / her direct manager. The direct manager is the one with the most knowledge of the goals and objectives of the employee, as well as the assigned projects and tasks.

Determine the frequency of one-on-one meetings with employees:
These individual meetings should happen as often as necessary. The main aim to ensure that employees are on track with their projects, goals and day-to-day responsibilities. Once the frequency is determined, you must commit to the consistent and regular occurrence of the meetings. To ensure that your employees feel valued and important, you should avoid canceling and rescheduling meetings.

Prepare an agenda:
Prepare your one-on-one meeting’s agenda ahead of time. It would be appropriate to have a standing meeting agenda as the purpose of the meeting is typically the same. Get feedback on the agenda from your employees. The time of the individual meeting is devoted to employees one-on-one. They should definitely have input into what to use this time and what to cover. This will ensure that you and your staff stay focused and make the best use of the allocated time.

The goal of any one-on-one meeting conducted by hr solutions India is to ensure that you and your staff develop confidence and communicate successfully to help each other achieve job success through problems and challenges. Create a comfortable environment to build this trust during your meetings. Encourage and respond in kind to your staff to be open and honest during the meeting.


Why is behaviour important in the recruitment process?

Why is behaviour important in the recruitment process?

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Have you ever considered the behavioral impact in your company?

Often the areas of concern and challenge most important within a business are people and their behavior, but manpower recruitment agencies in India tend to focus on their team members ‘ personalities instead of their behavior.

When looking at** pre-employment testing,** personality profiling has traditionally been chosen based on forms of behavioral assessment. And while insight into someone’s personality may be interesting, the fact that personality is static means that doing anything with that information is very difficult. However, behavior can change, but people tend to have dominant patterns of behavior. Simply put, personality is who we are intrinsical, while the behavior is how we do something.


Behavior affects all aspects of our performance. From how we react to certain situations, how we handle feedback, and how we use our energy all day long. In order to succeed in different roles, you need different behaviors. Capable of understanding and identifying certain behavioral traits and combining them with the right job roles leads to increased productivity, performance, and ultimate satisfaction for both the employee and the employer.

It helps you understand what kind of behaviors best suit your job role before you start the interview process. Key features to consider before/during the interview may include reviewing the candidate. This includes whether the candidate is process-driven, or whether they like flexibility and options. You might want to review what drives them. Is it an accomplishment, opportunity to take over, or affiliation with the people around them? Another thing to review is if the candidate is looking for the big picture or they are focused on detail? Are they a problem solver-focused solution or more?

If you continue to hire people on the basis of their personality and experience that so many Corporate Training Company India is still doing, in six months ‘ time you may find yourself recruiting again for the same position. Whereas, you will see a difference throughout the business if you focus on building your team around their behaviors.

Your people and their dominant behaviors contribute to your business, and if they are a good behavioral fit for their role, it will drive productivity, performance, retention, and income increases, all of which are key to Corporate Training Company India when running (and growing) a healthy business.


Job Interview Tips: How to Make a Great Impression

Job Interview Tips: How to Make a Great Impression

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*You have your job interview scheduled—congratulations! *
Now it’s time to prepare, and we’ve got you covered. Here, we have some job interview tips for you to make a good impression on the interviewer.
Below, we provide an overview of how to succeed in an interview along with a detailed discussion surrounding each point.

Our Best Job Interview Tips:

  1. Start by researching the company and your interviewers.

  2. Practice your answers to common interview questions.

  3. Re-read the job description.

  4. Use the STAR method in answering questions.

  5. Recruit a friend to practice answering questions.

  6. Prepare a list of references.

  7. Be prepared with examples of your work.

  8. Plan your interview attire the night before.

  9. Prepare smart questions for your interviewers.

  10. Bring copies of your resume, a notebook, and a pen.

  11. Arrive 15 minutes early to your interview.

  12. Make a great first impression.

  13. Treat everyone you encounter with respect.

  14. Practice good manners and body language.

  15. Win them over with your authenticity and positivity.

  16. Respond truthfully to the questions asked.

  17. Tie your answers back to your skills and accomplishments.

  18. Keep your answers concise and focused.

  19. Do not speak negatively about your previous employers.

  20. Ask about the next steps.

  21. Send a personalized thank you letter after the interview.


7 Tips on How to Pass a Job Interview Successfully

7 Tips on How to Pass a Job Interview Successfully

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A job interview is a common and inevitable part of acquiring a job. This is that every case when the first impression is of great importance. Many talented people lose their chance to get the job they wished due to a horrible interview. Therefore, you should be really prepared for it. You should avoid mistakes and fill in all the gaps in your plan.

Preparation means a lot! You should make steps after you have thought them thoroughly. Here are some tips on how to pass it successfully.

1. Do research about the company

On the occasion, you have some background knowledge about the company where you wish to work your chances of success will greatly increase. You should know its main profile, the directions it develops and the demands it requires. Show your seriousness and interest in your future position.

2. Work out the common interview questions

Regardless of the company and your specialization, there will be always some common questions, which are asked. For instance:

  • What things do you know about the company?
  • Why should the company employ exactly you?
  • How can you benefit the team?
  • Describe your methods of overcoming challenges at work.
  • You should also think about other potential questions. It depends on the specification of the company and your own skills.

3. Tell about your strong and weak sides

You will be asked about your best skills and your biggest weaknesses. You should reveal your strongest qualities at full. Tell that you are quick in fulfilling orders, can easily manage your time schedule, organize the entire working process and so on. You have to mention all your positive aspects so that your employer knew what you are capable of.

In the case, you are asked about your weaknesses you should be honest and tell all of them. Nevertheless, you must prove to your employer that you can easily deal with all of them and they would never interrupt the working process.

4. Put reasonable and smart questions of your own

Do not be afraid of putting your own questions. Why is it necessary? In such a way, you will show that you are really interested in this job and that you are engaged in the conversation. You may ask the following questions:

  • What will I need for success here?
  • Who will I collaborate with?
  • What are my main everyday duties?
  • Will I be able to develop myself with your company?
  • What difficulties may I face?
  • Makes allowances for the most important things that interest you and may help you while working at the company.

5. Avoid clichés

Nobody likes a stereotypical way of thinking. Some employers may think that you do not have your own ideas if you operate with canned answers. Show your individuality and emphasize your originality. Try to assure your employer that you can resolve problems in different ways regardless of the case. You can implement the ideas of your own and they will work.

6. Complete and bring all necessary documents ahead of time

You will require some necessary documents that are connected with your future position at the company. Bring along copies of your resume, portfolio and so on. While filling them, be watchful and avoid making any mistakes. This will show that your intentions are serious and that you act professionally.

7. Dress the part

Do not forget about your appearance. It also makes a positive impression on other people. Pick up a nice outfit so that it displayed you as a determined and confident person. It should also match the business you will be applying for. While your research about the company learn about possible dress code and choose it.

Following these pretty simple tips, you will easily prepare for a good job interview and will sufficiently increase your chances of getting the job of your dream.




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The success of a business depends on its people. Human resource managers or human resource specialist (HR) ensure that the manpower of an organization has proper skills to achieve organizational objectives. This is only achievable through HR analytics in collaboration with data-driven HR.
Data-driven HR management enhances the quality of human resource-related decisions. Through different analytics, HR evaluates the information that can be used to enhance organizational success.

HR Analytics Tools

Some examples of HR analytics tools include R, Python, Excel and Power BI, of which R is commonly used. R is efficiency for statistical analysis of data states that require visualization. On the other hand, python includes advance editors and interactive console that ensure visualizations of the data set.

In most cases HR use both of these tools to acquire sufficient information to evaluate organizational requirements as per the application of data-driven HR. Excel is a basic analytical tool, through this tool HR manually extract information from HR systems for implementing data-driven HR. furthermore in the case of HR analytics, power BI ensures simplified aggregation, analysis, and visualization of human resource-related data sets. This analytical tool is useful to connect with multiple data systems such as Twitter feed, SQL database, and people data.

HR Analytics

*HR analytics *is a process through which various data sources are combined and used to enhance organizational productivity. For ensuring efficiency talent management and motivation in the workforce various HR analytics are used such as capability analytics and churn analytics of employees. Apart from that competency, capacity, organizational culture, recruitment, performance and leadership analytics are considered by HR to enhance productivity.

Through this analytics, HR conducts a predictive analysis of the factors that influence workforce performance. Analytics and metrics of the recruitment channel help to identify the presence of organizational factors that are responsible to attract skilled candidates and retention of skilled employees. Through leadership analytics, HR identifies the faults and strengths in leadership style that can influence workforce motivation and performance.

Information from HR analytics is measured through various metrics that are cost for recruitment, the time required for recruitment, turnover rates of employees and absenteeism rate of employees. Apart from that employee participation cost for training, diversity in the workforce and revenue achieved per employee are used as metrics to evaluate information related to talent management and organizational productivity. These metrics are used as KPI for evaluating HR strategy.

Based on the metrics strategies considered by HR in an organization is enhanced and modified to ensure the right flow of work through ensuring successful leadership and motivation.

Finally in a nutshell organizational success is based on the skills present in employees. It also depends on the presence of proper guidance and motivation in the working environment to help employees to achieve their respective goals.

Recruitment of employees is the prime responsibility of HR which ensures the presence of the right skills in an organization. Through predictive analysis, HR identifies future threat and success of an organization. Based on the potential challenges HR plans recruitment and employee training to nullify the impact of potential threats. Information gathered through predictive analysis is also used to improve employee satisfaction by modifying the working environment and employee management strategy.


Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment: Transforming the Recruitment Process

Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment: Transforming the Recruitment Process

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Let’s be honest, managing and regulating job profiles is not an easy task at all. Artificial intelligence is not shocking to modern people as it is the integrated functions for automated and self-regulated machinery. Gradually, artificial intelligence has made into the lives of people through use in professional fields.

One of the basic examples of artificial intelligence can be Alexa as well as Siri. However, most of the time, these artificial and self-regulated bots can also be used for hiring potential candidates in large multinational firms.

Artificial intelligence-driven machinery can up with human intelligence to some extent by observing cognitive and behavioral algorithms through keeping records about its uses in previous patterns as well.

Here are a few Recruitment areas where Artificial Intelligence should be incorporated:

1. Automated Sourcing
Overall recruitment process through artificial intelligence (AI)-driven bots can be used in 6 skeptical ways and one of those 6 uses can depict as candidate sourcing. Whether AI technology is efficiently implemented or not in a recruitment process, finding talent is the major reason behind recruiting new candidates and automated candidate sourcing can act as a pipeline in the recruitment and selection process of new potential individuals. Use of digital technology-enabled humans to find jobs in digital platforms. Currently, global business firms are using an AI-driven solution for finding new capable candidates for companies.

2. Candidate Rediscover
Sometimes potential previous candidates can get buried under the job profiles of new ones. The professional market is very challenging and fresher as well as experienced workers face a constant struggle for establishing a solid place in the professional field. Artificial intelligence-based candidate rediscovering feature assures that the pipeline of a candidate can stay for a longer period.

3. Matching Candidates
This remarkable attribute is the main feature of AI-driven platforms. Million of social profiles are available on websites of job seekers or viewers. It will not be possible for a normal human mind to track and suggest the best jobs for all those profiles which are why AI technology is used automated outsourcing process. With the help of a proper algorithm and programming process, AI-driven digital platforms can easily find the best candidate for each.

4. Recruiting remote workers
The arrays of AI-powered recruitment tools are very flexible for hiring remote workers. The candidate will not need to show a hard copy of their resumes or CVs. Remote workers also tend to show more potential than traditional workers because they are capable of managing their work on their won as well. Organizations can also have the room for using pre-employment assessment tools for remote candidates.

5. Diversity hiring
Hiring diverse candidates is a very hot topic in the field of candidate recruitment. A diverse workforce brings a lot of advantages for business firms such as employee competitiveness, creativity as well as productivity. Diversity hiring initiatives are very easy through AI-driven solutions also.

6. Analyzing facial expression
A video interview is emerging as a very intrigue solution for candidate selection which is saving a lot of time for recruiters and recruited as well. Mixing AI-powered tools for a video interview is also currently used by MNCs.

Summing up it can be stated that Artificial intelligence or AI can impose some undesired side effects in some cases. However, increased popularity and uses of AI means that it will be widespread in the recruitment landscape and is an indispensable tool in hiring, recruitments, and candidate sourcing.


6 Secrets to Making An ATS-friendly Resume!

6 Secrets to Making An ATS-friendly Resume!

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Are you engaged in resume writing for that job search online?

Then apply these 6 resume tops to write yourself an outstanding ATS friendly resume and watch the job offers to come to your mail, as you sit idly while job seeking in the market.

### Apply these 6 Resume Tips to a Yourself an ATS-friendly resume for your Job Search

1. Apply only for those Job Roles you are qualified for
The job offers which come to you with the help of those bots often involve the integration of HR robotics with a messenger to send the message to you on mail over a job vacancy. So, when you are resume writing, think about the job role vacancy, do you deserve it? If yes, then submit your resume online.

2. Include the Right Keywords when Job Hunting
Let’s face it. Just like any search engine online which involves the use of bots, the Applicant Tracking System (APS) too, involves the use of bots, which use the keywords in your resume document to send you the suitable job offers. So choose the right keywords, in your ATS friendly resume to get your desired job offer!

3. Don’t Try to Trick the ATS
If you are thinking you are smarter than the Applicant Tracking System, think again. The Applicant Tracking System (APS) has several tools which it uses to scan and assess your CV document. It syncs the information from the resume with your social media links. So, if you think you will dupe the applicant tracking system to give you, say, for example, the job of a physician when your qualifications are of a social worker, simply forget it, it will never give you one!

4. Make Your Resume Easy to Scan
Always make your resume easy to scan on the applicant tracking system. Too many highlights or too much formatting in your CV will not provide you with the desired results on the applicant tracking system. However, the moment you make it easy to scan like in the form of JPEG, or pdf. or Docx. format, you win the battle there with your ATS friendly resume over your other competitors.

5. Be specific with work experience, skills, and titles
Another resume tip that I would like to give to all people who are engaged in resume writing or sitting in front of the screen to job search online is to be specific with the information you provide on the applicant tracking system. Lack of specificity and too much vague information leads to confusion on the applicant tracking system and often leads the bots in the ATS search engine to give you jobs that you do not even desire for.

6. Convince by Uploading A Cover Letter
Always combine your ATS friendly resume with a cover letter. Doing this not only lets you upload an ATS friendly resume online but even lets you get hired, winning over your competitors.

To sum up, be very particular and careful of all the information you put in your document when resume writing in your job-seeking phase of life. Apply these 6 resume tips to get ATS friendly resume and crack a job role online!


5 Reasons you should focus on Employer Branding in 2020

5 Reasons you should focus on Employer Branding in 2020

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Are you looking for the best 5 ways to develop Employer Branding?

Employer Branding is an essential tool for promoting jobs and in the future, we will witness that Employer Branding turns out to be the forefront of recruitment strategy. As we can see the modern trend of any big organization is to spend an ample amount of money and time for enhancing the business values and attracting more talents.

What makes us unique in Employer Branding?

We know about the latest requirement of all the big organizations for hiring the best employee. We have got plenty of experienced and famous HR personnel, who have worked in various dynamic industries in hiring candidates. We provide our assistance in developing Employer Branding, which involves employee retention, an attraction for candidates, the positive reputation of a firm, company culture as well as recruitment. So big firms can completely rely on us for providing them the best candidates, who will play an important role in uplifting the merit of an organization.

### 5 main reasons for an Employer Branding

1. Employee Retention:
We conduct various seminars that include employee retention programs. We provide our assistance starting from “onboarding and orientation”, programs related to mentorship, compensation of employee funds, perks, wellness offers, training and development and recognition of the best candidates and rewarding them. Our employee retention strategy includes a perfect salary package, advantages of employment and an efficient manager-employee relationship.

2. Employer Brand:
The foremost criterion for enhancing Employer Branding is to define a good message for an employee. We create an authentic and efficient message for a candidate, which will help them to understand-what are expected from them as an employee. We also ensure a candidate gets a good brand perception. We have seen that more than 70% of people follow our feedback on recruitment before they make a career decision.

3. Candidate attraction:
With the present upliftment of social media and technology, it is an immediate indulgement process for all candidates. We have seen that the present recruitment shift is based on the “Employer market” to “Candidate driven market”. It is essential for big firms to know that good quality candidates are not flocking to companies. Good and better quality candidates with the best form of integrity are a lot more selective. Candidate attraction can be enhanced by offering them a competitive salary and allowances. We mainly focus on developing a good relationship and a good affinity with potential candidates.

4. Positive Reputation:
It is worthwhile for us to say those best candidates are the potential drivers of an organization towards success. So a good and positive reputation will attract passionate and qualified candidates to seek a job. A positive reputation is also a symbolic representation of a company’s corporate and social responsibility. We assist big firms to conduct an academic and consultant routine survey for acquiring the best-talented workers.

5. Recruitment:
We assist various companies to develop a clear Employer Brand name, using strategic recruitment models and presentations to create an ample job post on behalf of the company and we are efficient enough to develop our applicant tracking system.

So we suggest to all organizations to seek our efficient and latest recruitment assistance.


5 Talent Acquisition Strategies to hire the best employees!

5 Talent Acquisition Strategies to hire the best employees!

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_Wish to acquire the best hiring strategies to get that talent pool for your organization? _
The best talent acquisition policy is currently facing two vital problems. Firstly, there is a scarcity of quality talent available for playing critical and important job roles. Secondly, even after the best talent acquisition, the HR department of any particular organization is finding it hard to retain them for fueling the growth of the organization.

What kind of talent acquisition strategy is followed by us for empowering big organizations?

In this sense, we play an important role by providing our service in making talent acquisition strategies, recruiting and hiring, developing HR strategy. We have also engaged experienced and expert professional personnel, who are ready to provide information and assistance for developing employer branding and company culture.

Being on the most reputed and efficient is a professional consultant, we have got an ample number of talent acquisition strategies for providing and enhancing the quality of employment in a corporate organization.

Building a strong employer branding:
As we have provided critical and crucial support to many businesses and corporate organizations for the acquisition of best talents in the market, we have seen that 67% of organization faces the least resistance in acquiring the top candidates. HR managers are not willing to chase behind the best talent acquisition for developing the organization. Our purpose in developing an employer brand shows considerable thinking or reflection about the brand culture of the organization and morals of growing.

Boosting of collaboration for hiring:
Top candidates are easily slipping away even after getting hired in an organization. This slipping shows that fresher’s and experienced candidates are not having perfect clarity about the job role. Even the template-based job descriptions lack sufficient information for convincing employees. The only hope to improve this turmoil is to develop a well collaborated hiring team with active and efficient involvement of the HR manager. This way the HR team will be allowed to provide an enhanced job template and attract candidates.

Company Culture:
The company culture of an organization plays the most vital role in job satisfaction. It is related to the working environment as well as the psychology of the employer. A good working environment helps a fresher to get accustomed to the new office environment, as a result, he can hit his targets very efficiently.

Recruitment technology:
We allow the HR team to acquire students by screening online and selecting candidates. Starting from LinkedIn to Monster, we admit that the modern method of recruitment technology includes 92% of social media interference and 85% use of resume parsing tools. We have successfully acquired the best talents with 39% of online video conferencing interviews and 34% on case study for identifying the best talent.

We have got a well designed recruiting strategy that we provide to any organization of acquiring the best candidates. We get more than two hundred applications for various professional fields every day and our expertise personnel filter them and acquire the best person from a huge range of crowd.

So as an experienced recruiting agency, we try to focus on the candidate’s preference as well as the requirement of an organization by talent acquisition.