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The Green House Preschool and Kindergarten, Inc.

Green House Preschool and Kindergarten, Inc. is committed to enriching the lives of young children while expanding their minds. It is the school’s mission to develop the “whole child” – one who, in mind and body, flourishes through positive experience around himself/herself as provided by a staff of trained and nurturing caretakers in our kindergarten in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Discover the Best Learning Games for Kids

Learning doesn’t have to be limited to school. There are many educational games that kids can play to engage their minds, while still having fun. As a leading child care center in Ridgefield, New Jersey, here are our top recommendations for the best educational apps available today:

Reading and Listening Comprehension of Kids

Reading and listening are foundation skills for kids to gain during preschool. Reading starts to build up when children equip themselves with letters and sounds. Listening is how a child receives and reacts to what is being said through the natural hearing ability.

Parenting 101: Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Do Better in School

You, as a parent, understand too well how crucial it is to invest in your kids’ academic life because you know how it plays a big role in their future. As much as you want them to continuously do better in school, there are just times that they may feel disinterested in their studies.

Fun Ways to Help Your Child Enjoy Learning at Home

Kids are great imitators – what parents teach or demonstrate, kids will surely learn from it. As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. Enrolling your kids at a kindergarten in Fort Lee, New Jersey, would give them another perspective of learning. But did you know that what you teach to your kids will give a big impact on their lives?

How to Transform Your Home into a Positive Learning Environment

Since everyone is advised to stay at home, you might want to take this opportunity to spend more time with your family, especially with your children. We understand that as parents, you always prioritize on how to advance the learning development of your child. That is why enrolling your child in a kindergarten in Fort Lee, New Jersey should be one of the first crucial steps that you need to do.

How to Encourage Children to Study

Children have their own pace while learning new things at home. As such, you must know, as a parent, that there are various ways you can encourage your child to gain new knowledge and a new set of skills before enrolling them in kindergarten in Fort Lee, New Jersey.