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Printer and Printing Information

A great list of printing information

Man vs. Technology: Dominic Wilcox battles a 3D printer

While browsing the internet looking for some interesting printer news to blog about we came across this video of Dominic Wilcox battling against a 3D printer (Deep Pink) to create a model of Duomo cathedral... It's a fun video to watch, and although done in a relatively playful style it raises some interesting questions...

A 3D Printed Future

An extremely popular topic of conversation on the web at the moment is that of the 3D printer. With the recent announcement of the affordable Solidoodle 3D printer, the buzz around the topic has only increased.

8 Extremely Useful Printer Resources

Here's a quick list we've thrown together of some of our favourite and most useful printer resources. Help with your printer problems, where to get your drivers and printer reviews Printer Forums: Have a problem with your printer that you can't seem to solve on your own?

How to Recycle, Dispose or Sell your Empty Cartridges

What do you do with your ink or toner cartridge once you have finished with it at the moment? We get people coming into the shop on a daily basis asking if we buy cartridges or if we can refill whatever cartridges they have.

Cheap Ink Cartridges

It's February! A month of 2012 has already flown by, a lot of people struggled through last month after an expensive holiday season. So to help you save a bit of money this month we have a load of cheap ink cartridges for your printing needs...

The Ultimate Printer Guide

Introduction: Unless you have been in the Amazon rainforest feeding peanut butter to baby gorillas for the last decade or two then at some point in your life you have probably had some sort of a problem with a printer.

Printing On The Go

Depending on how much travelling you readers do, you've probably had the need to print something while travelling, or even when your just out and about in your own country... If you're not at home it can be a bit of a hassle to find anywhere that will let you print out an all important document while on the go.

Printable Vector Guy Fawkes Mask!

Bonfire night is coming up this Saturday. With bonfires and fireworks happening all this weekend we thought we would get into the spirit of things and create a vector variation of the mask that has seen a lot of action this year thanks to a number of protests.

SWYP: Simple, Stylish Touch-screen Printer

Here's another concept printer that we just had to share. Even though it's not a real product yet, the idea is a good one and we hope it gets the funding it needs to reach the public.

Memjet: Next Gen Printing Technology

Printer technology has not advanced much in the last decade or two, modern day printers aren't even that different from the first ever printers that Lexmark brought out. This is where Memjet Technology comes in.

Printer In Loop

This project seen in the video below was first presented at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in 2010, since then it has been exhibited at the Tavi Art Gallery in Tel-Aviv. Printer In Loop - Installation by Gilad Baram from Gilad Baram on Vimeo.

How To Store New/Partly Used Ink Cartridges

Here we are again to answer another commonly asked question: How should you store ink cartridges? Sealed Ink Cartridges With new ink cartridges still in the packaging it is best to store it in a cool & dry place. A couple of sites mention a recommended temperature of 35 and -15 degrees Celsius when storing ink cartridges...

PrintBrush 4X6: Camera/Printer

Devices of all types are diminishing in size day by day, phones, cameras, GPS and more are now combined into one small device and used in everyday life. It seems that the natural progression for most technology nowadays is to get smaller, and this is the case with printer too.

Xavier Antin Prints Using Four Printers

Artist Xavier Antin has created these awesome books using four printers, one for each colour, from throughout the ages all in a chain line. He used a 1880s Stencil Duplicator to print magenta, a 1923 Stencil Duplicator to print cyan, a 1968 laserjet printer to print the black and a 1976 inkjet printer for the yellow.

Ink Cartridges Comic: Buy Re-manufactured!

We thought we'd have a bit of fun and do a comic strip today, let us know what you think and if you want to see more. Share and enjoy! This entry was posted in Ink Cartridges. Bookmark the permalink. Some of our Great Products

Virtual 3D Printer Inside A Game

Some of you may have heard of Minecraft, the mining/building/crafting game for PC and Mac. It's an amazing game and people have made so many amazing things within the game, the video below shows something mind boggling to me. The guy who made the video, shrogg2, has managed to create a fully functioning 3D printer within the game.

Inkjet Technology Used To Further Solar Cell Development

The University of Oregon State have been developing ways to use inkjet printer technology to refine and create a more efficient ways to manufacture solar cells. The way solar cells are currently manufactured is very inefficient and most of the expensive materials used are lost and wasted during the process.

Human CYMK Printer

Here is another amazing video from a guy called Christopher Thomas. The video shows a whole group of people acting as one in a printer like fashion to create an amazing image.

l'Artisan Electronique - Virtual Pottery and Printer

Here's another amazing printer project, this time created by the Z33 Art Centre. This amazing combination of devices is a virtual pottery wheel that uses some sort of motion sensor so you can virtually mould virtual clay on a screen.