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310 Soil Gas GC System - SRI Instruments

Know more about SRI Instruments- 310 Soil Gas GC System

  1. PID and FID/DELCD detectors
  2. Built-in "whisper quiet" air compressor
  3. 6 channel Peak Simple data system
  4. 30-meter capillary column
  5. On-column injector on the ultra-compact 310 chassis The 310 Soil Gas GC is similar to the Environmental GC, except that it is more compact and does not include a purge & trap. Visit us:
Biodiesel GC - SRI Instruments

Know more Information of SRI Instruments - Biodiesel GC
1. FID
2. On-column injector
3. Built-in "whisper quiet" air compressor
4. 15m wide bore capillary column
The SRI Instruments Biodiesel GC system is configured to perform ASTM D-6584 (residual free and bound glycerol in B-100 biodiesel). Analysis takes about 25 minutes and is simple enough for an untrained operator to perform in the lab or in the field.

GC Column Oven Options - SRI Instruments

Another laboratory SRI Instruments - GC Column Oven Options
Three temperature programmable column oven types are available for SRI GCs:
The large air bath column oven comes standard on the 8610C chassis. This oven will accommodate a single column on a 7-inch diameter cage, or multiple columns on smaller cages or bundled without cages. Rated to 400°C, this oven is equipped with a 600 watt heater and fast cool-down fans.

Choose Your Detectors - SRI Instruments

Best Laboratory Instruments - Choose your detectors and know more about it. Detector types are selected depending on the particular measurement application, the required detection limit, matrix interferences, and/or regulatory guidelines. Since all five of our chassis can mount up to four detectors simultaneously (some can mount five or even six), you can perform a surprising variety of applications with one instrument.

Educational TCD GC System - SRI Instruments

TCD detector with user replaceable filaments Carrier gas electronic pressure control (EPC) 1 channel Peak Simple data system 6 foot long silica gel packed column On-column injector on the ultra-compact 310 chassis. The Educational TCD Gas Chromatograph (GC) system is ideal for undergraduate chemistry classes with labs. Configured on the ultra-compact 310 chassis, the Educational GC includes a traditional 4-filament Themal Conductivity Detector that can heat to 275°C. SRI Instruments - Educational TCD GC System

Electron Capture Detector ECD - SRI Instruments

Thermostatted from ambient to 375°C Offers extreme sensitivity—down to 10 ppt Detects electronegative compounds Mandated for pesticides and PCBs. ECD - Electron Capture Detector
The SRI Electron Capture Detector can be operated with either nitrogen or argon-5% methane (P5) makeup gas, and nitrogen, P5, or helium carrier (as long as the helium flow is less than 10 milliliters per minute).