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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 05, 2020
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The Best Thai Foods in Phuket - For a Gastronomical Journey

When you are on a holiday in Phuket, here are some of the best kind of Thai dishes you must try.


Pad Thai

Everybody in the world will obviously know what this dish is but the best place to try it is where it originated from. If you are staying at some of the best beach clubs in Phuket the likes of M Beach Club Phuket, do not forget to order this dish. Having authentic Pad Thai will be an experience for you so that you can compare the taste when you are having the same dish in many other parts of the world later in life. The best part about this dish that is that it can be found in any part of Thailand, regardless of how high end the restaurant is or not.


Tom Yum Goong

If you are not a fan of seafood-based dishes you will have to skip this on the list and go on to the next dish. However, if seafood and soup are what you love about mealtime, then tom-yum-goong is going to be your favourite dish in Thailand. This is a clear soup that is infused with delectable and rich flavours of lemongrass chilli, lime leaves and more. This is also one of the most desired and sought-after dishes in the country for both the locals and tourists. This hot and sour soup is something you must definitely try on a cold day or a rainy day in Thailand.


Tom Kha Gai

If you are a non-seafood lover who has skipped directly to this item you have something here that is almost equal to Tom Yum Goong. This is a version of that dish, but with chicken and mushrooms. These two ingredients are then cooked in a thick coconut cream along with lemongrass and tomato.


Khao Neeo Mamuang

If you are tired of trying the spicy local dishes that are infused with chilli and chilli powder and need a bit of a break from the taste, then this is your saviour dish. Locally known as sweet sticky rice with mango this is more of a sweet dessert than a dish in itself. The rice is steamed and then made sweet with sugar. Afterwards, it is cooked with coconut milk. The final touch; they add freshly cut cubes of mango along with the rice to create the perfect sweet sticky rice dish.


Geng Kheaw Wan Gai

This is a favourite dish for many people in all parts of the world. You would know this dish by the name the green curry chicken. This dish is a thick and creamy blend of chicken, coconut milk and various other ingredients along with the eggplant. Before you forget, red chilli is obviously included in this meal. The best way to eat this dish is with steamed rice.


Spring Rolls

This is something you can eat at any time of the day and especially as a snack during your tea or coffee break. Popular in most Asian countries, spring rolls are a light crispy snack that is filled with a mix of vegetables and comes in various forms, with or without meat. The best way to eat the spring rolls is to dip them in sweet and sour sauce.