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5 basic questions about astrology for those who understand nothing to a little bit

Although there are still many objections and prejudices about astrology, the truth astrology manages to interfere more and more in everyday conversations, in social networks, and in the mainstream media. In that sense, at this vertiginous moment about astrological information, it is important to clarify some basic points.


What is astrology?

Astrology is a symbolic language that proposes an energetic look of self-knowledge from the study of the twelve signs, the movement of the planets and their manifestation mediated by each human consciousness. It is not a science or a belief. When they asked psychologist Carl Jung if he believed in astrology he said: "I don't believe, I know." Because astrology is, above all, a tool, a valuable resource that serves to know what energy of the zodiac crosses us and configures us as individuals. In very general terms, it allows us to think and read energy availability. It's like the weather: when it rains, one may not want to do it, but knows that it is preferable to go out with an umbrella. Something similar happens with astrology: one can consult with an astrologer and check the personal astrological climate.


How does it affect?

Now, in astrology classes and consultations it is very common to listen to those who have just approached language: "And how do the planets influence me?", "And how does it affect me?" "And what happens if I'm from Virgo and my boyfriend is from Scorpio?" "But then there is no good compatibility between fire and water?" Okay, we're playing the questions: but why are these questions so scared? To get out of fear: astrology does not influence linearly, nor does it directly affect, and less than less determines us in our actions. In addition, whatever the movement of the planets in no case implies immediate consequence. Rather, transits are processes during which there is an interaction between planets, energy and consciousness itself. Another important point to demystify is that there is no "good energy" and "bad energy." In no way does astrology propose dichotomous judgments.


Is the horoscope not true?

It exists and persists even though the distrust around it is getting bigger: "But, how, everyone in Taurus this week will do well in love?" "Are all of Gemini going to have to take care of our profits?", "Beware Scorpio with the words you say because you can hurt?" What the horoscope does is read the energy availability depending on where the planets are traveling but apply very general parameters to the twelve signs of the zodiac without considering or clarifying to the readers that one is not only crossed by the sun sign but also It has Luna and Ascendant that sometimes name other energies. Perhaps, if we read the horoscope of our Ascendant we would find more possibilities to find information that resonates with us.


Why don't some identify with their sign? Does that relate to the ascendant?

In fact, it is very common to listen to those who say "I am from Leo but I am not at all very self-centered or narcissistic", "I am from Virgo but I live in a mess", "I am from Libra but I do not go crazy couple "and so on. Of course, these classic comments find a simple explanation from the astrological perspective. The astrological reading includes the sun sign but also encompasses a totality that is given by the natal chart. There are many cases where one identifies more with the Lunar function instead of its sun sign, or with its ascendant. The famous ascendant configures the complete natal chart, so it is very important to know it.


What is the natal chart?

The birth chart is the picture of the sky at the time and place where a person is born; or the photo of the sky when an event occurs (for example, the creation of a company, the start of a football match, whatever it starts); and it is the tool with which astrologers work to provide an energy reading. Because, basically, the natal chart names an energy map, a seed that indicates multiple and infinite options of manifestation of each life, each trip, each event. Last question of this verbiage astral curiosity: can you know what kind of trip will be made with each map? Not in any way. That will depend on the unfolding of each consciousness, which in turn can change over time, with which not only there is no determinism but the form and experience that the energy takes at any point is fixed in advance and cannot be predicted. To know the birth chart, the first step is to find out the date and time of birth. So you know, now to find out the date and time of birth to complement and better know the birth map itself. Maybe he even reveals the mystery of each horoscope?


5 important questions about horoscope

5 important questions about horoscope